By M.A. Egge

MP Gavin Williamson, one of the members of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament, congratulated the people of Somaliland on the commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of the National Day of Somaliland on 18 May.

Mr. Gavin Williamson, who published a brief message of congratulations and congratulations on his Facebook page, promised to continue his support for the cause of Somaliland’s recognition in his capacity as a member of UK MPS who are steadfast in seeing to it that Somaliland gets recognition.

“I congratulate all the people of Somaliland on the 33rd anniversary of the day they reverted to their independence. I stand with you in your struggle, and I welcome the progress that has been made in the efforts to recognize your nation,” said MP Williamson, adding, “I will do everything possible to see to it that the Republic of Somaliland becomes an independent nation”.