MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — Reports from  Somalia’s capital said new reinforcements of Al-shabab fighters have reached the city last night in a shadow down with government and AMISOM troops.

An eyewitness said hundreds of military vehicles carrying Al Shabab militia crossed the Afgooye bridge, some 25 kilometres west of Mogadishu, during the evening and entered the city by last night. “It took them 30 minutes to cross the bridge, they were too many” said the eye witness.

Mogadishu, the nation’s capital, woke this morning to great movement of military as both the Islamists and the government together backed by AMISOM troops prepare for what is believed to be the final battle in the city.

Sources told Somalilandpress that Al-shabab fighters have taken new key-positions in the city as part of their plan to counter any attacks from the government. The newly-created bases are in and around the Bakara market, KPP neighborhood and other key areas of the city.

A spokesman from Al-shabab said they are aware of the government’s plans to wage a war against his group and said they are ready to fight against the government at any cost.

Al-shabab said they are not planning to attack Kenya but they know the Kenyan government is training Somali troops who will possibly attack them from Kenyan-front. “We are not going to attack Kenya but if they start attacking us that will be a way to go into that country and we will win” he said from Raskamboni.
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The spokesman of the Somali Police said they are aware of Al-shabab’s latest movements and that they are monitoring the situation and have intelligence information about the group.

He said the new reinforcements of Al-shabab will only cause more destruction and displacement of the civilians. “It will not affect the government, not at all but they are scaring people” said the spokesman.

Analysts believe that the coming weeks will bring new phase to Somalia as both sides are preparing for a final battle. Other preparations are seen in the central regions and far South of the country.

Picture: Members of the hardline al Shabab Islamist rebel group parade through the streets of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, January 1, 2010. Somalia’s hardline Islamist rebel group al Shabab said on Friday it was ready to send reinforcement to al Qaeda in Yemen should the U.S. carry out retaliatory strikes, and urged other Muslims to follow suit. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Somalilandpress, 10 February 2010