Interior Minister Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed hosted a luncheon for the British parliamentarian delegation visiting the country.

The luncheon was attended by the Minister of Defense Hon. Abdiqani M. Ateye, Commanders of the Armed Forces, Police, Corrections, Coast Guard, Immigration, with a British Parliamentary delegation led by Gavin Williamson.

The Minister of Interior thanked MP Williamson for coming to the country and for seeing the progress with his own eyes, and told him that there is peace and stability in Somaliland.

The British delegation was presented with gifts linking to the history of Somaliland and certificates of honor.

Meanwhile, MP Williamson and his entourage visited the headquarters of Dahabshil Money Transfer yesterday, where they were briefed on the company’s operations and services to customers around the world.


The delegation also visited the livestock market in Hargeisa and talked to the Somaliland community, many of whom recognized his image, as they staged a demonstration a month ago in support of Somaliland’s independence debate in the British Parliament.

He met a woman carrying a poster with his picture and British flag on it.

Minister of Energy Hon. Abdilahi F. Abdi hosted last night for MP Gavin Williamson and his entourage a dinner attended by officials from the Ministry of Energy, and the Director of the Petroleum Department explained the ongoing work of oil exploration