By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland National Intelligence Agency has in recent times been a formidable institution with its performance fledgling following the stewardship of the incumbent Commander of the outfit Mustafa Mohamed Hassan alias Ba’lul.

Reportedly, he has brought positive tangible changes for the better in all aspects of the institution’s general modus operandi during his leadership of the agency.

The National Intelligence agency of Somaliland, which is in charge of the overall security intelligence and protection of Somaliland’s national interests inside and outside the country, has recently had its services being greatly welcomed by the members of the public for the measures they have taken to strengthen security.

As witnessed, the major campaign to educate the public and inform them on the security agencies’ efforts and the imperativeness of the concerted ways of means that the members of the public would supplement on bolstering the services, various hotlines were established that are manned full time.

Of note is the number 9000 dial calls that are provided by both Telesom and Somtel services.

Equally provided is a security threat prevention center that is open 24 hours a day.

Improvements have been made in the proficiency and skills of the security officers and general staffers of the agency.

He strengthened foreign relations and worked to make many friends to help Somaliland in its associated aspirations.

All regional offices have been revamped and equipped with a lot of equipment such as quality vehicles, specialized facilities, and the improvement of strategic services.

The most appropriate means of public rapport has been established just as the human resource sector of the agency now deals with the welfare of the staffers more apt.

Given the positive development steps the commander has been steering the agency, it is believed that the sky is the limit in their performances just as the members of the public has become very contented with the services they render.