HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The government of Israel is ready to restore the de jure recognition it has offered to Somaliland in 1960 as it eyes the Red Sea and the Horn, an Israeli spokesman says.

According to a local source, Golisnews, Mr. Yigal Palmor, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman is quoted on the Israeli newspaper of Haaretz Daily saying his government was ready to recognize Somaliland again. He cited Israel was the first state to recognize Somaliland in 1960 when it received its independence from Great Britain.

However, Mr. Palmor admitted Somaliland government has not contacted the Israeli government to seek ties.

When asked a question regarding Somalia, Mr. Palmor answered: “Somalia looks like the Afghanistan of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, historically speaking we know the Somali people have different believes and politics. The Somali people have different political values of which they unified in 1960 that led to the whole misunderstanding and ultimately the collapse of Somalia,” he told Haaretz Daily.

While answering to a question regarding Somaliland-Israel ties, he said: “Israel was the first nation to recognize Somaliland and indeed was the first country the State of Israel has recognized, after it received it’s Independence from Great Britain. When it unified with Southern Somalia, again we were the first to recognize it. We always wanted a relationship with a Muslim country in East Africa and which we can share the Red sea with.”

Mr. Palmor said his country was ready to restore Somaliland’s old status however currently the two states have no bilateral ties.
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He added Israel has ties with number of East African countries including Tanzania, Uganda and even Djibouti.

Many analysts believe Israel has growing national interest in the Red Sea region, a key shipping route. According to well-informed regional sources Israel believes the region is also a key route for arms from Iran for Hezbollah, Sudanese regime and number of other groups in Palestine. The Red Sea gives Israeli ships access to the Arabia Sea and are within cruise-missile range of Iran. Israel also concern about Arab nations such as Egypt blocking it’s commercial shipping lines.

There are unconfirmed reports also suggesting Israel wants to deploy submarines in the Somaliland port of Berbera and possibly establish a military outpost. Many Arab states have in the past expressed concerns about the proposed Israeli-base in the Horn of Africa seeing it as Israel surrounding them.

The region is well known for it’s strategic importance and it was days ago when an Al Qaeda spokesman, Said al-Shihri, said “taking control of Bab El-Mandeb, will constitute an escalating victory: the Jews will be crushed in a vise, because it is through the Strait that the United States brings its support to Israel.” Bab El-Mandeb, which means “tears of gates” in Arabic is a 20-mile long inlet located in the narrowest point of the Red Sea, between the shores of the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

It is no secret to Somaliland though, the former president, Mr Ibrahim Haji Egal addressed the very issue in a letter to the former Israeli head of state, Mr Yitshak Rabin in 1995. Fifteen years ago, Mr Egal saw the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and the importance of Bab El-Mandeb.

Mr Egal, who became prime minister of Somaliland at the age of only 30, wrote: “Today, however, although the West had won the cold war and the threat of communism appears to be vanishing in many parts of the world, we, in the Horn of Africa, are being threatened by a more sinister and pernicious enemy in the form of encroaching Islamic influence.”

Mr Egal continues, “my government firmly believes that owing to this region’s strategic geopolitical importance as a result of its propinquity to the oil routes and the narrow Bab El-Mandeb entrance, as well as its proximity to the Gulf, the Middle East and the access to the Indian Ocean.”

Egal, who was a champion politician, died May 3rd 2002 in the South African capital Pretoria. He was succeeded by the current leader, Mr. Dahir Rayale, who is said to have avoided approaching Israel in order not to harm Somaliland’s current fragile relations with the Arabs and Muslim world, which it heavily relies on for it’s only surviving economic engines – livestock.

However many of the youths in Somaliland believe ties with Israel is better for Somaliland’s economic environment because of it’s economical and technological achievements. Many argue livestock is not sustainable economy because of health issues, climate change and urbanisation and prefer developing economy based on service and high-tech sector, similar to that one of Israel and Taiwan.

Somaliland, like Israel, finds itself politically isolated, in the middle of a hostile region and at a thorny crossroads and if anyone is to reach out to the unrecognized republic, it would be Israel. It too knows how it feels to be denied it’s statehood and self-determination. While Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, Somaliland is the only Muslim democracy in the region.

Somaliland has it’s own hybrid system of governance under a constitution was former British protectorate which gained independence 26th June 1960 and was recognized by 34 countries including Israel and the United States. It later joined South Somalia in a union that was never rectified which lasted until 1991.

Somalilandpress, 11 February 2010


  1. For any economic move, Somaliland should weigh it's interests. Economy is the most important factor in any country's national interest. political, cultural and other ties with other nations are secondary.

  2. If this was true, where is the source surely it would be all over the news website? I seem to find nothing to verify this story and is properly just another stunt by udub to keep people busy and away from thinking about replacing riyale!!!

    • the news was published the haartz News paper, I am in televiv now and I readed by self, may be they dont update some news on their website, I am UN staff at televiv

      • Like Idil said, a source is a vital way to verify such claims. An article published by an Israeli newspaper is not something had to achieve (if that is what to be believed). Anything other than that is, as I believe, an insult to the reader's intelligance.

  3. Brilliant. Now lets get the Israeli lobby of the Solomon Islands to pressure its government to recognise us.

    Israel can do it later. We don't want to attract attention to ourselves just yet.

  4. What a rubbish propaganda from Somalilandpress i wonder much was paid to print this Zionist propaganda,Somalilandpress for your own information Somaliland Youth hate Israel the Zionist State the most and will die for hunger before having any relation with Israel, i'm a somalilander youth in somaliland and i'm sick to read ur articles………Any relation with Israel & somaliland will happen over our dead body of somaliland youth so please STOP ur cheap Israeli propagande

    • Crazy Abdi, what have you been taking which catapulted and centrifuged the gray matter inside your deform skull. Majority of Somalilanders who expressed their opinion here were vehemently supporting diplomatic relationship with Israel. Somaliland people are progressive forward looking people who want social and economical development, a chance to compete with other nation in 21st century, and lastly, we want to detached ourselves from the culture of backwardness and blood shedding practiced other Somalis. Israel is one of the progressive nation in the world, economically, scientifically, technologically and even military, so why should we hang with people who are losers like the Arabs if we can have a chance to hang with people who are achievers like the Israelis. The Jewish are very hard working and overachievers, there are nation which can come even closer to the Jewish people in terms of their contribution in advancing humanity and human life. So far Jews have won more than 300 Nobel prizes and majority of this prizes are sciences, economics, and medicine. How many Nobel prizes are won by Arabs or even the entire Muslim world less than ten. Jews have produced prominent thinkers who have advanced human knowledge and thinking, thinkers like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and physicist like Einstein, Oppenheimer have enormously contributed in the field of physics and mathematics. My question is, what have Arab nation produced to advance humanity? nothing/nada. The Arabs, instead of contributing positive staff, they went for for negative staff, they produced blood thirst dictators like Saddam,Ghadaffi, Mubarak, Al-Bashir, Assad, Nassrallah and Sadr. They have produced cold blood murderers like Bin Laden, Alzawahiri, Dahir Aweis, Alshabaab and Hisbul Islam. Lastly, before pointing a finger to Israel just ask yourself what have this Arabs you are so keen to defend have contributed into the welfare of your people.

  5. Somaliland youth will never let any Relation with Israel the Zionist killer State with Somaliland, we hate Israel more the any body as Somalilander Youth, i'm one of the leaders in Somaliland Students group, So this article don't represent us the Somaliland Youth we hate & are anti stolen israel
    and will always remain pro Palestine

    • Muna my sister my advise to you is, why dont you just drop a mirror down facing up and then spread your minjhaha and look down the mirror, what you see? a grand canyon eehh, then you should think hard before your open your mouth. For your information, who gives a damn about your opinion or the opinion of your fictious group. If you are pro-palistinian that is you damn business, even there are close to million palestinians living Israel proper travelling the world using Israeli passport, enjoying all the benefits offereed by Israeli citizenship like any other Israeli citizen. Why dont these ethnic palestinian Arabs show solidarity with their fellow palistinians by giving up the benefit they enjoy in Israel, are so much nearer or very much related to palestinians than those Arabs living in Israel proper to forfeit your own interest. If your are a really Somalilander you will put the interest of Somaliland first, but I dont think you are a Somalilander at all.

    • Layla
      why do you hate whole nation? I would agree with you if you said i hate Isreal policy towards Palestinian people , but it is too much to hate human-beings, because of their differences from us or our paronia of believers of other religions. I think Somaliland should have relationship with the any country who cares us as nation and as a people. Arabs and our brother muslims are ones who stopped to buy our livestock some time ago and do not care if you live or die.

  6. Why the Arabs and Plastine! Every one and his own wishes. If any Arab or a Muslim country says recognition to Somaliland we would have say Israel wait. But why should we make happy for the interest of others. We warmly welcome Isreal pilateral relations and trade. We also welcome Arab brotherly relationa. Nothing is funny!

  7. What have the Arabs done for Palestine? remember Kuwait in 1991. I support the Palestinians right to their own land, and if the two state solution becomes a reality, then I don't see why Somaliland and Israel couldn't have ties. Israel already has ties with both Egypt and Djibouti and they are both Arab states and members of the Arab League. Why the double standard with Somaliland?

    Even the conservatitive Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is becoming pragmatic in dealing with Israel. Somaliland needs de-jure recognition from one nations, then the rest will flood in. If Israel is the first, I for one do not have a problem with that.

  8. Ayaan, Muna, and Abdi, your commets only convey your immaturity and lack of political understanding. How many Muslim Arab countries are willing to recognize us, again???? Uhmm….well…NONE!…How many Muslim Arab countries help us when Siad Barre's government was committing a genocide against our people??? NONE! In fact many of them were supplying him with the weapons to kill us with. And who was behind the Oct 29th attacks??? Our fellow Somali Muslim brothers.
    I'm a young Somalilander and I 110% support any country willing to recognize and establish friendly relations with Somaliland, regardless of their race, religion, and other discriminatory and racist claims you could bring against.

    Having said that though I still question the validity of the story itself.

  9. Like I said dont worry about that lunatic, he has no clue about politics, he thinks wearing 4 different shirts and even dresses will score him some points. The fact that he uses so many nicks tells you he already feels minority.

    Somaliland has every right to have ties with Israel, we dont care what you fanatics say or what Arabs read to you, all Arabs secretly have ties with Israel themselves yet they tell others about what goes down in Palestine.

    For God sack, Arabs are 23 countries, Israelis only have one state, why cant they take in Palestinians and resolve the issue with the Israelis.

    I am for authentic real Israelis living in Israel but i dont support fake jews coming to Israel to occupay and develop Palestinian lands. I have very well knowledge about them.

    Those fake Israelis are called Khazars, they mislead real Jews by telling them fubricated history thus laying ownership to land that is not them because East Europe was poor and broke due to Communism.

    It was their way of coming to Israel and Israel needed population but now Israel feels it's time it set the record straight. The real Jews dont control Israel, their history, names and culture has been hijacked.

  10. Somaliland officials are so desperate that they will bow even to Israel the most cursed nation,
    the once proud somali warrior nation is no more then beggars of of the cursed, see this is great example of why we need all Somali people be under one administration

    • The only cursed people are, what you rightly called them "proud somali people", the pride in somali people is the really curse, far worser than any other sorts of curses. If the Somali people are not cursed why have they been slaughtering each for the last twenty years, transforming their country into a slaughter house and poster example wrechednes, misery, death and mayhem. We the people of Somaliland are working hard to de-attach ourselves from you animals, we trying to distance ourselves from that slaughter house called Zoomalia. And If Israel is willing to make friendship with our young nation, why not, we too, are willing and ready to make friendship with them. Israelis have accomplished and achieved alot, they have transformed a deseart land to become a blooming green, producing enough food to feed themselves and even exporting the surplus. Most of the top 500 giants transnational corporation are owned by jews or are being stewarded by a jewish person. Jewish people have more than 300 Nobel prize wnnings and they have enormously contributed in furthering humanity and human knowledge, be it in the field of medicine, psychology, physics, biology, economics politics and even in arts and culture. I don not understand as to why any sane person in his right mind should not be a friend people who have accomplished so much. As a matter of fact, it is in our stratigic interest to open diplomatic relationship with Israel. One important field we could benefit alot from, is their agro-technology which might transform our arid lands into a grain basket of Africa.

      • Um, the Nobel Prize is owned by jews,so of course they are going to give most of it to jews.

        Islam doesn't mind the People of the Book (jews & christians) unless they are harming Islam or Muslims.

        So, no israel stole the land and the Third most holiest city after Mecca and Medina where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is built!

        we should try to stay away from blood-thirsty satan-worshipping entities built on the bones of a whole nation!!

        This is Injustice.

  11. Just because some Arab league members have ties with israel, does not mean u should lower your values ufff some people just don’t have faith or principles

  12. i agree with JA this Arabs today are not the true arabs. to too busy ‘bsing’ they treat the phalestine like garbage and they don’t help their muslim brothers. if israel is ready somaliland is ready don’t get me wrong i am 100% muslim but there is no wrong reaching for another country hey i would even welcome phalestinins refugee in to somaliland and gave them citizen the

  13. Kayse i believe u r the one claiming to be a Somalilander, u r nothing but Zionist propagandist political prostitutes.People like u who are working for the Zionist propaganda machine for only few worldly gain while forgetting the everlasting life of afterlife in paradise inshallah u & people like u will pay their price in hereafter infornt of Allah for their support of the ZIONIST STATE

  14. Kayse i believe u r the one claiming to be a Somalilander, u r nothing but Zionist propagandist political prostitutes.People like u who are working for the Zionist propaganda machine for only few worldly gain while forgetting the everlasting life of afterlife in paradise inshallah u & people like u will pay their price in hereafter infornt of Allah for their support of the ZIONIST STATE

  15. Kayse i believe u r the one claiming to be a Somalilander, u r nothing but Zionist propagandist political prostitutes.People like u who are working for the Zionist propaganda machine for only few worldly gain while forgetting the everlasting life of afterlife in paradise inshallah u & people like u will pay their price in hereafter infornt of Allah for their support of the ZIONIST STATE


  16. Somaliland need friends like Israel or super power like United States,France and United Kingdon. Somaliland don't need Arab countries who are fascims who run their countries undemocratic way. Somalilanders should open their eyes and see who is friends and who are the enemeis. To me Arabs are the enemies of Somaliland. We welcome Israel. Viva Israel. death to your enemies.

    • You wishing death to our brothers and sisters in Islam, and expect us to be friends with you? This is what is wrong with Israel and all those misguided Westerners. We might be a disfunctional family, but we are Islam first, and we rather unite with them under their conditions than with Israel and under their conditions, which is, obviously, to defeat Arabs and thus Islma. Viva Islam, death to enemies of Islam.
      Oh, the last statement cames with this 🙂

  17. Xaaji falso, what principles do you have? First of all it was Israel who said according to the article, that they are willing to recognize Somaliland. I don't think Somaliland has lobbied for recognition in Israel, the reports even states that there are currently no bileteral ties between Somaliland and Israel. Can you read? So get the facts straight if you can. Somaliland has been lobbying the AU, UN, EU, and the Arab League.

    People like Xaaji can see Somaliland's de-jure recognition coming, so they start to hyperventilate, relax, Xaaji you are always welcome in Somaliland.

    If the Saudi Arabian Kingdom were to say that "today we will offer de-jure recognition", people like Xaaji will find a reason to oppose it. It only needs one nation to give Somaliland de-jure reognition and the rest will come flooding in like tsunami.

  18. Kayse is an Israeli fan? Why in the world would you want any sort of relation with a state such as Israel, brother? Did not the SL people fight for their freedom from tyranny and dictatorship? Were you not carpet bombed by a heartless despot just because you were 'different'? Did you have any control over your land, women and livelihood whilst that dictator was in control?

    Why then would you support a State that is doing and has been doing exactly the same thing to the Palestinians? A man of principle, a man that learns from the lessons of history and a man that still remembers the scars of the recent past would not want any form of relationship with Israel, regardless of his opinion of Arabs.

  19. We will never allow Riyaale sell our soul to Israel. I would rather to not to have any support from Israel. Keyse get a life stop posting every min. Let other express their views. LONG LIVE SOMALILAND without Selling our SOULS.

  20. As an American, I could not claim to know enough about Somaliland to have a view on whether or not bilateral ties with Israel would be economically benificial. And I absoltely recognize that everyone has their right to oppose or support something such as this.

    I can tell you, however, that rhetoric such as "Somaliland youth will never let any Relation with Israel the Zionist killer State with Somaliland, we hate Israel more the any body" and "Any relation with Israel & somaliland will happen over our dead body of somaliland youth so please STOP ur cheap Israeli propagande" hurts the cause of Somaliland.

    How do you expect to be recognized by any country when expressing thoughts such as that??? It makes all who live in Somaliland look like radicals intent on killing any whose policies they oppose. I know this to be false because of the time I have spent in Somaliland, but others may not. Why must you talk in such extreme tones? Why must you talk of killing and death?

    • Those fanatics are from Somalia this is internet and often the fox from Somalia wears the Somaliland coat to disguise it self, they are that desperate.

      They are hopeless without Somaliland and they will do any thing to mislead the international community or the ordinary people of the world.

      Somaliland is shinning like a bright star and we are saying no to their Islamic extremism, Arab facism and we welcome development, technology, tolarance between Islam, Judism and other faiths.

      They cant express their views without getting too nasty.

  21. It is easy to have extreme views and to hate. It is much harder to work with those you oppose and create solutions. You can hate Israel with all of your heart and dream of driving its citizens into the sea, but hating them will not help the cause of Somaliland at all. Somaliland is an amazing country that deserves to be recognized by all countries – please do not do your nation such a disservice by talking the way you do.

    • Peter as is often the case the Somaliland cause is injuried by Non-Somalilander Somalis posing as Somalilanders. Their hatered for Somaliland drives them to these extremes.
      As a young Somalilander, I can not refuse a hand extended out in friendship and like I wrote earlier feel Somalilanders will not be prejudice in anyway when forming relations with other countries. We never have been and never well be.

    • Peter, thank you for your comments, I couldn't have agreed with you more. Such hateful comments will not help Somaliland. Having extremist views is unacceptable. I am from the Sool region (Dhulbahante clan) and completely support Somaliland.

  22. Peter, don't give heed at what a couple of fanatics or (Alshabab terrorists pretending to be Somaliland Youth) have to say. The majority of Somalilanders welcome any country willing to recognize Somaliland including Israel.

    I actually read somewhere that Israel was the first country to recognize Somaliland's Independence in 1960. And it will be great to be the first a second time around. But Israel has to relax though, the oppression on the Palestinian people. Sometimes, one thinks that what Israel is doing is not actually that much different than what Hilter did to the Jews. I mean, after what the jews went through, they should be peaceful people and not aggressors or oppressors.

  23. Egypt, Jordan, soon Syria, and Djibouti, have relationship with Israel. If the Arabs don't want you, isn't high time that Somaliland weighs its options? Remember State of Israel has a significant Arabs in its government and nation. They prosper.
    This news reminded me a question asked by a Somalilander in Washington of our President Riyaale while he was visiting America: why the Somaliland Government shouldn’t seek recognition from Israel? I don’t recall the response!
    Establishing strong ties with China and Israel, I believe, are wise political decisions to be made by our government in Somaliland. By the way, “The State of Israel, merely sixty years old this year, maintains diplomatic relations with most but certainly not all of the countries on earth. Over eighty percent of the countries on earth recognize Israel and maintain good diplomatic relations with Israel.”
    Arab nations with its huge financial resources and close ties with America could not help resolve the Palestinian issue. Do you think the Arab nations care about you? Read the relationship between Asian Islamic nations and Arabs.

    Source: http://geography.about.com/od/politicalgeography/

    • Dear All,
      It’s not and never been a propoganda – this is a serious news and it will happen sooner or very later.
      The Republic of Somaliland in the 21st century, has no room for any such an idiotic thinking and the primitive ideologies of the past Israel is a powerful nation, we can have the relation that we have with the Arabs in Saudi kingdom or UAE or Ethiopia or Britain.
      No one and No One has the legality to represent the youth of Somaliland in the country and abroad.
      plz stop your bull****s.
      oo dadkaaga dhinac ka raac.


  24. Everybody and every Country today runs for its interest weather from a nation that doesnt share with them the same religion,culture,values or from a regime that doesnt have ties economically,politically and militarly. simply today whats stake for Somaliland after reaching that enormous achievments is to get some endorsement from some Countries because since the day we chosed to head for this direction, since the day we decided that we have to write our destiny in our hands and some Arab Countries has done everything to block that Quest, it started from Saudia Arabia to Egypt upto Sudan in Khartoum Summit so the notion to seek appeal from the Arabswas really WRONG and I tell u why. when Somaliland has took the independence from Britain in 1960 over 30 countries has accepted to recognize it including, UK,USA,the UN,AU so the Arab League have no choice except to accept the facts on the ground.

    to be continued.

  25. see I don't like people been drifted away by their own emotions and try to talk about politics that they don't know it in REAL. but My message to them is that name me one Arab Country that has helped Somaliland through the 20 Years, name me one Leader who talked about Somaliland fairly? I will advise to Arabs is to mind their own problems and from time to time to help the TFG and to show us their real and true Colour except sending Envoys and Shipments to the People of Somaliland.

    Long Life to the Land that has shaped Africa History.

  26. Hey i support and die for somaliland and its recognition but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Israel. It is disgracful to obtain a favoure from forever enemey.

    These are the cursed people by Allah. These are the people who killed many prophets. Christians are not cursed and they never killed any prophets, so would you compare the two?

    I rather be unrecognized nation than having a tie with the jews.

  27. I agree I think Israel is an important nation, while we may not support the way it conducts it self with the Palestinian people or issue, we have to understand those Arabs do not care about us at all. Most of them just want to use us for the sack of serving Egypt's Nile river ambitious by creating this so called "greater Somalia" to counter with Ethiopia's growth or threat.

    Right now Egypt is worried about South Sudan becoming an independent.

    Somaliland is not fertile nor does it have flowing rivers, we could learn something from the Israelis, we share a lot of things in common.

    I believe Muslim Somaliland and Jewish Israel can get along.

  28. Peter stop preaching us about independence and justice when you can not provide them to Poor Palastinices who are suffering in your hands; How could we trust you when you are killing our brothers and sisters. :p

  29. Isreal should respect the life of other humans particularly those they accupied their land. We all know how Isreal killing, harming and degrading other humans just because these people hold different believes. If Somaliland government want to have tie with it, that is for them not for us and we have nothing to do with it.

    Although Arabs should help their own brothers and sisters, Israel should know that Muslims are one community (Uma)and every Muslin it has unrightly harm it mean it harming for all of us.

    We are not against Israels to live but taking other people land and keep killing them it has no value for human;therefore, it shouldn't even think to reach out Somaliland. True or false, we don't need Israel is assistant in anyway.

  30. Believe me.
    I hate the Arab World more than the israelis hate arabs, and yet i am a muslim.
    That's is right. I am muslim…but i am NOT arab. I am a somali.
    I refuse to be played like a puppet. When the Arab World needs support against Israel, they say "where are the muslims"..and yet when the economically disraught poor muslim say "where are the rich arabs", they look the other way and pump money to Israel through intricate mechanism via the USA…that's right…the OIL MONEY from the rich arab countries finds its way to Isreael. Go Figure.

    The hell with the Arabs. I am pro-israel

  31. I think we Somalis should avoid words like hate why would you hate an entire people who have good and bad people in it. Honestly, I don't hate all Isreals because I do know there are some of them who don't like what Isreal government is doing to other people.

    Same goes to Arabs, I would say their governments are bad governments and some Arabs are bad but there are some good people in Arab community as well. If you keep saying you hate people according to their believes, athnic, nationality and clans, that make you what they we called it, you find it out.

    Another thing, you should check and clean your heart becuase, hating all Arabs who have good Muslims doen't maker sense to me. If you live in the west, you should know using strong words like hate, is widely unacceptable.

  32. Why do I get the feelings that the person calling him/her self “Ayaan Cabdi”, “Muna Hassan” and “Abdi” is all the same person. At least make some changes to your choice of words and style 🙂

    Having said that, everyone is entitled to their opinions and there will always be pro-Israelis and anti-Israelis, pro-Somaliland in Telaviv and anti-Somaliland there.

    This is a world run by the elite and Somaliland-Israel relationship will go ahead, you can die of hunger if you like. Anyone can claim to be Somalilander or Israeli on this post. Allow it.

  33. Even though I support establishing relations with any government(including Israel) to further the cause of Somaliland I believe this is a staunt by the Anti-Somaliland groups read, DJeabouti, Somalia TFG, Bugland, NSUM, ONLF and the rest of the enemies who wish us nothing but harm. I'am highly suspicious of the timing of this article only few days after an article in Riyadh KSA opposing the recent lifting of the ban on Somaliland lifestock failed comes this article to stir Arab opposition against Somaliland's quest for recognition. Be careful guys of what you post you are giving your enemies ammunitions.

  34. I believe there is no harm in having relations with State of Israel. Somaliland interest if paramount and cannot be negotiated at any cost with any government on earth. Why not us, while Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, Gulf States and many other Muslim countries are having strong diplomatic relations. What Arabs have done for us. There are Arabs countries who believe there are Jewish descendants in Somaliland, because Siyaad Barre convinced them when he was killing the Somaliland people, and they still believe that. Any country has the right to deal any state they wish, and Somaliland needs to have strong relations with country like Israel. We do not care if Arab countries get upset or not, because they could not help our people who needs their help, even though we share same faith. We have been boycotted for long and even charity organizations have refused to help our people, because their governments told them not to engage Somaliland. We need to think Somaliland interest and that alone. I wish this news in true and forthcoming.

  35. Why not ?
    Go Isreal go!
    Israel has embassies all over the Arab-World from Qatar,Egypt upto Morocco.
    If the Arabs recognized Israel why not Somaliland?
    Dantaada maqaar eey ayaa looguseexda.


    I am a young Somali male studying Economics at a University in London. To be honest the replies to this article really dissapointed me. Why? Because my people talk of establishing a relationship with israel and then they then call this "Realpolitik". What I want to know is, what happened to our Deen, what happened to our values, what happened to our sense of justice. Regardless of what many of you may think of the Arabs. I have this to ask you, will you establish ties with a state that kills an innocent Palestinian child, a state that killed over 300 civillians in the Dier Yasin massacre of 1948. A state that carpet bombed Gaza with white phosphorous. And then some of you say, but they are a democracy. Honestly, we should feel ashamed of ourseleves. Allah ta'ala said in the Noble Book, "All the believers are brothers". And yet many of us (may Allah guide us) are willing to sidestep this brotherhood, instead we automatically accept that this state has a right to exist. For Shame my brothers and sisters, Allah in his Noble Book said that "Indeed Allah does not love the Oppressors", be they Non Muslim or Muslim. Yet we want to talk about the oppressiveness of Arab leaders and we want to excuse Zionist aggression as "Democracy". Try telling the 456 children that were killed in the Gaza Genocide last year. The Author wrote; Somaliland, like Israel, finds itself politically isolated, in the middle of a hostile region and at a thorny crossroads and if anyone is to reach out to the unrecognized republic, it would be Israel. It too knows how it feels to be denied it’s statehood and self-determination. While Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, Somaliland is the only Muslim democracy in the region. For Shame to the author who wrote this. To this article I say, IF ISRAEL WAS DENIED ITS STATEHOOD AND SELF DETERMINATION AS YOU CLAIM THEN WHAT ABOUT PALESTINE, WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO WERE KILLED, FORCIBLY EJECTED FROM THEIR HOMES AND MADE INTO REFUGEES. Also many of you try and make an analogy to israels origins and the Somaliland movement. This is way off, Somaliland was oppressed whereas israel is the oppressor. Indeed, we often complain about our Somali elders in politics and how they have little principles. Yet as this forum shows many of us have no principles, rather we would like to sidestep blatant Oppression in favour of "political reality". I ask those who speak this way to fear Allah and know that the Mu'mineen are brothers regardless of the evident corruption with the Arab leaders. Some of you may accusse me of being affiliated with As Shabaab. Rather, I say to you This Deen and I are wholeheartedly against As Shabaab and extremisim and oppression by Muslims, yet we are also against oppression by the worst of oppressors, this state of thieves, because a textbook definition of a thief is someone who takes something which is not theirs. Many of you may not like what i have said but Allah tala said in his Nobel Book "O you who believe enter Al Islam entirely" meaning we cannot pick and mix by ignoring the AYAH "ALL THE MUSLIMEEN ARE BROTHERS". Yet at the same timne some of you will say Brother keep the Deen and politics seperately, but this is not politics this is morality and this is our brothers in Palestine that we are speaking about.

    Indeeed this is a reminder as Allah tala said "Remind the believers for indeed the reminder benefits the believers". Surah Ad-Dariyaat
    May Allah Guide us all to Siraat-ul-Mustaqeem

  37. The current young Somaliland and Somalia generations does not remember much about the history of Somaliland. In 26 June 1960 the state of Israel was the first nation on this earth to recognize Somaliland and later Somalia on 1 July 1960 before Egypt an Arab state that had historic relations with Somaliland recognized. Currently Egypt, State of Qatar, Mauritania to name a few had diplomatic relationship with the state of Israel. All the peoples and nations of the world were one time or the other sought independence and recognition from other nations and their national, economic wellbeing and self determination interests supersede everything else. For 19 years African, Arab, Asian, and the west ridiculed the people of Somaliland and never acknowledged their achievements let alone assist them with meaningful economic assistance and developments. If it true that the state of Israel is willing to take the lead and recognize Somaliland as they did 50 years ago every Somalilander would welcome and appreciate that prospect. Somalis have to be pragmatic; what did the Arab world did for them over the 20 years of mayhem and destruction in their homeland to help their fellow Muslims. Why then over a million ethnic Somalis is still seeking refugee status in the west and not in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia imposed embargo for several years on Somali livestock, the livelihood of 60% of the Somali people. Arabs would have helped their own people. We should not expect one dime and assistance from the so called Arab World.
    Somaliland’s national interest lies with any nation that respects its sovereignty and willing to recognize is as a nation. We have to be cognizant that no Arab nation or for that matter a Muslin nation would come forward and recognize Somaliland looking only for their self interest.
    We, Somalilanders would again welcome any country that is willing to extend a friendly hand to the people of Somaliland and wishes to invest, develop its natural resources and train their labor force to attain self sufficiency, let alone recognition.
    Those opposing this idea of Israel looking close relationship and diplomatic recognition with Somaliland are not true Somalilanders but rather believe the idea of Greater Somalia that died in 1977 and buried in 1991 by Sothern Somalis.
    Fowzi Kamal. .

    • Fowzi, I agree with you a 100 and 10%. Arabs didn't do anything when Siyad Barre was slaughtering Somalilanders … especially a particular ethnic group mainly concentrated in the North, let alone helping them after the destruction sustained from the an all-out-war waged on the major cities in the North. But adding insult to injiry and politically motivated they had to ban our livestock, the only source of economic lifeline at our worst times ever. How can we forget that? As mentioned by Kamal and others, Somaliland's National interest lies with countries willing to recognize us as a nation. All nations form muntual relations based on National interest regardless of what other countries may think. We need all the help we can get right now to rebuilt the destruction caused by the other Somalis. Why do we even care about what the Arabs may think about our ties with the State of Israel? They don't have our interest at heart. Therefore, we will go where we can get it. Let us welcome them with open arms.

  38. somaliland needs to get an international recognition, no need talking about religion or Arab world, somaliland people is muslim people 100% and everybody knows that.

    if Israel declares to recognized Somaliland Republic the meaning is not somaliland people exited the islamic religion.
    on the otherhand its clear that somaliland government or somaliland people is not seeking help or recognition from Arab World.

    if this news become a true i believe all other western countries will consider it and something will be changed.

    long live somaliland long live who helped somaliland

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  39. Israel has relations with Egypt, Jordan and Djibouti and I have not heard any complaints from the "Muslims" compalining here.

    Somaliland's interest is not 100% tied to the interest of any other muslim or african country. It is time these ignorant so called "Muslims" to wake up and find out where their bread is buttered.

    An Arab country will not and do not set their policies according to what is good for other Arabs or Muslims, they do it according to what is good for their nation and population, that is the mandate of elected leaders when they are elected to represent the people, to move the agendas of the nation and people forward and not to be the puppet of saudi or Egypt or any other country.

  40. Xaaji,

    Somalis were reduced to beggers long time ago by your "Moryaan" type who are emotional and luck the ability to to see a way out of the 20 yrs of chasing your tail and repeating the same thing over and over with the same results.

    Please free your mind from this slave mentality that you are willing jump off the cliff with those Arabs when they are not willing to stand with their own people in Palestine.

    And for your info, palestinians are more advanced, and they live a better life than you in Somalia. (i have been to gaza and east Jerusalem) Wake up and mind your business and let the Arabs continue dressing up like women and behaving as such.
    Go build your home and let the arabs continue to think that their oil will last forever. Renewable energy technology will put them out of business and we will will send the Zakka from Somaliland and they will eat our rift valley fever without complaining.

  41. There is a lot of rhetoric about religion, and so on and so forth, mainly from people who are not from Somaliland. The guys who claims to be a economic student is who false, that I won't waste my time with him.

    Islam is peace.

    If some people on this forum have a problem with Israel, I suggest they address their concerns to Tel-Aviv. If they are concerned about the Palestinian issues, I suggest they contact Cairo, Amman, and all the other rich Arab nations and I ask how the Palestinian issue is progressing.

    If Israel wants to be the first nation to recognize Somaliland, just like they did in 1960, then who are we to say no.

  42. If this is true, then it is a positive step, the Somaliland government should size this opportunity. To hell with tin pot Arab dictators, what we want is to survive and prosper. A good diplomatic relationship with Israel will enormously be beneficial to Somaliland. Israel can assist in two important areas, first, we can benefit from security and military knowhow from the World fourth best military. And second, Israel is the only country in the World to transform a dry deseart land into blooming green to an extent of being self sufficient in food and even exporting the surplus. So why not? if deplomatic relationship with Israel might translate into assistant from two important areas of survival, then it a thousand times worth than waiting for left overs from Arabs dictators plate.

  43. What harm has Israel done to Somaliland? NOTHING.
    In fact the so-called Arab World has done more damage to Somaliland people than Israel by leaving us out in the drought and misery.
    I am sick and tired of our people hating Israel in the name of Religion.
    The rich arab countries (Saudia Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman) are playing double-standards. They are hypocrites. If arabs are concerned about the Palestine issue, they have the economic power to do something about.

    I have been always for Israel-Somaliland close ties relationship.
    I am a muslim man. I follow and practise my religion deeply more than most somali people, but this is not about Religion.

  44. Stop the paranoa, nothing is the matter with making a relation with a country like Israel. Arab countries are more of harm to muslims today than Israel is. They are the cause of muslin suffering all around the world from Darfur, to Afganistan to Somaliland. Somaliland's worsening plight, degressing development, and economic stagnation is partially their doing not to mention the ongoing suffering of Palestinian brothers/sisters. They have isolated Somaliland, economically, culturally and politically and now they want to dictate what sovereign Somaliland can or cannot do after 18 years of economic and political sunctions. Of course that doesn't mean we should bow to Israeli demands, we are mature enough to make our own decisions and still respect diversity of opinions. Relationship with Israel is overdue and might even be beneficient to us, such that it would allow us to put pressure on Israel and encourage them to respect human rights as demaded both by Islam and our common Democratic value to help grant Palestinians their own independence. This hate mongering has gone long enough…for 60 years. Isn't that enough.

    Islam STANDS for peace, not hate or war, so let us live up to that noble conviction….don't let any one dictate to us otherwise.

  45. Israel Was The First to recognize Somaliland in 1960 and today again they wil be the first.Our interest is first, Ismael Omer Gele is the friend of Israel why? because of his interest,

  46. Preach on Lander. These barbaric proplr of Somalia who kill innocents on daily basis since 1960 are in no position to lecture us Somalilanders about religion.

  47. Somaliland does not need Israel to gain recognition or get any other sort of support,Israel, on the contrary, needs Somaliland to get acces to the Bab el Mandeb. There are hundrends of soveriegn states in our globe that can grant Somaliland recognition, and once Somaliland is recognised, there is no doubt it will be the most popular state in Africa and te Muslim world due to its strategic location and virgin natural resourses. Not to mention the nature of the Somalilanders, who are known for creativity and pride, which will guide them build on great things and protect those things with their lives. (well, at least I think of us that way). Anyway, my point here is that when Somaliland gain its full soveriegnty, the world will be on it Oystercard. While Israel, if it can’t secure a friendly tie with Somaliland, it’s hope of infilterating the Arabas will hang on a trid, plus, their existance will be hanging on a similar trid, and thus, the Israelis will live in a constant fear as it would mean, they will be like some FAT Bafalos grassing in the middle of a pride of lions. So, for the few pro-Israelis here, don’t try and sell the your argument of Somaliland needs Israel here, because that is not true.

  48. TO anyone who is jumping up and down in disgust I urge you to consider the facts:
    1. Is Israel different than any other country in the west for me NO

    2. Where does it say in our Quran that we should hate Israelis more than Christians? NO

    I am not the least bothered about it and would fancy a trip to Jerusalem.

  49. Arabs the are most racist aganist blacks and they do not support Palestinian or Somalis in time of their need. Somali people are called ,(abed ) meaning slave in Arab countries. Arab countires do not take refugges running away from Somalia as refugee in most Arab countires. I think it is a wise idea for Somaliland accept this offer from Isreal. The Jews are very powerfull in United States and the will push the reconiziton issue in the UN. It is a wise idea to accept this offer from Isreal . LONG LIVE Somaliland.

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  50. Isreal should respect the Territorial integrity of The Somali Democratic Depublic And is Violation of the the principle under international law that nation-states should not attempt to promote secessionist movements or to promote border Conversely it states that border changes imposed by force are acts of aggression.

    • Its funny when you are talking like Somalia is a government or state, as you know there is certain criteria to be or recognized as state and somalia doesn't qualify to be called as a country, and let me tell you something, you should think about how to solve your endless problems than talking about a country which was a country before you be a country, a country which got almost everything than you aint got, so all i can say is just you should have to feel ashamed than saying something about The Republic Of Somaliland…..I laugh when i hear your warlords talking about control while they can't control their own avenue….walahi it funny.

  51. I hate when Somalis from Somalia talk about security and “protecting” Muslims when they are the very people who blew up those 20 and so students in Shamo Hotel in Mogadishu. When they are the ones who stone, kill, torture and rape on daily bases other Muslims. For God sake, Israel properly killed 2000 Palestinians since 1980s, where as you have killed 19000 Somalis just in 2008-2009. All of who were Muslims. So please dont hide under the cover of Islam.

    You kill more Muslims than the State of Israel and Israel would not have killed them if the stupid Arabs like you Somalis in South Somalia organized your selves learn to educate your youth and accept other neighbors.

    You just jealous Somaliland does not need you and going about its own interest and business. We think beyond those cultural taboos, we the Somalilanders are known for our open mindness and this is why we have stability and you dont. Dont speak we shelter the very Muslims that you displaced.

    Dont talk you bombed our cities we reconstructed. Get Real.

    Welcome Israel.

  52. We all should appriciate the history of relationship among states,people and diplomats.

    The citizens of The State of Somaliland have all the rights as to their strategic postion as a land,The right to regulate their livilihood,shape their Diplomacy and relationships.

  53. I am a somalilander and I beleave that Somaliland should welcom any country who is ready relationship with Somaliland,no matter its Saudi or Israel,Djibouti has a relationship with israel and the most muslim countries as wel, so why not Somaliland?

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  54. I'm suprised by all the ill informed, and disillusioned comments I'm reading from these so called "Somalilanders". If this the state of the Somaliland diaspora, I really feel sorry for the locals in Somaliland…..

    PS never will we allow this far fetched zionists propanganda from becoming a reality!!

    True Somalilander

    • It is not your call, False Somalilander. And whether you like or not it will happen and there is nothing you can do!

  55. Every leader in the world is seeking the interest of his country, look “Ismail Gelle” of Jibouti, he is a friend of Israel – look Husni Mubarak of Egypt – look, look, look. I strongly recommend President Riyale to act now and send his foreign Minister “Mr. Ducale” to Telaviv and sign the deal immediately. It is a golden chance and we don’t know whether it will come again or not, so we must act now before it is too late. We shouldnot listen to the voices of those who hate Somaliland like the Walla-Weyn who killed our innocent people and bombarded our cities. They are waiting for another chance colonize our land and we must be aware of that and seek recognition from any country in the world by any means. That will be the day we win the war with the Walla-Weyn.


  56. There's nothing wrong with the State of Israel. I careless about what happens between them and the useless Arabs, they are trillions of dollars of oil why dont they help Palestinians?

    Somalis from Somalia are as useless as the Arabs, all they know is how to kill each others and try to hold others back. Basically thats all they are.

    Israel is a nation like any other nation on earth, Somaliland has every right to decide for its own decission and interest and Israel will be treat as equal to our other neighbours including Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    They are the same for me.

    They are just scared knowing Israel's high-tech and military inovations, if Somaliland gets access to this they are worried. That's whats fueling their frustrations.

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  57. Absolutely a nonsense stuff! Buff! Its time, this website stops telling us lies fabricated to lull riyaale and his isreali-lover elites.

  58. To all those Somalis from SOMALIA:

    You keep your Arabs and Al Shabab, we (Somaliland) will open our dialogue with any nation we feel will be beneficial to us, in this case many of us feel Israel has a lot to offer to Somaliland. I have studied about Israel's economy, technology and entrepreneurship extensively and Nomadic society Somaliland can learn a lot of technology leading society like Israel.

    Not all Israelis support the offensive against Palestine, infact more Israelis help Muslims in Palestine than Muslims. You just lack the basic knowledge and grew up in a society with a lot of hatred and taboo against Israel and Jews.

    You keep your Al Shabab we will seek knowledge and development, later on we will see you seeking refuge in our land and looking for a job.

    Let's see, we are confident and you will be still blowing your selves up. Real muslims arent you?

  59. This article is a completely and utterly false. Firstly, it claims:

    “According to a local source, Golisnews, Mr. Yigal Palmor, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman is quoted on the Israeli newspaper of Haaretz Daily”

    I challenge anyone to find that newspaper article!

    Secondly, even if Israel wanted to recognise Somaliland, why would they do something the US wouldn’t do?

    Thirdly, Israel has a lot of partners in Africa, meddling in African affairs would be counter productive to their recent charm offensive!

    Finally, if Israel wants to surround the Arabs, they would use the bases in Djibouti rather than build new bases in Somalia.

  60. The crying and gnashing of teeth are those lost souls of Somalia, stateless, hopeless, wondering around East Africa, clinging on to anything and everything. Somaliland is in charge of its own destiny, why don't you take care of your own destiny. Lest we forget Somaliland and Somalia, were two sovereign nation who formed a non-ratified union in 1960, thay union was dissolved in 1991.

    Somaliland has defined borders, a settled population, de-facto recognition, democracy and soon to be de-jure recognition. Unless, you think you have the might to change things in Somaliland, then, get on with your own life and take care of your own country mired in mayhem, anarchy and murder, for the last 20 years and no sign of any hope.

    Somaliland continues to march on.

  61. Helloooo,

    I did a research on the Haaretz Daily and the Ministary's web site and found nothing about this story. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND SHAME ON GOLISNEWS OR WHO EVER PRINTED THIS STORY. Please stop the insult to out inteligence.

    Shame on GOLISNEWS, you just started your website with lies.

    Prove ITTTTTTTTTT pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • This was printed on the newspaper not website, do you think every story on a newspaper is also ran on their websites? This is the minds of Somalis, they are that behind.

      Often newspaper carry out stories they feel would be suitable for print edition rather than it's multimedia etc.

      And Somaliland was on the print, go to Israel and look at the rubbish bins if you that desperate, you just cant believe the fact that the world knows there are two Somali states, Al qaeda Somalia and democratic Somaliland.

      Israel has one of the best intelligence agencies better than CIA – Mossad, you think they clueless about the region? Your sleeping and still think there is something called Somalia, your worst than those that use to support Yogaslavia, its OVER get over it.

      Bye Somalia we wont miss your bombs and Al Shabab, rapes, hunger and diseases.

      • F.Y.I Da Lander, Somaliland affairs interest most major states in the international political arena. Not to mention the Eagle eyed Arabs who are watching the region from every dirction like and Own. That means, anything Israeli media publishes about the region would, undoubtedly, come to the knowledge of those people. So, If Israel writes anything about this, hanf of the world will circulate it. Everyone is wondering why this story is still under wraps? Why is it only in Taleviv? And now, as you said it yourself, why is it in "the rubish bins"?

        • If you dont believe this story, why are you keep coming back posting essays of bare emotions?

          Besides it seems to me you have been brain washed by Arabs, you think you speak for Somaliland but actually you sound Arab to me even your name "Salma" says Arab 🙂

          Ahlan w sahlan ya bint Arabeen 🙂

          Israel is here to stay, Allah (God) does not need your help to punish Jews, that's upto God to judge, when Arabs lost the race to Jews they tell people God ordered us to kill Jews. hehehehe they are sad.

          God will judge everyone when they return, your job as human being is to respect others and worship him freely and dont force others.

          Sick Arabs, i tell you, they never learn.

          • My name is Salma, yes it is an Arabic name, but aslo an Islamic name. I am not an Arab, but love Arab Muslims the same way I love all other Muslim brothers and sisters. Unlike you I don't suck up to any one, but I fear Alah and thus speak the truth. If I sound Arab to you it's only because I share a core value with most of them; Islam. And Alah for bid, I would not want to share anything with Yahuds. I am 100% Smalilnader, and proud to be a Somallander. As for you mate, you sound either lost or none Muslim/Somallander, who is hiden under some other identity. You can defend Yahuds all you want, but true Muslims will remain true to their Deen and Alah. I am not bragging here to kill or punish anyone, I am here voicing my opinion on a friendly ties between Israel and Somaliland. I don't wish death on anyone cause, death comes to all inspite of wishes.

            I suggest you read what you wrote again, and reflect on your own words. Remeber selling your sould to the devil is not only degrading, but it is worst sin a man can commit.

          • Yes, my name is Salma; an Arabic name, but also an Islamic one. What is yours? You are entitled to your own opinions and what an opinion you got on everything including people's names. For your information, I am a proud Muslim/Somalilander. When I speak for for both, I try my best to be truthful, and not to suck up to others. I suggest you try the same, if you are a Somalilander at least. I love all my Muslim brothers and sisters (by the way to do so is not an Arab ideology, but a firm recommendation from our prophet S.A.W). Don't get angry when you see others seeking facts. Something you should be doing, too. And like you said, "God will judge everyone". Should you be working for a better judgement from your creator? Please, one more thing, don't analiys others manes when yours doesn't make sense in any culture or religion.

  62. "Mr. Government", just to let you know, your IP address is trackable and you might find yourself in Guantanamo faster that you can spew all that garbage.

    You should learn to express yourself without threatening others with violence, Bullies like you are often caught and humiliated like Saddam Hussein, remember the way he was dragged out of that hole looking like a racoon?

    Please refrain from threatening the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND.

  63. P.S. Somaliland does, indeed, need friends and good realtions with the world, but we are not going to sell our souls in doing so. That would be an un-Islamic conduct of a 99.9% Muslim country. So, engage here another productive argument to convince why Somaliland should have relations with Israel than the one you have, may be obliviously, rised earlier.
    And this statment comes with a 😉

    • The bottom line is Somaliland needs diplomatic relationship with other countries in the world. In this globalized world of interdependence and connectedness we can not afford the luxury of being alone without friends. So far, Israel has extended a hand of friendship towards us, it will be unwise if we follow your myopic and projudiced advise not to extend our hands towards Israel. Majority of real Somalilanders in this forum and other forums are more than willing and even enthusistic in establishing friendship with Israel and we are very happy to this development. So, salma, stop hollering in the wilderness because no one give a damn of what you are saying.

      • And you think they do about you are saying? Hate to break it to you, but I don't see the individuality in your response. What you wrote here is very common as though you have been educated in pro-Israel schools. Are you in any case what they call Flasha?

        • No I am not falash, I am full blooded 100% decendant of the blessed Sheikh Isxaaq bin Ahmed bin Hashim. And I emphasize, I am 100% pure Isaaq and blood is not diluted with any other blood. By the way falaashas are decent civilized human beings. I am not pro-Israeli but I am pro-Somaliland, first of all, the Israeli people have never done any harm to my people, why should I be against them. Second, what I want is, my people to be friend and have diplomatic relationship wih people who are achievers and not with losers. And if if Israel is extending a hand of friendship to my people and my country I support with great enthusiasm and total dedication.

          • I didn't say that the Flashas are indecent, uncivilized or not humans. I don't know where they degrade people that bad. All men are Alah's creation thus beuatiful. It's just that some humans act indecent, unciviliszed and inhumane, thus lose their human being status. I have just asked you if you are a Flasha since you sound a defender of Israel, and Falashas are said to be decendants of Israel. But you just went over the top to explain that you are simply NOT a Falasha as though they are contagious disease that worries you. Have some respect for your fellow men, mate.

  64. I find this topic rather a publicity stunt. Merely the whole idea looks like a unbelievable story. The publisher Qalinle is a very gifted writer, i.e. the way he draws the reader into thinking, "Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman is quoted on the Israeli newspaper of Haaretz Daily saying his government was ready to recognize Somaliland again".

    Again, to be honest, I couldnt find a document or etc, that had a valid statement about Isreal recognizing Somaliland back in 1960s.

    I want to say one last thing, what does a take to be recognize as a nation now a days?

    I would bet a million dollar (i aint got any) if there was crude oil extracted by a small company drilling water well for a village in Somaliland by chance, you would have all the Big 5 nations on the fake round table in the UN recognizing Somaliland and fighting for the oil. But seening there isnt anything to fight for now, then we will not be recognize unless circumstances change the future.

    Greed rules this World.

  65. I find this topic rather a publicity stunt. Merely the whole idea looks like a unbelievable story. The publisher Qalinle is a very gifted writer, i.e. the way he draws the reader into thinking, "Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman is quoted on the Israeli newspaper of Haaretz Daily saying his government was ready to recognize Somaliland again".

    One question to the Publisher, where can I read about that Isreal was the first nation to have recognized Somaliland back in 1960's.

    And what does a take for a country to be recognize now adays?

    A: Crude Oil, maybe if a well water drilling company from NGO found crude oil by mistake, then who knows Somaliland would have being a established nation by now.

  66. One more statement:

    I feel uncomfortable having Isreal with any diplomatic relationship, I mean they are not best at keeping promises. As soon as you turn your back for a bit, they may put one back in you, i.e. you dont have to look far ahead, just look at the history of the nation of Isreal. Personally speaking, we are better not be recognized by them at all, surely there is other nations out there.

    I can imagine Somaliland repaying that first recognizion to Isreal, it would be a wall in the middle of Hargeasa like Jerusalem. Please we dont want any thing to do with Isreal and its evil games, am sure Somaliland is not part of their promise-land nor do we need Isreali neighbours.

    Please am not a anti-semitic, just stating some history on that nation.

  67. I read the comments with amazement while some of you are still thinking about the Arabs we have our country to think about, I agree with Kayse and J.A and I believe we are Arabs when it suits the Arabs and other times we are completely forgotten. You talk about the Somaliland Youth well majority of this youth you are mentioning lost their loved ones and there was no Arab nation to help while we are being oppressed and killed. In fact most of the arms trade Siad Barre Regime used was financed by them.. think again when commenting and get your priorities right people. We welcome recognition other governments will hopefully follow.

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  68. Somalilanders are very proud people, and they would not compensate for their pride. Their pride, first and foremost, lies with their identity, which is Islam. We have gotten rid of former president Siad Bare because he acted cruelly towards his people and vialoted the very fundamental values that Islam promotes; patience, care, respect, protection and thus (the big one) peace. These are the values we hold higher than anything. My point here is that having ties with Israel can jeopardise that, since Israel sees all Arabs and most Muslim countries as its first and only enemies. We may have elements of misunderstanding with some of our neighbour countries, but we will not invite an outrage with them. Israel's intention of relations with Somaliland is to gain ways to intimidate those countries that lay close range with Somaliland. So, what interest has it got in for Somaliland to have friends in far away lands by creating enemies in closer lands? If the desicion-makers of Somaliland contemplate on having friendly ties with Israel, they should consider the risks as such desicion would be a reminiscent of the ones former president Bare has made.

  69. Is it true that Israel says it is ready to recognize Somaliland? Let's verify first. If it is true then we need to move to the next step: Israel declares publicly that it recognizes Somaliland as sovereign nation; and similarly Somaliland declares that it recognizes that Israel is a sovereign nation and it has right to exist. Wait a minute, what is the benefit for Israel to recognize Somaliland? We have to know what is for Israel to recognize Somaliland. Unless they tell us they are doing it only for sake of Allah! On the other hand, what is for Somaliland to be recognized by Israel? What Somaliland will gain from recognition by Israel? What Somaliland will lose by the recognition of Israel? Somalilanders are intelligent people and can easily analyze and understand the benefits and harm of associating with Israel. If the benefits outweigh the harm then the relation makes sense. Otherwise it does not make sense.
    But I have problem with Israelis believes: First, they believe that they are the “chosen people” and the rest of human race is “gentile”.


  70. Then, I just would like to imagine what would be the relation between the “Chosen people” and the “Gentile”. All that I could think of is “Master – slave” relation. So, we need assurance from Israel that we will not have such relations with them. Second, look how they treated Palestinians of Gaza – that really scares me, that was inhumane. Third, look how they treated the ambassador of turkey – can you imagine Somaliland ambassador treated similarly. Forth, look how they are treating president Mahmud Abbas, he is willing to kiss their —- just save his people. But that is not enough for them unless he brings all Palestinians with to kiss their — too.

  71. Leaders they're the ones who seize the moment, who're really have a good asssesment on their Country, regardles of the Authencity of this Statement we have to benefit by the chance and the golden Opportunity because I don't know wuts the wrong with having ties with a state like Israel. as we're intelligent people we also need to be wise on taking that right decision for our own interest. and for those who bring the Religion and the Arabs I tell them u don't represent us and we're not an Arab State to decide for us, and that goes for the guy who studies Economy who labelled us as "DISGRACE Diaspora" because what he can't understand and will never is that Today's world is been ruled utterly by the Interest, therefore I'm for that Initiative.

    Long LIfe Somaliland

  72. The following is my response to Da Lander. Somalilandpress keeps deleting it, and I am wondering what their intention on doing so is? I does not recite violence or contain derogatory language. —————-

    Yes, my name is Salma; an Arabic name, but also an Islamic one. What is yours? You are entitled to your own opinions and what an opinion you got on everything including people's names. For your information, I am a proud Muslim/Somalilander. When I speak for for both, I try my best to be truthful, and not to suck up to others. I suggest you try the same, if you are a Somalilander at least. I love all my Muslim brothers and sisters (by the way to do so is not an Arab ideology, but a firm recommendation from our prophet S.A.W). Don't get angry when you see others seeking facts. Something you should be doing, too. And like you said, "God will judge everyone". Should you be working for a better judgement from your creator? Please, one more thing, don't analiys others manes when yours doesn't make sense in any culture or religion.

  73. oh,oh, thank you israeli Government,you were the first to recognise somaliland in 1960, and now we are welcoming you, why we are saying muslims, they refused us and they are suppressing as, but now the time has come and we can see the breeze of the recognition. look at Egeypt, Jordan and Morocco they Arab countries as well as muslims and now they have good ties with israel why arabs are saying somaliland cannot do so and so, Iam saying we can do.
    thank you again israel and come and settle the strategic port of Berbera.

  74. Well i think its time for us to stop thinking about not making relations with Israel consider about being Muslim and fearing of losing other Muslim countries while you don't have any Muslim country which considers your issue. so we should stop caring about these so called Muslims issues with Israel, because if they are real Muslims they will behave you well when you are in their countries, they think that they are better than you,,,,,and i believe that they are not even Human, because there is one basic thing to be human and its to behave like a human, and they don't behave like a human they think that they are better than you…..So, why would you be with them in their war, when they don't care about you, when they don't want you……. So, as long as i can get a diplomatic relations from any country whether its Jewish or Cristian i will welcome them with open hands…..You know Prophet Mohamed made agreements with the Jews in Medina that shows you that being Muslim doesn't mean don't have ties with the Jews or the Christians, so i hope you will think out of this box..its time for you to wake up, and go to get what you deserve.

    • Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

      Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  75. As long as there is no credible source for where this information came from this is just a whisp of smoke with no substance, it really compromises the journalistic quality of the site when fake news is invented, shame on you. It quotes Heertez but the website has no mention of it this or in fact anything to do with Somaliland. Surely this cant be made up news..or can it? As a freelance journalist that was considering working with the makers of this site i feel betrayed and ashamed. Plagiarism, Phony stories, and out right dilusional writing is of no use to me or the people that use this site and believe what is written here. I am waiting to be proven wrong people and i do so hope that i will be, for the sake of your site.
    The news is a window into places and events that are far and unreachable to us; when that window is tainted or broken then our views are also tainted and broken and then it leaves us suseptable to any intruder that might want to take advantage of this misfortune.
    Listen people; NEVER believe something without verifying it, they can feed you whatever they want but in the end its you that decides whether to eat it or not. so THINK, BE SMART, DONT BE A SHEEP FALLING OF A CLIFF


  76. Anybody who favoures of Israel-somaliland ties …Please read SUURAL AL MA'IDA verse 51 (aaya 51) and see what allah say about this relationship. I will die for allah and then my country (somaliland).

    Long life to those Love allah not an Israel.

  77. isreal is very busy building greater Israel, this is the reality on the ground, but they are very quick to divide you Somalis, WHY? they travel all over the world to fine other Zionists to build a greater Israel, and some of you Somalis braising them? its called divide and conquer

  78. Somaliland is belong to somalilanders, no one or earth can dictate or tell us whom we be friend with or not,,,,,,,,,,,

  79. Those from Somalia need to know that we hate them more than any other thing in the world, but we don’t want to harm them us they did and want to do, simple because we are peaceful ppl. Somaliland policies and territory belong to Somalilanders only, and those who can’t see that can go to hell. The true Somalilander will put the interest of his country above other issues, and those who can’t are in the wrong track. Some of the ppl who are commenting about this issue are twisted minders who are not representing Somaliland ppl or its interest. Yes I’m Muslim but there is nothing in my religion that says don’t be a friend with Jew ppl please stop being raciest, I’m not supporter for the Jewish actions and honestly I don’t care, and for those who are claiming to be the defenders of (——), I honestly I can’t see what you are so pissed-off, could be that your (country) is getting independent? How nationalist you are!!!!

  80. Just read and recall the past, you will learn a lot from it, that those alleged brothers of faith were the ones who where supporting the dictator regime and funding his atrocities against the ppl of Somaliland, and later on imposed sanctions on the poor ppl of Somaliland. the mass graves stands as memorial fact to my words, so please stop being hypocrites and know that we will but our country interest first… not this and that country. Do you know way the Saudis lifted the embargo, not because that they care about us or Islam, but because they put their interest first. And my message to those Somalis living in the Diaspora is, incase you don’t know your alleged arabs (brothers) behavior when your ppl go to them seeking asylum in to their country, and instead of helping them they are using their weakness and attacking on your women’s, and turning them to prostitutes in their markets… there is a long list of attacks, and there isn’t, that much time to mention it, but know that none of your alleged (brothers) cars or know that you exist…

  81. Any country whether Israel or not, that volunteered to recognize Somaliland first will be welcomed with open hands. Mind you it;s the Somaliland people's wish to be recognized as an independent Country and any country to recogize this whether for their own selfish reasons or not, the Somaliland people will accept with open hands. All these people who are making noises against this idea is nothing but the enemies of Somaliland who are panicing because the international communities are welcoming Somaliland into it;s fold. Long Live Somaliand and it;s people.

  82. What is the big fuzz don't you heard that all Arabs are now bound to sit with State of Israel? [refer the ongoing Doha Forum] This action could help the issue of Palestine. If you always say I don't want to sit with my enemy, you will never get anywhere. Sit with them and see how things develop. Israelis are human like any other, and when they see they can survive the piece of land they hold on to [half of palestine proper], they do not have any reason to be the enemy of Muslims. All the people include Palestinians themselves are now ready to accept pre-1967 border. Somaliland needs to be a member of the international communities and that is our goal. Anything else is trivial to me.

  83. Israel’s possible recognition of Somaliland has recently been a popular topic of discussion among Somali news websites. The idea seems farfetched, if not wishful thinking, for in reality the possibility of Israel recognising Somaliland is only marginal.

    Nevertheless, assuming these claims are correct, bilateral ties with Israel could have some serious implications on Somaliland’s quest for nationhood.
    This is undoubtedly a great prospect for the recognition Somaliland has been waiting for, for decades. If it handles it correctly with due diligence, this could be the master key to unlocking many new opportunities with either the Western/Israel or Arab nations. Recognition from Israel could encourage other nations to recognise Somaliland. This partly depends on how well Somaliland articulates its case.
    Ties with Israel could have some serious implications for its ties with Arab nations on which Somaliland depends for much of its trade. However, Israel could prove a strong partner with regard to being a possible export market and exploitation of Somaliland’s resources.

  84. Israel's recognition of Somaliland would not come without strings attached as the previous Somaliland press article touched on. One benefit to Israel is the strategic position of Somaliland opposite the Arabian Peninsula, at the door of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. A military base there would enhance Israel’s military capabilities and give them the upper hand if conflict were to occur in the Middle East. However, Djibouti is a more realistic alternative for the military base. It has often displayed its sheer desperation for foreign investment in trying to earn some foreign currency. It currently hosts a number of foreign military missions and is far more pliable, secure and accessible.

    Another reason is Somaliland’s unexploited resources which will be accessible to Israel probably within an agreement giving them preferential if not near exploitative conditions. The truth is that Somaliland has very few friends, Israel wants to exploit a poorly governed, poorly informed and poorly defended enclave in which it realises potential to fulfil its own aims and ambitions.

  85. The Arab nations may feel they have greater leverage over Somaliland as exports, foreign exchange and tax earnings consist of mainly livestock exported to these Arab Nations. A renewed livestock ban would be a real possible pressuring technique employable by the Arab nations to prevent it from establishing a relationship dangerous to them. Also any recognition of Somaliland by Arab nations will be due to their own interests rather than anything else. Therefore Somaliland needs to understand the strategic interests of foreign nations it is trying to lobby for recognition and take a cost benefit analysis when redefining bilateral relationships. When they realise this and learn to master the art of politics (deception?) (formerly only a forte of the Darood) is when they will succeed to achieve their aims.
    A very important aspect in the case of Somaliland should be the case of Somalia itself. Somaliland currently is a government, a people and a power in limbo, imprisoned by those fearing what good it might achieve/do. Somaliland is trapped along the sidelines, unable to partake in activities so vital to its existence. This is the last hurdle of the revolution.

  86. Somaliland and Somalia are perpetually linked and the people, government and conscience of Somaliland owe it to the suffering children, women and elderly in Somalia to establish peace. Somaliland can do more for Somalia as a sovereign country in the political arena (than as a spectator) to balance the negative influence of Ethiopia.

    It is unquestionable that foreign forces, of which most notably Ethiopia, led to the downfall of Somalia. And my instincts tell me now that the seeds bearing the anarchy and chaos prevailing now, were planted by those same foreign forces. Somalia or the rebellion didn’t need a downfall, just a change of government, they fell fool to their enemies. This once proud nation has been fragmented and divided.
    Somali regions have no benefit in each other’s failure, and the only realistic conflict visible to the naked eye is potential conflict over resources in Sool & Sanaag. Somali regions should not try to control/rule each other as history has taught us that that is doomed for failure. Walk not in front of me, walk not behind me, but walk beside me as best you can, for together we can achieve so much more.

  87. Any future government that is going to succeed will be a decentralised, coalition of parties from different parts of Somalia who co-operate to achieve their wider political and economical aims in the environment of the greater political arena. The foundation stones were laid in Somaliland, Puntland and peace was moving downwards to Galmudug and lower Somalia when those same outside forces acted to defend that which was in their interests (war & anarchy).

    Somaliland should not be seen as deserting its Somali identity and conforming to western/Ethiopian the pressure but rather be a cornerstone to a new era in Somali identity. One not associated with death, destruction and anarchy but where peace, prosperity and development flourish.

  88. Nevertheless, Somaliland should actively seek ties with Israel. Recognition will be conditional on certain agreements (as described in the article and above) designed to enhance Israel and achieve its wider strategic and political aims and ambitions (particularly in the Middle East).
    If and when Israel is content with recognising Somaliland, the Somaliland government should use this to lobby the (more numerous) Arab nations for recognition. If not recognition, Somaliland could usher greater support and perhaps even investment from Arab countries. Considering the historic conflict between Arab countries and Israel, the Arab nations would a risk to their national security. This may spearhead the nations standing in the way of Somaliland recognition to reconsider their view and see the other side of the coin or support Somaliland more. Maybe it’s time to stop the sweet talk and play hardball.

  89. Even between Somaliland and Puntland Ethiopia has created conflicts. It is a normality that politicians from both entities travel to Addis Ababa for ‘meetings’. This reminds me of the UK Channel 4 documentary entitled the ‘Israeli lobby’ depicting how UK politicians were flown to Tell Aviv for similar ‘meetings’ after which they were more favourable to Israeli interests. Such meetings often, overtly or covertly, aim to achieve the goals of one party as there is always unequal power in a relationship between two parties.

    Somaliland’s de facto independence has been hard-won and should be nonnegotiable in such a volatile region. Somaliland furthermore needs to be careful in its international dealing and should foresee the pressures of being internationally recognised. On the fine road to peace all Somali entities need to co-operate and establish strategic partnerships. Somaliland is one of the few peaceful Somali regions and should be an example for others to follow. The intense disapproval of many Somalis towards Somaliland is unfounded; Somaliland should not be regarded as an opponent but given a chance to prove herself.

  90. Ahmed, why are you copying the "Somaliland Recognition and Somali Unity" topic as you own, are you the author? I read it. There is no author identified.

  91. dont forget history the european killed 1/3 of somaliland population for 100 years ago.

    [5:51] O you who believe, do not take certain Jews and Christians as allies; these are allies of one another. Those among you who ally themselves with these belong with them. GOD does not guide the transgressors.

    The somaliland people will not fall the european dajjal again insha allah. may allah protect us. we dont like them. i live in europe and they hate us muslim no job no hijab. we only have allah to protect us.

  92. Israel says it is ready to recognize Somaliland!!!— After Dubai incident, it is like – Binladen saying he is ready to recognize Somaliland; or the Italian Mafia saying it is ready to recognize Somaliland; or the Somalia pirates saying they are ready to recognize Somaliland. How do you like it? What kind of image we will have in front of the world?
    While I strongly welcome any country willing to recognize Somaliland, however it is the Somaliland interest and image that I care the most, and accordingly any strategic decision should not be made without taking them into account.

  93. muhammed. This is just politics were not actually befriending them.

    Most of these negative comments are from somalis pretending to be somalilanders.
    I'm a true somalilander (ishaq) and i welcome anybody to recognise my country and do business with us.

  94. Can anybody give me a logical answer to why Israel chooses to recognise now?!
    When Iran is apparently producing 'Nuclear bombs' which is probably propaganda. They will not I repeat they will not give SL enough funding or material due to the infrastructure of Somaliland which is poor. They will only give Somaliland's Govt enough to get on which will then lead to them using the port for their evil military. Basically a military adventure on the most strategic area on earth.

  95. Not that i am arguing against Somaliland recognition, but what exactly will Somaliland gain from recognition ? For those of you who are not aware (remind yourselfes) just do some research on the policies of the World Health organisation, World Bank, IMF, UN and how 3rd world countries are virtually excluded from trade, they must buy not sell. Aid leads to corruption and sell-out politicians looking after foreign interests', Structural adjustment programs which reduce public spending and development, this list is very long and inexhaustive… We, especially the diaspora should develop our economy while it is still protected by international isolation. For now we need business… recognition can come later.
    Taiwan has succeeded in terms of affluence and living conditions but is unrecognised by most countries.

  96. I would rather DIE than have ANY relation with Israel.

    It's a embarrassment as a Muslim to do this.


  97. arab don't want to recognize somaliland but isreal is ready to recognize it. then israel should be supported its logic and pragmatic. i believe. thank you.

  98. forget the stuped arabs if they had any love or brotherhood for somalia, we been in war 20yrs killing our own people, were was the arabs that thing we close to them and for somaliland case they only care about what is good for them also they my see the light and stop keeping somaliland isolated when they think about the fact israel is at bombing range from them at berbara port.
    we need friends arabs are not friends, i just hope the somaliland gov are smart enought to take this chance also get good deal from israel.

  99. It is often argued that Somalilanders will do anything for recognition, from deporting fellow Somalis to their death bed in the Ogaden, whoring their women to "interested" foreigners, to putting some white loser on their money rather than an actual Somali just to suck up (in vain) to the British. I therefore cannot say that I'm surprised that the descendants of the very traitors who stabbed Muhammad Abdullah Hassan in the back and attempted to derail his anti-colonial struggles should now stoop to consorting with the Zionists, the people who have done more than anything to sully the good name of Islam. Somaliland, you have shown your true colors and are not truly worthy of the Somali name. It's 'Landers' from now on.

  100. Mahadi…. the so called mad mullah stabbed us in the back, it was Habryounis that fought with him the most, then he started robbing and killing everyone, even the dhulbahantes.
    He stabbed us in the back so we chased his backside out of our country! and the dhulbahnates chased him out too.
    And BTW most of darawiish were isaqs ( habryounis) from Burao and Erigavo

    So you darood need to stop claiming a war which mostly isaqs fought!
    And BTW we isaq are not somali, to be somali you have to kill your own people, rape your women,rob boats and then run away to other peoples countries as refugees and get abused!

  101. Exactly, 'changes'. You are not worthy of the Somali name. I'm glad you too realize that. That you should equate your own blood (presumably) with the same ugly stereotypes the Western media have been relentlessly promulgating is proof alone of that (I see the irony and tragedy of deporting fellow Somalis to their death is completely lost on you). By the way, I suggest you stop mentioning the Dhulbahante. They have nothing to do with your disgraceful little secessionist ambitions (as, incidentally, didn't Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur, your own region's first president), and neither do any other non-Isaaq/SNM clans. 'S-land' is what it has always been: one historically low key Dir sub-clan's shameless, selfish, and ultimately very transparent bid to be first among equals — even if that means claiming foreign origins. Thanks for proving me right.

  102. i would like the Isralean Government to recognise Somaliland because of political reasons. The so called "arab nations" are not there for their muslim brothers so why not ask the isralean government to recognise us.Each country has its own interest so if our interest is for the isralean or the iranians to come as long as its in our best interest we should not care who they are.We can see the world is changing and every nation wants a democratic state. Mogadisho is dead. Sheikh Shariff takes the money and pockets ut while inoccent country men and woman are dying.Is that the country to join.It is not.Somebody who has a common sense will never join Mogadisho because it's a dead place to go.Bread is more expensive than a life of human beings in Mogadisho.We support Israel and Israel must support us.

  103. Somalilanders wake up ! Why should i honour some one who is against my existence?
    In the last 20 years NONE of the Arab or Muslim world accepted somaliland as a free independet nation.
    Simply DEMOCRACY is ´not wanted in thier region. How ever some Arab and Muslim countries maintain a very good relationship with Israel. Why shouldn`t i ?.
    I personaly wellcome with open hands the republic of Israel and its offer to recognize Somaliland as an Independent Nation with a perminent seat in United Nation.
    My proposal is: Somalilanders particularly President Siilaanyo and his goverment must change their attitude toword Israel. World policy became global and somalilanders must fellow the wind direction.
    Mr. Yigal Palmors offer is a golden chance for somalilanders to come out of their isolation and a new chapter to devolop a nation with prosperity and progress.

  104. A lot of the people that are supporting israel are very very selfish to the core. It is evident from their comments that are basically saying ''anything for recognition and anything for Economy''.

    How does one accept to *support* a so-called country that STOLE the lands from a people that was living in peace and to this day are being raped,tortured and killed. To this day. We as somalilanders know how it feels to be treated with Discrimination and to suffer under a rule.

    But israel is a thousand times worst than the previous Somalis government.

    israel is a Racist entity, it hates the native Arabs of the land (Palestinans) and a lot of blacks who are jews are discriminated against. Hell, they discriminate against the Eastern jews(from Arab countries,the original jews) and put European Jews on top.


  105. cont'd..

    What Muslim, would accept such humiliation? We should be a beacon of light that HELPS the OPPRESSED not the OPPRESSOR.

    What will we say when we look back at History and see who we supported, the Criminal against a Weak people?I would then be ashamed to say I am a somalilander! This is totally Haram. Even if the Palestinians were Non-Muslim we should still not Kill them indirectly by supporting their Murderer.

    Use your brains, not your stomach people. Don't be selfish,just beacuse others were selfish, like the Arabs. We are supposed to be refined people blessed with Wisdom and Compassion.

    Many jews themselves are against the so-called zionist stae of israel and are not supporting it, so are we to come and cheer on supporting them for a few dollars which will last for a short-term?

    Also, that zionist state hates something called ''Muslim'' and ''Islam''. Check out Memri -tv , a translating company owned by American jews that attacks Islam by distorting its Image in the West!. And FOX news channel?They own it! . It spreads Islamophobia and fear of Muslims to the general public.


    • Israel has an old history and most of the prophets came from prophet Yaqub/Jacob known as Israel(as). Anyone who curses Israel/prophet Yaqub is sinning basically. Common reason is that there are special families whose lineage come from most prophets that hail from the Land of Israel. Please read about Interfaith and the common wisdom of the Abrahamic Wisdom.

      The nation of Philistine were Arabised and they used to fight with Israel from ancient times history never changes. They are the same people whom prophet Daud/David(as) fought with and until today they are still fighting with the people of Jacob/Israel(as). Just like how Somaliland is fighting with Somalis who will never rest until they wipe Somaliladn of the map of the Africa. There are people out there who don't want peace no matter how much you offer them they don't want certain nations exist.

      Why should Israel be denied their lands where their own fathers who were prophets lived and ruled. If Somaliland have ties with Israel we are honouring the legacy of our great Heritage which is the Heritage of Abraham(as). Speaking of common sense no one who curses the children of Abraham(as) would get any blessings that is why until today Somaliland and Israel have common history. They are both fighting wars on their own and if these two nations become friends I'm sure good would come out of it. Somaliland is in an Africa and a muslim nation and their wisdom is highly needed to settle the Middle East Crisis. Somaliland is a noble nation and knows the true spirit of freedom and liberty.

      Somalia is getting more chaotic by the day and they don't see how they are slowly destroying their souls from Islamic point of view. It is just as worse that the Internaitonal Community is helping towards this.

      To end the post Israel has a moral duty to support Somaliland since both nations have a common heritage regardless of how the rest of the Arab nations see that especially at time when their dictators are breaking down one after the other. Somaliland and Israel are both clever nations that can help each other and help Africa heal from poverty and diseases. Africa has been subjected to destitution and their dignity has been violated. Why Somaliland a noble nation beg the Arab nations for anything that is totally immoral and wrong.

  106. I do not blame the Arabs for not recognising us(we are a new nation) because frankly, the Southerners are MORE than us in NUMBER. They have more voice and were accepted as a country before us,it was an Isaaq man who put Somalia in the Arab League.They are thinking about ''Helping'' their Fellow 'Arab' Nation: Somalia.
    Put yourselves in the shoes of the so-called Arab leaders, what would you do if your friend and neighbour country would split up, would you interfere and help the splitting or act loyal?? Of course you would act loyal. We need to LOBBY MORE to these countries and show them that Somalia is hopeless, and that they are just sticking to a corpse that bites the head of anyone that interferes with internal affairs i.e. somaliland secession etc.

    Seriously most of your reasoning are pure emotion-based rantings. Some of you are trying to get revenge from those Arabs, because of this recognition business, when recognition will come when Allah willls.It will come when its Time.


  107. I have never seen a more Impatient people than Somalis. We can survive without recognition now like Taiwan. It just takes time. In the mean time, it is good for us as the corruption levels are very low and Government Officials cannot steal as much as would happen because of low national budget. So all in time ,we should be building more and begging less. Do more Good works.You see, we are not as poor as other nations, we should try ast as good Muslims and help thosr worse off as we have a lot of mashAllah smart young men and women,and that will bring more barakah to Somaliland. The hand that gives is BETTER than the hand that Takes.

    And I remind you and me of the noble verse: ''O ye who believe! persevere in patience and constancy: vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; so you may prosper.'' [Surah Al 'Imran, Noble Quran]

    And: ''Not so do those who show patience and constancy, and work righteousness; for them is forgiveness (of sins) and a great reward.'' [Surah Hud, Noble Quran]
    Finally, may Allah Protect Somaliland and its people, and guide us to do good and what He loves Best 😀

  108. Does anyone honestly think this recognition is innocent? The fact that Israel, the U.S puppet and slave in the Mid-East, who can't even recognize the indigenous Palestinians, who starts wars with all of it's neighboring countries and is a big enemy to all peace-loving countries in the East, wants the best for a MUSLIM AFRICAN COUNTRY?

    Remember the "Divide and Conquer" rule. Never has Israel "helped" for the sake of helping. There is always something the West and it's allies want from the East.

    I'm glad most of the Somalianders are smart enough to realize this.

    Look at Peter's comment above. lol I doubt he ever heard of "Somaland" before. Of course he'll love to encourage the separation of a Muslim country. Much easier to influence,eh 😉

  109. Somaliland and its political elite should deeply look into the overall interest of the country and the people. We may think that as Somalilanders that we have some sort of link (be it tribal, religious or otherwise) to the Arabs, but to them, we are merely some people they can manupilate. Let us remember that the ARAB does not care about his/her brethren, let alone us, who by the way are not Arabs. I would love to see Somaliland seek recognition from Israel, as I see the advantages to that symbiotic relationship.

  110. Freedom and respect of human dignity is my religion. The rights of palestinains and the rights of israelis are equal to my own rights.
    None of those arab muslimhood respected or recognized the legal rights of my nation (somaliland). Instead they enjoy a better relationship with the state of israel and they deny my existence as a nation. ( why should i care?).

    I do support the rights of mankind (plastinians and many others as well) but there is no law that prohebits me to deal with my fellow human (israel etc).
    In islam it says ( you can make a deal or commerce with erveryone).

    Somalilanders must be aware of their interest without doing any damage.


  112. watch where somaliland will end up if u get too close to israel they dont care somaliland these people are evil they infect mongos and orange with hiv they stole body parts from poor haitans pretending to helping them

  113. they see non jews as their slaves they are so recist against black people have u seen how they treat falasha people imaging what they will do to u black and muslim u think they care about somaliland all they care is their intrest they will not only use u but abuse u 2 no israel no israel

  114. You All have spoken your emotions. Prior to answering the following questions Please give a great of of thought.

    1- Is the Conflict with Israel one of Muslim Vs Jewish or Arab Vs Jewish in nature?

    2- For those who profess to hate Israel, What has Israel done to you Somalilanders or Somalis in general that makes you HATE them?

    3- Does the Quran and Sunnah clearly state to Hate Israel or Jews?

    4- Are Somalis Arabs?


  115. NOMAD SOS: The smartest person to comment on this article, the rest of you idiots welcoming ties with Israel are disgusting, do you know what the ZIONIST state of Israel is doing to our brothers and sisters in Palestine every single day and you people think it's right that Somaliland gives them a warm welcome 😮 for the comments saying what has the Arab world done for Somali people…bought the religion of Islam for one what more could you ask for..if your talking more recent..the children of Gaza (whose oppressor your so happy to welcome) raised $17,000 for the SOMALI children dying from starvation. How much did you donate/give (even tho your Somali and aren't under seige and have a hell of a lot more opportunity to donate more) don't take the time to write a comment and say you speak for the majority of the Somaliland community when you say we welcome Israel…How can you say that and then say the shahada or stand before Allah in prayer…the hypocrisy is disgusting..what are these people you are welcoming doing to the fellow belivers..our brothers and sisters…the muslim ummah are a brotherhood…any muslim regardless of race in the eyes of our creator is as much a brother to you as the child of your mother is to the eyes of society…how dare you then welcome their oppressors…as Somali people our name is only worth something if we stand shoulder to shoulder with our muslim brothers and sisters whether it be in Palestine, in Kashmir or any other muslim country…not even just muslim country…we should free and campaign for the freedom of anyone oppressed as the prophet (pbuh) freed/fought for the slaves and anyone not willing to do so should re-look at their morals…How can you complain about Siyad Barre and welcome Israel..slap your self…I would hate to be you on yomal qiyamah where is your sense…how can money be more important to you than your brother or sister…and you want to speak as a representation of Somali people..if I wasn't Somali I would be beyond disgusted at the Somali people if these comments were all I had to know of them uff you people are shameful….LONG LIVE PALESTINE, LONG LIVE GAZA and I stand in solidarity LONG LIVE SOMALILAND! We don't need Israel…Somaliland should fight for the freedom of Palestine and Kashmir and its fellow brothers and sisters…not get in the same bed as their oppressors I pray Allah forgives you for even contemplating such foolishness..as for 'the Arab's have ties with Israel why can't we' if the Arabs all jumped off a cliff would you?!? Arabs have done nothing for Palestine..neither has the rest of the world including Somaliland other than side with its oppressor..Somaliland seemed free of that until now…I pray Allah forgives all of us..what he has to watch his people go through with his "other" people watching infact siding with the wrongdoers…There was a young girl gang raped by soldiers and rather than a swift death they set her a light merely to hide evidence..because she was Palestinian, a group of young children who had to live in the same house as the bodies of their dead family members becuase they we're not allowed to leave the house by the Israeli army for 4 days…this is not even the tip of the ice berg or a day in Gaza and you people want to support this…dont represent for Somaliland…I'd worry about your right to call yourself a muslim too if thats your stance..remember who your brother is

    • Israel is not doing nothing, palestine is not my brother my brother is Israel, do not insult us please, i am from Somaliland, i like Israel because my tribe is originality come from Israel, so please leave alone brothers

  116. I don't see what's the big deal in having relations with Israel, prophet Mohammed had business with the jews, the arabs r all having official and below the built relations with the israel ( Egypt and jordan and ), Israel does exist and soon or later the entire Muslim world will recognise Israel, so why not speed it up and establish relations with israel now when our people are dying from hunger and poor medical care. Do you people seriously think the Arabs care about somalis in general ? the saudis stopped buying our cattle? why? what for? the UAE, doesn't want anyone with a somali passport ( since our somaliland passport is not recognised) enter their country, even for medical care, how islamic!! The arabs are traitors and we shouldn't think about their suffrage at all as they don't care about ours, for 20 years the entire somali population suffered a brutal civil what did the arabs or even the muslim world do for us? the answer is Nothing.. you people are brainwashed, think realistically, and if having relations with israel means being recognised and live a dignified life, will be it. Don't be fooled my dear brothers and sisters.

    P.S. I am a somalilander who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I hold a saudi citizenship.. I know Arabs don't give a damn about us, so why should we?

  117. brothers ansd sisters somaliland we need to take a short cutt,israel it is our option to build solid relation ship for long term not arabs the arabs they ignoring us for last four decades therefore we need lookforward not backward
    and i agree with israel to build trust relationship

    • Somaliland is not a rubbish , but it is a holly people, Somaliland is a Israel nation that is a true history.

  118. Israel and Somaliland are allied. Kill the arabs kill the muslim. Somaliland shall become an part of greater Israel. Ben SHalom. Ben yahuuda.

    • Dumb cunt somalia/somaliland are muslim and are allied with the arabs they have an arab culture like,

  119. This will mark the third Disaster for Esrael by Coming to the Horn. It is in the Quran that they will flee third time so time has came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somaliland Is region in Somalia and they are muslim So Somalis so they Will Choose Esrael to ALLAH and Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. This will mark the third Disaster for Esrael by Coming to the Horn. It is in the Quran that they will flee third time so time has came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somaliland Is region in Somalia and they are muslim So so they Will not Choose Esrael to ALLAH and Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!