NAIROBI (Somalilandpress) — President Mwai Kibaki has disowned the decision by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to suspend ministers William Ruto and Professor Sam Ongeri.

In a statement, the President say such a decision has to be taken after consultation and concurrence between the two principles. The two ministers have also defied the PM until they get communication from the president who is the appointing authority.

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Source: NTVKenya, 15th February 2010


  1. The coalition government of Kenya is not working, both parties are too corrupt to lead, the government should be dissolved and new election held soon for the better of it's citizen.

  2. what this report doesn't tell you is that the maize scandal was executed from the prime ministers office.A PricewaterhouseCoopers report indicated that the Prime ministers chief of staff and personal assistant were directly involved in the scandal that cost 6 billion Kenya shillings.The president had earlier suspended the two and calls for the prime minister to take political responsibility were growing.The prime minister instead targetted the Agriculture Minister one of his former allies in the disputed 2007 election but recently turned foe asking him to take political responsibility for the scandal.The Agriculture minister instead sighted the PWC report with Kibaki revoking the suspension.Many in Kenya view the current crisis as an attempt by Raila odinga to create political drama to hide his involvement in grand corruption

    Timeline of Events

    A.d 2010 february 9th:
    Odinga lecturers professor ongeri (minister of education-PNU)and professor karega mutahi,(permanent secretary education) telling them that investigations start by suspecting everyone (in other words, guilty before innocent). He tells them to step aside to allow investigations and says that were it his own brother, he would do the same.
    A.d 2010 february 10th:
    PNU elements in Kenyan intelligence leaks a report that implicates railas p.a and p.s were involved in stealing from the kenya public kshs 6billion through inflated maize prices. The report from the pwc specifically mentions railas p.a caroli omondi

    A.d 2010: february 11th
    Odinga says he has not studied the pwc report and that he needs time to study it. The truth of the matter is, the report arrived at his desk in december 2009 and he knew all about the corrupt deals taking place in his office from as far back as 2008.

    A.d 2010: february 11th
    Another report from the parliamentary committee on agriculture chaired by john mututho says that raila chaired the adhoc committee that gave a go-ahead to afrigil pty to steal maize from kenyans. Afrigil was not among the 123 companies that submitted a tender neither was it among the 5 shortlisted ones.

    A.d 2010 february 12th
    Odinga says that “we should not sacrifice the innocent“ and we should wait for investigations to go the full course. In other words innocent till proven guilty. However, when it is apparent that he is directly involved in the maize scam, he tells his p.a caroli and p.s to step aside.

    A.d 2010 february 14th
    In a bid to keep the scrutiny of his nefarious theiveing ways from the public, he “consults with kibaki”- just that the kenyan public have never known that james orengo and otieno kajwang were also called kibaki. James orengo kibaki and so on.. After consulting “kibaki” he ostensibly is guided to suspend ongeri and ruto. When asked by the media whether he consulted kibaki, he says yes.

    A.d 2010 february 14th
    The other kibaki ie mwai kibaki, reverses the decision of suspending Ongeri and ruto because odinga has no powers to do so. However it is quite clear that odinga was involved in maize theft. He told others to resign, yet he couldnt take his own medicine as the biggest culprit. 2 reports from pwc and psc mention him directly as the beneficiary of inflated maize prices. In an interview with bbc, he says that he doesnt need to consult kibaki. But wait,..i thought he said he consulted kibaki? well….he did, but not the kibaki you thought. He meant that he consulted james orengo kibaki..

    A.d 2010 February 15th

    Odm declares a national accord crisis and call for Kofi Annan to return.Creating a new scandal Aimed at covering up the Maize scandal and the Prime Ministers involvement …..

    A.d 2010 February 16th

    ODM Writes to the CoE disowning the parliamentary select committee draft constitution(further creating new drama)

    .. Anyway, long story. Raila Odinga was the architect of the Maize Scandal everything else is just high political drama to hide that fact