Cambridge, 3 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – A group of twenty-five scholars, diplomats, lawyers, military officers, shipping industry officials, and other experts on maritime piracy and Somalia from nine nations who convened at the Harvard Kennedy School in December 2009 have recommended that one of the ways of exerting control over and reducing the threat from pirates is to recognize Somaliland.

“If African states and the AU can be persuaded to recognize the now independent but otherwise unacknowledged polity of Somaliland, doing so will strengthen the incentives for Puntland, which aspires to greater autonomy, and parts or all of the remainder of Somalia to make similar progress in terms of political institution building.

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Recognition of Somaliland will thus assist in strengthening accountability and governance in regions that are now pirate infected. Indeed, if Puntland knew that international engagement were possible, following on a full recognition of Somaliland, a powerful incentive would exist for Puntland to exert control over and reduce the threat from pirates on its soil,” the experts said

Click below for the full text of the group’s recommendations for combating maritime piracy off the Somalia coasts:

Combating Maritime Piracy

Source: Somaliland Times


  1. This is one good step towards the right direction, but why Somaliland is not recognized by their government. Somaliland case is not a Pandora box that they may afraid opening. We have been State and there is no official agreements signed between Somalia & Somaliland in July, 1960. Plus 34 states have recognised us while Somalia was still under colony. What is wrong with this world? We have a genuine case here, but international community have not yet wake up from the deep sleep, specially Africa.

  2. @ Boqol Jireh: The problem is Egypt's massive political influence in this sphere of the world.

    I'm glad that the experts now know what every Somalilander is already aware of. We will get recognition eventually, but first; let's continue to fix our house and make it in order.

  3. Egypt is Egypt, their main concern is not peace in Somalia, but protecting their main interest, the Nile, against Ethiopian hegemony..But, Egypt is not a democracy like Somaliland, not even close..Still, as long as we maintain peace and progress in Somaliland, nations will come around. Our task as Somalilanders is to keep our nation strong, democractic and progressive. The rest will take care of itsefl.

  4. "It took us 80 years until we achieved our independence from Britain, if it will take another 80 for our recognition we won't give up"

    Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud 'Silanyo'

  5. SomaliLand ==== ISaaqland don't even dream about independence as there will be consequences to that.

    psssss Somalia Hanoolaato no to tribalism and haters

  6. We are Independent and will always be. FYI Is**q dadka sanka kama marmarinno, qabiilna kuma adeeganno. We are above that and if you are trying to isolate Is**q by calling us Is**qland, you are mistaken. We are a nation and a force to reckon with and moving on. Stop crying over split milk and move on!

  7. Stop this foolishness and illusion that you are creating yourself. There is no reason why Somaliland should be recognized as a separate state than the rest of Somalia. It does not have defined borders, does not control all of the territories that it claims, and the democracy that it claims is nox-existant. Elections are based on tribals and were delated dozen times, there is no independent judiciary, and there is no independent audit at all. Every thing is controlled by the president. The economy is non existant and the entire economy is based on the port of the Berbera and it is used by Ethiopia.

    If any one wants to breakup Somalia, it will be a dozen smaller states that will need assistants and it is better to keep Somalia intact than break it up.

  8. I'm glade that the world knows we (Somaliland) are not part of Somalia's chaotic, pirates, and extremists but are solution to the region.

    Slowly more influencial groups are seeing Somaliland's great potential, the African Union is even looking at the issue and it's positive step.

    Somalia can cry after us all they want, the fact is and will always be, they cant even unit two villages in the south, in our around Mogadishu, all this unity talk is false and illusion.

    If the world recognizes Somaliland, Somaliland would build up its armed forces and invade the piracy bases with the assistance of the International community.

    NATO and US ships can not invade but Somaliland can on grounds of "hunting down terrorists who carried out attacks inside Somaliland".

    We are well on our way to achieving our goal.

  9. Thanks Kayse. I will leave at that and will not dignify an answer to this thick-headed and like-minded Somaliland haters whose hearts are darkened by hate and jealousy. Min shar acmaalahum yilqoon!

  10. this guy (Hassan) needs to read and learm more abt the International law and what the Criteria of statehood are. would you plze come to me to teach you what a state is all abt.
    Somaliland is the best kept sectet in whole of Africa as aknowledged by the international intelectuals and will be recognized soon soon, asking you not anything about it. after being recognized, we (Somaliland) will help the lawless neighbour country (Somalia) to restore their stability coz what ever they did to us still we are not enemy to them just decided our right to self determination.

    otherwise muutuu bi qaydikum

  11. Recognition….so elusive for people like the proud Somalilanders. May be we should re-focus our efforts and energy into another direction. I propose that we go all out (100% effort) in implementing a plan of building the country to make us self-sufficient agriculturally as well as focus on technology-based design manufacturing. I know we can do this, and I know that when we become economically and educationally strong, those that we are currently begging to recognize us will come running to do so.

  12. burale.
    It is the time we all waiting for, the time world face the reality and recognize somaliland, but still this is not enough until we make it in action and show the world that we could be existing nation with out recognition.WE HAVE TO BE SERIES ABOUT OUR ENTITY, ACTION IS THE KEY !!!!!!!!!!

  13. somalland is recognized by its self. To be recognized is to recognize your self first, so we somalilanders recognize our selfs as our country and will be reconized in the world.. so who ever want us to go back to somalia we will never do that!!!!! dont cry baby