WASHINGTON (Somalilandpress) — Former employee of VOA, Farhia Absie speaks out against her former boss, Mr. Abdirahman Yabarow, Chief editor of VOA Somali-Services in an interview with Radio Rajo-doon.

Farhia, who joined VOA on 15th January 2008 accused Mr Yabarow of misusing American tax payers funds, abusing and harassing his employees on basis of clan affiliation.

She adds Mr Yabarow hires and fires based on clan affiliation and such practices would damage the VOA Somali-Services programmes whom Somalis came to recognize for being the watchdog of rigorous news and information before the retirement of Fred Cooper, the former chief editor.
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Mr Yabarow accuses Farhia of not knowing the Somali language, an accusation she dismisses as one of his tactics to cut off the legs of the Somali-Services.

She says she has all the evidence including email exchanges between her and her former boss to prove her accusation against Mr Yabarow.

Farhia, who resigned from VOA Somali-Services, called on the general population to stand up for public broadcasting free of discrimination and prejudice if they believe in it and urged them not to support Yabarow based on clan, “we all know the situation Somalia is in because of tribes,” she said.

Listen to Farhia (Somali):
[audio: Farhia.mp3]

Somalilandpress, 10 February 2010


  1. Farhia,sister if you have evidence that this guy hires based on clan , misusing American tax payers funds ( which is my money), abusing and harassing his employees on basis of clan affiliation, you have a very strong case against HIM. Please get a lawyer and try to find Said who wrote an article about the discrimination of VOA. I have Said's email if you need it. GET UP STAND UP DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT. I want this guy will be deported back to MUUQ-DISHO. REMEMBER SISTER, THIS IS AMERICA , NOT AFRICA. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG CASE.

  2. I think the Somali people should stop listening to VOA until they fix this services. Farhia is not just a former employee, she is a young Somali woman speaking against old man like Yabarow the very ones who made us flee our beloved country.

    Farhia we look forward to those emails, he has no shame, please do not hold on to them.

  3. I forgot to add ohh he fired you because you cant speak Somali? hehehehe what a joke I have not seen any Somali girl with better Somali than you on national radio.

    Was he high? You just exposed him, your Somali is excellent and you spoke intelligently.

  4. If I was American tax payer, I would be very angry if my money is spent to fund old tribalist man such as Yabarow to abuse girls in his office and bring issues of Somalia to America.

    If your American tax payer you have right to question the VOA bosses where your money goes other wise funds should be held until there is transparency in programes such as this.

    We Somali people do not want VOA.

  5. Those of us who just listened to your voice in this interview are really amazed how good is your voice as a broadcaster and how intelligent you are. And for him to say that you can not speak the Somaliland language is laughable. I think that he is jealous that you have potential to do better than him. People with mediocre performance like him feel threaten when they see other individuals with a high capability.

    Farhia, waxan ku odhan lahaa sidaa ha kaga tegin. Give him the s++t he deserves. And keep up the fighting spirit. Expose him and take to him court for harassment and creating uncomfortable environment at the workplace among other things.

    • I didn't know there was such thing as "Somaliland language", do you mean Somali language? And how you know she is from Somaliland.

      Idinki ba qabilistee noqday hadana odaygaa eedenayaa.

  6. You are right Kayse, it is just a typing mistake. I actually meant
    Somali Language. I don't know. She could be any Somali.

  7. Farxiya, where is welknown broadcaster Maxamed Cumar Xaydara? He's also gone , I feel terrible sorry how this guy runs VOA.

  8. Why are Somalilanders being replaced by incompetent Walaweyns at the BBC and VOA. Could it be that Calaw and Yabaraw were working hard to get these jobs while Faarax and Qawdhan were chewing qaad and dreaming high. Come on guys get off your behinds and work for it instead of complaining about your tough luck.

  9. Brother Elmi I have to admite you finally said what most of us were not able to say "the truth". While Somalilanders are busy chewing khat and dreaming about recognition our brothers from the south are playing their cards right. Information is power and it seems that they are now controlling the two media outlet that Somalis all over the world listen to.

  10. Jan 12, 2008 I Wrote- Very informative article about VOA-Somali Service
    A VOA-critical article, A View of Our Community. VOA was very dismissive of our complaint… VOA response to my article, on Voice of America Somali Service letter to the editor Dear Editor: American Voice of America Somali Service


  11. She doesnt accept the fact her language is so poor , listen carefully her interview in deep you can feel it. anyway this isnt how profissional person would react against this. finally she is might be very educated good for her bt broadcasting language is very important. thanks, i feel sorry my sister…

  12. Very sad , I thought the VOA would be more open and transparent comparing to the corruption ridden BBC . Xageen u ciirsanaa haddii aan somali nahay .
    Af-Somali ma taqaan kulahaa .
    Farhia , you have to fight for your rights sister .

  13. I think the Somali people should stop listening to VOA until they fix this services. Farhia is not just a former employee, she is a young Somali woman speaking against old man like Yabarow the very ones who made us flee our beloved country.