Former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma alluded to Somaliland as an independent state following his travel to the breakaway region adding to similar remarks by some African countries upping the quest for legitimacy.

Koroma who is joining a list of foreign observers during the May 31 parliamentary and local government elections tweeted the remarks generating cheer from online users.

“Just arrived in Addis Ababa on my way to the Republic of Somaliland to once again support the building and consolidation of peace and democracy in Africa,” the former leader said in a tweet.

Most of those who reacted to the tweet praised the former leader welcoming him to Somaliland.

“Welcome to the Republic of Somaliland Mr.President! We hope you enjoy your stay and become a beacon towards our International Recognition,” Kilaasjnr tweeted.

Koroma will be joining various observers from across the continent and beyond.

Some of the countries which are sending observers include Kenya, UK, US,  Canada among a host of other organizations and countries.