MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — The United Nation’s special envoy to
Somalia, Ahmadou Ould Abdallah, has congratulated the Transitional
Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] on its first anniversary and urged
it to continue with its efforts to restore peace and security in the

“The president, the prime minister, the speaker of parliament and
members of the Federal Somali Parliament have all taken important
steps in the last 12 months which I have been a witness to when I
visited Mogadishu,” said Mr. Ahmadou Ould Abdallah in a statement.

“It is unfortunate that they have had to spend both time and money to
defend themselves from attacks by extremist groups who are trying to
stop them from establishing peace and security in their own country,”
said cited.

The Envoy added that the TFG has attained tangible results since it
first went to Mogadishu in February of last year [2009] in areas such
as the port, the airport, the parliament and the Isbaheysi mosque in
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He says the government despite not having been able to get major
support from the international community still managed to reopen the
Radio Mogadishu which now broadcasts new and other programmes for at
least 18 hours a day to many of the listeners that are interested in
its programmes.

“Many are now coming to the realisation that Somalia is no longer a
failed state that is in conflict, but rather a weak one that needs
substantial support in development and reconstruction. Current efforts
should not just be on the attainment of peace and security, or
politics or just humanitarian. The countries economy needs to be
revived and employment opportunities need to be created,” Abdallah

The envoy also praised countries that were quick in assisting the TFG
and other regional bodies such as IGAD and the African Union whom he
said “are the ones that have provided the most support as they are
ones that are most affected by the problems in Somalia.” The envoy
added that he was hopeful the international community will show
renewed commitment in the country so that the TFG can continue with
its progress.

“Frankly speaking, one year isn’t enough time to stop the human right
violations. We are disappointed that these violations are still
ongoing. Those that are opposed to the government have attacked
students, women, and aid workers. Fighting in the country has resulted
in continued displacement and trading of human lives. However, we must
recognise the positive steps that have been taken forward,” he said.

“I would also like to acknowledge that the public and the business
community have played an important role in working towards the
attainment of peace and security in their own country. These steps
should be pursued further, ” he concluded.

Source: Somalilandpress, 15th February 2010


  1. I cannot believe what this gentleman is saying. He is only defending his post and what he get out of it. He does not care the suffering of the Somali population out there. The international community and Mr. Ban Ki Moon should dismiss this man. Who can digest what he is saying, while we all see killings everyday in Mogadishu. It's unbelievable.

  2. He is praising the TFG because of the 2km square it controls. He should feel ashamed now as the supposedly government he created has failed to take any step forward.

  3. He is just cashing on the misery of the Somali people. He is just like the secessionists who are taking advantage on the blight of their fellow Somalis and the resistantance the Somali people are putting up in Southern Somalia against foreign domination. These secceionists have been repeating lately that Israel is going to make them a country as if Yuhuuds love them more than the fellow Muslim Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world. The latest trick of the secessionists is that they are descendants of an imaginaty guy from Arabia and therefore fellow Arabs should love them more than the rest of Somalis. One wonders the sanity of the secessionists!

  4. come out of the dark and don't hide behind the curtains. State who you are and be a brave individual. Sick Wanlaweyn if seems to me.

    Somaliland is here to stay, and does not need people like you. We help those who run away from the hell of Mogadishu and you say, we are cashing the misery of the poor people of Somalia. If there was not heavens in Somaliland they [refugees] would have difinately die in there. If people like you continue this silly comments, our people might change the way they deal with your people in our cities.

  5. Mr. Hymo, Please, do not act stupid, the issue is not love, it's interest. Mr Abdallah, the UN special envoy to Somalia, support Sharifs so called government for his personal,interest not the love he has for Somalis or because we are muslems nonse, he support the sharrif government so that he can keep his curent position longer, If Israel recognizes Somaliland tomorrow, it is not for the love of Somaliland but for her own interest in the region. No Arabs countries love or for that matter cares about Somali, what the Arabs and other African countries are doing in Somalila is for their own Countries self interest. Otherwise, Somalila could have not been in these mess for over two decades. So Mr. wierd name, don't be fool.