readseaPress Release | Redsea Cultural Foundation | Hargeysa, Somaliland – July 11, 2015.

Redsea Cultural Foundation and its partners are proud to present the 8th Hargeysa International Book Fair, starting Saturday the 1st of August till the 6th August 2015, Hargeysa, Somaliland.

This largest celebration of book in East Africa is also designed to showcase all other forms of artistic expression such as poetry, drama, documentaries and exhibitions,  with the books being the central of all.

For this year’s festival we are delighted to have Nigeria as our guest country, represented by such prominent scholars, artists, and leading literary figures whose renown extend far beyond their home country such as as Okey Ndibe,  Niyi Osundare, and Chuma Nwokolo.  Other international guests include Jude Kelley,  Alessandro Gori,  Kate Stanworth, Michele Petrone,  Joe Addo,  Jonny Steinberg, Maimouna Jallow,  Mpalive Msiska,  Mary Harper,  Michael Walls,  Phyllis Muthoni,  Ciku Kimeria, Dzekashu MacViban and Yusuf K. Serunkuma.

red seaHIBF is honoured to host and present the works of Somaliland diaspora writers, scholars, activists and those from wider Somali regions, including literary critics and writers such as Faarax Cali “Gamuute”,  Rashiid Sh Cabdillaahi “Gadhwayne”,  Said Jama Hussein,  the highly-esteemed playwright Said Salah Ahmed, writer Rashid Mahamed Shabelleh,  renowned Islamic scholar and seasoned journalist Shiekh Mahamoud H Dalmar,  and celebrated young novelist Nadifa Mahamed,  humanitarian worker,  and activists Hibo Jamal and Quman Akli,  photographer Samira Al Baroud,  writers Sayid-Ahmed M Yuusuf,  Abdalle Haji,  Cabdillahi Cawed Cige,  Idris Yousouf Elmi,  Abdikarim Ahmed,  Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed,  film-maker Abdirahman Cadani, musician Da’ud Ali Masahaf.  They will be sharing platform with Somaliland based artists and writers,  among the others, Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame “Hadraawi”,  Xasan Cabdillahi “Ganey”,  Muuse Cali “Faruur”, Cabdiraxmaan C. Barwaaqo,  Axmed Ibraahim Cawaale,  Axmed Abdillahi Cawaale,  Axmed Aw Geeddi,  and many other writers, journalists and other professionals.

We are equal proud to announce that HIBF is hosting the first WOW – Women Of the World – Hargeysa, and will be attended by Jude Kelly, The founder of the WOW – Women of the World global movement of festivals and Hannah Pool, the WOW – Southbank Centre, London, curator as well as photographer Alison Baskerville, who will be joined by leading Somaliland women in politics, activism, literature personalities such as activist and researcher Amino-Milgo Mohamed, social activist and award winning Dr. Edna Adan.

This year we are pleased to have again attracted highly steamed artists, writers and scholar from scores of countries South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Cameron, Ghana, Uganda, Turkey, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, UK, and USA.

Our distinguished guests will interact with colleagues from Somaliland and wider Somali region within the HIBF central theme of SPACE. The concept of space helps us to examine a traditional Somali society as a nomadic community living in a vast almost infinite physical space, defined by an ultimate feeling of freedom and a lack of physical constraints with regard to mobility. But when this community suddenly moves into an urban environment, it finds that traditional notions of space take on new meanings and raise new questions. How does this new urban experience impact on traditional ways of expression and communication? How can we as a society adjust to these new urban spaces? Does moving from rural into urban spaces constrict our sense of spiritual well-being? It is our hope that participants of the HIBF 2015 will be provoked to think about the nature of space and all its various implications for Somaliland society.

We hope to welcome you to another year of stimulating and inspiring Hargeysa International Book Fair, and to Somaliland.

For more information and the full program please visit and download the magazine of the HIBF2015. Send an email to and follow @HIBF #HIBF215

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Jama Musse Jama
REDSEA Cultural Foundation
Maroodijeex Bridge, Sha’ab area, Hargeysa, Somaliland

Hargeysa International Book Fair 2015. August 1-6
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