Somalia’s Islamist hardline, Al-Shabab group parade through the streets of northern Mogadishu on Friday 1st of January to show their new fighters as well as military might as they pledge to retake regions they lost to other groups.

They added the new fighters were trained in particular to root out the AMISOM forces currently stationed in the capital – who they say are ‘the enemies of Allah’.
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The group also said they were ready to send combatants to Yemen’s Al Qaeda groups should the US carry out attacks and urged other Muslims to join.

Sources: Reuters (Feisal Omar / Mogadishu) + NTV Kenya + AP Photo (Farah Abdi Warsameh)


  1. something strange to hear or see such as what these alshabaab guys are rehearsing ,it is common for low profiled individuals to think like that forgetting what si going on in their country as they became the only evil that exist now in somalia.They are blood suckers and war minded people who do not have any link with islam.See what they repeating time to time (we will attack puntland and after Somaliland ) they have no mercy for their people so how an earth to feel pity for the others

  2. waar waxaad tihiin dad waalwaalan ee diinta gafka ka daaya hadaad muslim sheeganaysaan ma waxa la laayaa shicibka mise dad aan waxba idiin geysan oon dad iyo diinnba wax u dhimayn waar ma waxa laydin yidhi muslimbaa lalaayaa waxaan ilaahay ka baryayaa in uu idin jabiyo if iyo aakhiraba sababtoo ah sixir iyo diin aan la aqoon ayaad wadatiine
    siciid morgan

  3. when they deprive us of our peace,we take action against any foreign policy directed by the capitalistic fat cats in the west, for simply looking at us as either:

    1. canon fodder in a proxy

    2. a slave for their ambitions

    That is enough for true countrymen to reject money handed out by them, but it is not hard for them to find a susceptible leader(warlord) to create a dictatorship army, which is why Africa is in a plight of its own making.