LONDON (AP) — The Times of London says a secret section of a United Nations report has linked British citizens with Somali piracy.

The newspaper says that a 2012 report drawn up by the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea carried a secret annex naming a British businessman of Somali origin as one of the key organizers of a pirate kidnapping in 2009.

The Times quotes the annex as saying that the businessman is responsible for “co-organizing hijackings and abductions” and was directly involved in the abduction of Paul and Rachel Chandler, a British couple held captive for 13 months before a ransom was paid in 2010.

Efforts to reach some of the report’s authors weren’t immediately successful Saturday.

No contact information for the businessman could immediately be located.
Source: AP


  1. Despicable and so hatefull. I bet they are fron the Daarod clan who came to Britain late 90's. The same in many countries who suffered these people's hate during the same earache. Why should the rest of us law abiding and respectfully of others pay. We already paid under them for so long ands then-they attack all others. Regardless of religion

    • You are sick, pleas go seek help. Is the south holding Is@@qs responsible for what Alshabaab has done just because their leader Godane is Is@@qs? To even label a whole qabill and judge collectively, shows how retarded you actually are.

      • To have ina Godane as a leader says a lot about your people. He was a thief who was wanted in Hargeysa for theft and your people SELECTED him as the most senior AMIR too bad if he abused you but he had no support from within his own people.

        Ugandan artillery has killed more of your people then your SELECTED thiefs you seem to worship one minute and the next blame everything on.

        If you don't like being abused Liberate yourself from slavery Niger.

        • Buuxiye, honestly bro, you are revealing by the day how beyond retarded you are. To say Godane had no support from his people while his main donors were his people, shows itself that you either don't know nothing about what you are talking about, or that you are liar. Godane is the leader of Al-shabaab, and Al-shabaab contains people from both the north and south. Uganda is helping Somalia because we helped them in colonial times. It's called helping back.

          I know you are crying because the IC and the Somali people told you: ''You separatists shush up, we don't recognise your one clan participants referendum. Your days of bs has ending NOW!!''. Keep crying buuxiye for another 20+ years while Somalia (North and West) is prospering.

  2. Based on the Law of Attraction-bad things and shame are associated to non-Somalilanders , they actually attracted to it like terror, piracy, uncultured behaviors and so on… For last 52 years the Somali race pride was decreasing day after day. Shame on You- Somalia.

    I recall a Somalia fellow that I met in Dubai while we're having talk-coffee time I mentioned in our discussion something like-it's shame how Somalis are suffering socially and culturally in terror, piracy etc..And without hesitation he shouted back at me : How about financially? This was a big brick on my head. With surprise I kept repeating that's: Somalida waa ku ceeb!

    In addition to that he goes more and said literally : Miyaad aragtey amase maqashey nin Ceeb u dhintey amase meel u jiifa oo la' leeyahay waxaa u la buuka waa ceeb sida qaaxada amaba xanuun kale, markaasu ku sii darey haddey ceebi wax disho waxaad arki lahay Xabaalaha Dadka Ceebtu Dishey!
    Wow! While digesting these words from this Somali fellow first thing that come to my attention was this guy sounds like west african-like nigerian con-artist.
    No wonder the union of 60 didn't work because of this kind of ppl we had to deal with.

    • There are two types of people up there. 1st type: 90% are self interested groups and the only thing they believe in is material and it is everthing for them with minimum infulence of clan politics or human values. 2nd type: 70% look after their interests regardless of its legality plus 30% play clan cards whenever they feel their interests are in jeapordy. In a way, they are more advanced than their counterparts in Somaliland because their interests always come first, whereas the clan comes first in Somaliland.

      • And it is because of that reason why Somaliland never prospered for the 20+ years it had so called peace. When you don't know your interest, then clearly you don't know where to start. For 20+years they had no clue where to start, and still they don't.

  3. It's sad to see the situation of our people and the hatred they have for each other! May Allah unite the somali(land) people not upon clan or land but upon al islam! Ameen