ABUDWAQ (Somalilandpress) — Somalia’s Al-Shabab militants have seized a key-town from pro-government Ahlu Sunna Walajam’a fighters on Saturday, witnesses said.

Al-Shabab overpowered the predominantly Sufi group in the town of Dusa-Mareb in the strategic central region of Galgadud.

Witnesses said Al Shabab entered the town from two routes early in the morning and faced little resistance from Ahlu Sunna militants.

The fighting comes a day after Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a Islamist formed their own 41 member parliament in the town of Abudwaq. It is not clear yet if the government approves of their “parliament” but delegates from abroad and in the country attended the conference.

Most of their prominent leaders were in Abudwaq including the newly elected “speaker of parliament” Sheikh Abdulkadir Aden during the fall of the town.

Its not immediately clear the extent of the damages caused by the fighting between the two Islamist rebels but witnesses said a large number of people have fled their homes in fear of violence.

Alhu Sunna are currently in the towns of Guri-ael, Abudwaq, Balanbal and Harelle preparing to retake Dusa-Mareb.

Somalia has not had an effective government since 1991 and currently more than six waring factions exist in the country.

Along with Puntland and Galmudug state, Somalis are expecting other factions to declare their semi-autonomous states including the proposed “state of Southwestern Somalia”.  While Al-Shabab wants a strict version of Sharia law imposed around the country.

Source: Somalilandpress, 2 January 2010


  1. You are one sided- you are lying. Are you terrorist yourself?

    Heavy fighting is still going.

  2. well that is good news, the last thing i want is Sufis ruling any place in Somalia, i prefer the shabab.

  3. The heavy fighting ended and Alshabaab won the battle this time. Looks like it is their end.

    After yesterday's threats to Yemen and other countries ,,, those crazy morons should be eliminated from the earth ……

  4. somali was one of the beach of the terrorists that meet different people those who have different goals and incompatible need for that reason wither alshabab or Alsuna jamaac is not really fighting the religious but most of them want be regulate the power of somalia that is why some become one of beach of the terrorist if their war is based on the religious they were not killed each other because our Islamic religious was prohibited the blood of the persons of Muslim

  5. What is the different between Shabab, Al-suna and Xisbu-Islam. They are both fighting useless war that has no meaning. One group takes a town and tomorrow another group retake it. It all about fighting power and controll but when they put all Somalis in refugees camps who would they govern.

    While they fight for power, one day they will eliminate from one another and Somalia would be open to non-Somali to take the land. Shabab was fight Etho before but now what for, nothing but killing their people and dragging Somalia to the point of no return. What about the children, women, an elders who have enought and tired off endless wars.

    Libaah nin aan ogeynbaa laxkaa rida, Yemanbaan tageynaa nacnac aduun yadaba malaha waxey u heystaan goriga yer eey sitaan.