The people of the Republic of Somaliland have been successfully occupied in rebuilding their destroyed country, consolidating its democracy process through free and fair elections for the fifth time, from the local government councils, the national parliament as well as for the presidency. The Republic of Somaliland has inimitably met all the international criteria and standards that were required to qualify as an independent, separate and sovereign country.


Somalilanders have shown to the outside world their perseverance, resilience, nation spirit, value, belief and exceptional quality with respect to dealing with and embrace of universal norms and values regarding democracy, peace and stability. Somaliland should have been long time ago recognised as a member of international community, at least it had deserved to be regarded as de facto independent nation. Unfortunately, the World Community have systematically neglected and ignored this nation. Time and again, the international community denied the rights for self-determination and the aspiration of Somaliland people.


Before the current Government of President Ahmed Silanyo came to power, Somaliland seemed to be an anonymous and out of sight country that no one missed or noticed of its presence at regional and international political and economic arenas. In line with his government’s forward thinking long-term policy agenda; based on reforming and redefining of Somaliland’s Socio-Economic and Foreign Affairs Policy, the President and his cabinet have unquestionably put back our country on the right track. At the present time, our country is more and more valued and respected as a regional and global partner for peace, stability and democracy.


2.     Smart, intellectual and committed Minister within the government of President Ahmed Silanyo.


With a great admiration, I had the opportunity to watch and witness the performance and presentations of Somaliland’s Minister of Energy, Mining & Water Resources during the Middle East Energy Forum in UAE/Dhabi. It was quite fascinating to see our Hon. Minister Hussein Abdi Dualehat the centre of a world-stage-conference in which the global energy issues was debated. In a very accurate, civilized and resourceful keynote speech he presented the Somaliland’s case properly and even more than ever before. With an elegant and breathtaking style the Minister emphasized the added value and necessity why the rest of the world should invest in and do business with the Republic of Somaliland. With the right tone and full of self confidence, he put forward the incredible natural resources in Somaliland which eventually, to a certain extent, can contribute to the regional and global economy.


Again we have there another smart, intellectual and committed minister within the government of President Ahmed Silanyo. When the President asked him to accept the position, he did not hesitate for a moment. Simply because he knew that his country and people needed him. He is someone who never aims for self-enrichment or personal gain, but driven by sense of civic duty to serve for his country and people. In his adopted country (USA) he had an admirable career and several managerial positions. He had a well-paid job, a very pleasant life; less pressure and frustration…. He left all behind and chose an ultimate challenge, fulfilling a ministerial responsibility for an impoverished and not yet recognized country.


3.     Dual-track strategy

The Minister has devised an alternative approach to speed up the long awaited recognition.This is a very clever approach and the right way to uplift the political and economic opportunity of our country. By raising the attention, awareness and interest of World Major Oil Companies and potential investors for the substantial natural resources in Somaliland and to get stuff out the ground in one hand. On the hand, the Minister encourages to maintain a warm contact, rapprochement and multifaceted cooperation (on economic, cultural and security relevant issues) with the Arab World; in particularly with the rich Gulf States. In a sense, this dual-track strategy can directly contribute to the mission for the much coveted recognition of Somaliland as well as delivering benefits for the economic prospects of our population.


The minister understood clearly that this strategy is the way forward and the basis for ensuring the people and the country of Somaliland for a potential investment and global economic involvement and that today’s government dual-strategy can be converted and translated into tomorrow’s durable economic and social developments for the benefit of its people. This will not only boost the civic participation to take more active role and make real contribution to nation-building programmes, but it will elevate the moral, belief and trust of Somaliland citizens in their ability as a nation and in their own government.


In his keynote speech at the Middle East Energy Forum/UAE/Abu Dhabi, with an unmistakable prominence the Minister highlighted the geo- economic-political significance of the Republic of Somaliland, thanks to its geographical location and maritime infrastructure, where the Minister has stated: In light of its geographical position, long coastline and deep sea ports, Somaliland is strategically positioned to be one of East Africa’s major energy supply bases and play a key role in the regions energy future.”


In November 2012 he attended an “African Oil Conference in South Africa”, organized by Global Pacific & Partners. Ophir Energy Plc, Jacka Resources (Australia) and Genel Energy (headed by the former boss/ CEO of BP, Mr. Tony Hayward) are all agreed to start oil and gas exploration in Somaliland.


4.     Conclusion:

The Minister of Mining, Energy & Water Resources of Somaliland Republic Eng. Hussein Abdi Dualeh is so dynamic, committed and convinced for the Somaliland’s cause.Alph Within the Cabinet of President Ahmed Silanyo, he is one of the leading figures and driving force. In his ministry, (which previously was a tattered and deserted department) he implemented numerous reforms and innovations whereby the results are actually visible everywhere. Minister Hussein A. Dualeh is a member of a government that steadfastly is committed to fulfil its social responsibilities towards Somaliland citizens. This government is inspired by the trust and believes in their ability, collective sense of social responsibility, good governance, effort and transparency.

The Miniter’s performance and the way in which he has presented and put forward the Somaliland’s case, in both style and substance, were extremely interesting. He is on the right track to contribute to Somaliland’s long overdue plea for recognition.


May I take this opportunity to congratulate The Minister of Mining, Energy & Water Resources of the Republic of Somaliland Eng. Hussein Abdi Dualeh for his brilliant engagement, endeavour and determination in fulfilling his Ministerial duties. I utterly recognize the valuable and dignified tasks he is undertaking each and every day and his constant commitment and dedication to work for his country and people.


Wa Billaahi Tawfiiq


May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!


By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|


  1. If somaliland want to be recognized then they have to forget the 12 century arabs and their backward traditions and those equally backward Europeans. We have to look to Asia (India, china, japan, south korea) and latin america (Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, mexico, Argentina). This is 2013 not 1213 so stop going to the same people who destroyed the somali people.

    Arabs hate somalis and other black people and dispite what few deluded somalis say, somalis do not come from arabs. The only thing we share with these barbarians and savages is the same religion. It is about time somalis stop being slaves to this fake ideology that you have to please arabs to be a good muslim.

    Fortunately many somalis are realizing this and are taking action (however small it might be). Somalis have nothing in common with these desert rat other then islam, the closet people to somalis are Ethiopians and Eritreans.

  2. Mashallah, i am and i think allot of Somalilanders are so happy to have an amzing person like him. May Allah be with him and help him stay fair and gain his goals.

    If just Somalia was smart enough to realise thatt Somaliland could be their only way out. We can help them achieve to become a great nation. After all we are muslims, neighbours and Somalis. We can became like the UAE and Qatar and build our too nations allong with ourlittle alsi Somali brothers and sisters Djibouti.

    May Allah help us all the Muslims to regain their mush respected status like our ancestors inshallah. Amin.

    And people stop traching each other. This won’t get us any further in life. Our mothers and sisters and even brothers are being raped, killed and abused daily just because their homes in Somali territories are not stable enough to live in. If our ancestors were still a live they would be ashamed of what we have became. Lets us all pray together to overcome our problems inshallah. We can do it guyzz inshallah. Amiiiiiiin

  3. I have heard speeches from Hon. Minister Hussein Abdi Duale. He is gifted in public speaking and yes is a positive addition to the Somaliland-republic's talent pool. The real hard challenges facing Somaliand's population and the internal/external divisive forces that constantly erode stability and progress need committed people with vision and ingenuity.

    Too often the public & politicians of Somaliland invest far too much into the pursuit of Recognition when there are far more pressing concerns in areas of Job creation, health, education and development of a political system that is both convenient and contributory to the current predicament.

    If 22 years have set the foundation upon which we are expected to forecast the coming decades it is time to take a serious look at past investments and their relative returns.

    Passive Foreign policy?
    Assertive Foreign policy
    Aggressive Foreign policy?

    The enemy of my enemy is by default my friend!