BURCO, 16 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) – To surprise of any interested to endless Somali crisis, Somaliland as expected survived from any destruction schemes from its enemy because of its intact social values. Now it is nearly 20 years since the collapse of tyrant regime of Siyad Barre who died in Lagos 1993 in exile, before his burial in his home town Garboharay.

Starting from that time Somaliland courageously built complete governmental institutions without any outside hand, forming de facto state, in which majority of Somaliland citizens unanimously indorsed to recreate that what was called Somaliland British Protectorate, withdrawing from act of union with south.

These frequent meetings for discussing future interest of the people, after miserable unification with Southern Somalia, we are people of most high in humanity sacrifice for our life for the rest of Somali speaking people, brought out nightmare of Greater Somalia. But we Somaliland national have fallen into deceptions, so it is time make introspections, as we did.

Sheikh Shriff Sheikh Ahmed former Chairman of Union of Islamic Court in 2006, started to follow the footsteps of his predecessor soon after he replaced Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed claiming being President of when once used to be Somali republic, turning blind eye the reality on the ground, while he is struggling to survive or evade from stronger Islamic groups which he was belong to before, where he met from daily attack, so far as last four of his ministries and number of his other cabinets killed this operations against his regime, Somaliland doesn’t support either He or Them.

Also there correlations plotting to undermine stability of Somaliland including tribal affiliation concept carriers of Punt land, who by hook and crook, embark on destabilizing Somaliland national territorial integrity through tribal lineage linkages, but these individuals are too frail to fend themselves except to broker blood other Somalis via scam of illegal exporting immigration to Yemen, or other means, and great exodus to even international water to pirate shipping movement on the sea, in addition to that tremendous human abductions continuing this areas to any foreigners if they land on the soil, if there is no huge guarding convoys, and demand log of hard money of ransoms to be paid for their release.

Furthermore, Somali Transitional Federal Government led by Sheikh Sharif now, seeks save haven under AMISOM Troops of Uganda and Rwanda, can’t trust any Somali soldier defend whether it is his powerless or his deceptions, that means Sharif can never stand his Somali legs on the ground, TFG circulate only three kilometers surroundings of Ville Somalia guarding by AMISOM soldiers.

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Relatively Somaliland comprehensively is peaceful nation where there is no any form of conflict enjoying greater success of democratic and rule of law, during last 10 years more than three competed elections were conducted including presidential poll, at the same time there is great economic recovery from hash hours of wars with former Somali cannibal government, in Somaliland every thing is secured by the people who unwillingly don’t accept any instable conditions with supporting rule and regulations of begot government from them.

Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin is the president of the Country, elected second 2004 in the office after sudden death of predecessor Mohamed Haj Ibrahim Egal, and presently standing third time to be elected long with opposition parties leaders of Kulmiye and UCID Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Silanyo and Mr. Faysal Ali Warabe respectively leaders of these parties. For the first time in Africa Somaliland used prerecorded system of registration for Poll participations in computer computered server technology which is used so far in small number of nations in worldwide.

Fortunately many time Somaliland election methodology is disputed, while the tenure of president has expired, stalemate rises among the parties assuming that the time came to level Somaliland democracy and stability but immediately it is solved and agreed defusing the deadlocks the last one was the people’s registration in computer server which unprecedented sophisticated technology in the world, which has it is own errors, finally it has been reached an agreement for not to create rather anti-existed political platform already formed.

Consistently this is political maturity begotten by intellectual leadership of Somaliland peace lovers, despite untenable wars go on in southern Somalia, every nominated leader claims being representing even Somaliland ignoring peoples’ self-determination though he misrepresents slight portion of Mogdisho, but with blinding ovations from international community led by UN ascribed to him arguing “He is the recognized by UN and AU.”

In additional to that few somalilanders called from Diaspora, are beautified the format of every failing leadership formed for South, Somaliland people these can not represent them decisively, UN behaves double-standard for Somaliland issue with provocation against rights of Somaliland nationals, for this case, I am recommending UN bodies inside Somaliland must be closely heeded for their undermining the existence of the sovereign nation of Somaliland. But closest friends of Somaliland left first call of recognition each other preferring covert diplomatic relations, being scared about enemy of Somaliland.

Finally gullible war-lords in Somalia select to gorge on the desserts at the party out Somalia rather to be real solvers of Somali problems, taking amphetamine(Khat) to hallucinate being leaders democratic elected entire undefined Somali speaking people, unlike Somaliland, this nation will outlive then chaotic southern despite plotting conspiracies against it from every group without exception, killings of dozens of citizens and including also foreigners committed by these groups during last 6 years in Somaliland is proof enough.

By Mustafe Hassen Ahmed
Email: msuxfi@gmail.com

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  1. A good article. It is ironic that instead of following Somaliland's example, other parts of the region continue their downward spiral into oblivion. The people of Somaliland wish to see peace and democracy previal in the region.

    What the eyes can see, the ears can hear and the mouth can speak, cannot be denied. Somaliland is here to stay.

    • Idiot, both side were called Somaliland. The south was called Italian Somaliland and the north British Somaliland. They opted the name Somalia together after their independence!! So this Somaliland name you keep using is not exclusively to the north!! They were both called Somaliland because Somaliland means THE LAND OF THE SOMALI PEOPLE!! You don't even know the basic history of the Somalia people, go and study real history