MOGADISHU 15 December 2009 (Somalilandpress)-The former Somali police chief, Abdi
Hassan Awale ‘’Qeybdid’’ has been appointed a minister in the cabinet.
In this mini reshuffle, Mr Muhammad Abdullahi Omaar (former mineral
resources minister) has been named as the new higher education

Following a crucial meeting at the prudential palace of Villa Somalia
(in Mogadishu), Somalilandpress has been able to obtain the news that
the former police commander has been appointed as the minister for
mineral resources, a position previously held by Muhammad Abdullahi

The former mineral resources minister Mr. Omaar is taking over the
higher education ministry left by Prof Ibrahim Hasan Adow, who was
killed on 3 December this year (in a suicide attack at Shaamow Hotel
in Mogadishu).

On 6th December, Somalia’s government fired the police force commander
and its military chief on Sunday two days after a suicide bomber
killed three ministers and several others in the capital of the
lawless Horn of Africa nation.

Somalia’s fragile government of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed is
battling an insurgency by two rebel groups seeking to introduce their
own strict version of Islamic law.

Fighting in Somalia has killed 19,000 civilians since the start of
2007 and driven another 1.5 million from their homes.

By Abdinasir Mohamed


  1. I think this is enough for Mr. Omaar, this is the lowest point he can go , he should resign and back to the business world he was familiar with. And Somaliland people will always forgive him for the sins he comitted against them.

  2. A man who doesn't even have a high school diploma never mind post secondary education is now named as "the higher education
    Minister.” What a baloney! What about achieving some kind of perhaps lower education for himself first?

    This guy is a criminal gangster yet because his tribe (Habagidir) he has to be pleased.

    No wonder why Somalia cannot get its head out of its rear-end.