By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Interior who is also the Chairman of the ruling party of KULMIYE, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, has sent a message of congratulations to the Somaliland National Police Force on the occasion of the police force’s 30th anniversary.

The National Police Force of the Republic of Somaliland was established on 03/11/1993, a date which has always been celebrated every year in the country.

Following the coming of age of the forces now at three full decades, the ministry sent a press release with the congratulatory message on the eve of the occasion to the personnel and all members of their families.

It read:-

“Congratulations and greetings on the eve of the great day of the founding of the Police Force of the Republic of Somaliland.

The Police Force of the Republic of Somaliland was established on 03/11/1993, and now the force is celebrating its 30th anniversary since the day it was established.

The Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, lauds and praises the Police Force for the onerous duty and service they have for the nation, and the Minister congratulates the various Commanders of the Police Force, their deputies, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers, all the officers, their wives and children, and wishes them all a year of good tidings in health, success, prosperity and progress.

The police forces have a very serious job of maintaining internal security for the nation; they stand day and night to protect the people and properties hence are friends with the members of the public.

They are further vigilant against criminal activities whether organized or not, misdemeanors or any breach of public peace”.