By: Guled Abdi Mahir

The government has confirmed reports of infestation of Locusts in the coastal regions of the country bordering Yemen.

Minister of Agriculture Mr. Abdikadir Iman Warsame revealed that the locusts invaded the country from the coast of Yemen.

The minister reported that the locusts are now on the coast of Awdal and Selel regions. He confirmed that the pests are in El-gaal, Kaloonlay, Caruurley, east Gar-gaara and Abdi Geedi villages.

He said “The locusts have metamorphosed into swams hence we need to share our information with people living on the path of the swarm of locusts; these are the villagers and farmers in those areas already infested by the pests.”

He urged people in the affected areas to share information with the government and inform the of the locusts movements.

The minister stated that the weather conditions may impede the multiplication of the locusts.

He also revealed that the locusts swam had crossed into Sahil region and have infested the coast of Berbera.

The agriculture minister confirmed that the government was working tirelessly to eradicate the pests from the country.

He said, “Our ministry has prepared all the necessary vehicles and equipment to spray the locusts from their breeding sites.”