HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Plans for a multi-million-dollar upgrade and extension to Egal International airport at Somaliland’s capital have taken a major step forward, revealed Aviation minister on Sunday.

Mr. Ali Mohamed who returned from a three-week long trip from the People’s Republic of China, has revealed that a Chinese firm will be arriving soon to upgrade and expand the facility to international standards.

During a press briefing at the VIP Lounge at Egal airport, Mr Mohamed said “the equipments will start arriving after the Chinese new year and the process will take up-to two months”.

He said the Chinese were eager to work with the African people and expressed great interest in the African continent. “You do be amazed how they have transformed the Ethiopian road system,” he added.

The minister said their trip to China has been fruitful and he plans to discuss it with his cabinet first before revealing it to the general public.

The Mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Hussein who also spoke there said, the trip has been very successful and that they had visited five states in China and two of them had Somaliland representatives. He added that the Chinese are well aware of the difference between Somalia and Somaliland.

surveying the equipment the Chinese firm plans to bring to Hargeisa

Mr Hussein said they had met with members of China’s Overseas Investment Group, who promised to invest in Somaliland. China has been heavily investing in Africa in recent years in a bid to win supporters in the continent and also to secure access to raw materials for it’s growing industries.

Mr Hussein, concluded a Chinese delegation is due to arrive in Hargeisa in the near future.

When the work is completed Egal airport expected to cater
for some of the world’s biggest commercial jets and ultimately drive air traffic growth in the region, both inbound and outbound. Egal international airport will become one of the largest airports in East Africa and an important hub for passengers traveling between East Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia.

Security at the airport will also be upgraded to meet a request by a number of airliners including Ethiopian airlines, who suspended their direct-flights to Hargeisa following five suicide bomb attacks on October 2008.

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Currently, the airport service a number of locally operated airlines and Kenyan based, East African Safari Air Express has announced early this month (1st February) it will launch direct flights from Nairobi to Hargeisa.

Mr. Mohamed has stated that the airport has received an investment of an undisclosed amount from local companies and individual investors.

The Chinese company has also signed a separate contract with the mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Hussein Ji’ir, to rehabilitate Hargeisa’s long neglected roads.

The Chinese have also vowed to assist Somaliland in the field of education and have extended a warm invitation to the Ministry of education to visit China.

This is the first time the airport and Hargeisa’s public roads are getting proper upgrade since 1960.

Hargeisa airport was named after long-time Somaliland politician and it’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Haji Egal, who died in the South African capital in 2002.

Photographs: Qarannews

Somalilandpress, 15th February 2010


  1. That's what I'm talking about, it's all about Somaliland development without international aid or help, you heard Somaliland companies and investors.

    Our next goal is to improve basic services and social welfare of all Somaliland cities and citizens.

    We need to convince China to develp ties with Somaliland, this is good beginning between the two nations.

  2. the vowed of the chines is good somaliland to development many think that somaliland need but as we know Airport is one factor that improve the economic of any country .
    somaliland airport will like heath row airport in shallah inn future

  3. Well I hope that they make true of their promise, this most certainly is what Hargeisa needs and the road to the airport to be cleaned up and fixed.

  4. The airport is no doubt a factor in improving a nation's economy and development as it will enable it to connect that nation to the international market and players.

    This is positive development and Somalilanders need to get behind Minister Waran Adde.

    Well done Mr Warran Adde and we also glade you took lazy and incombetent mayor Mr Hussein with you, its time Hargeisa elected new state government and councels.

  5. I have been coming to this airport for the last 34 years that I was out of my country [Somaliland], and I have seen and experienced a lot since. I wish to see a descent Airport in Somaliland. I have traveled from Hargeisa a plane that does not have a proper seat, [seat without belt and hand rest] and on flight repair [can you imagine this] in the mid-air. I have seen so many things. I want to see an airport that links africa and the rest of the world, a gate to Africa and middle east and beyond. I hope Mr. Warancadde's visit brings a genuine project. This will wash the remarks he made recently about the Presidential Election that created outcry all over. Somaliland will stay forever, and the jealouses are bound go to hell.

  6. I also suggest Somaliland should get proper parliament, I heard it's currently under construction but is that the House of Representative or the Gurtis?

    We also need geniune national icon buildings that reflect on us, I suggest building a construction perhapes Ministiry of education with the design of Somali traditional houses (aqal miyi or badiye), same foundation same look just in a bigger scale with steel and glass.

    This building is ok its nothing that can stand out I wish Mr Waran Adde requested a better design thats unique, nevertheless I salute the minister for his hard work.

    If China says something they always deliver boys rest ashore it's the Han people. Chinese people never break a promise I know them.

  7. Kudos to Engineers Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Hussein for a job well done! Remember Chine is responsible for developing water delivery system from Geed-Debleh to Hargeisa and the construction of the road from Hargeisa to Mogadishu. Chines will deliver. Those who question why the government was not able to fix roads and badmouth the mayor, please figure out how much does it cost to maintain peace in Somaliland and maintaining the integrity of our borders. Also imagine a time you are told you can’t travel to Somaliland because it has just become like Somalia, which is inferno!
    Let us remember what Herbert B. Swope said “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure: which is: Try to please everybody.”

  8. it is great if our Airport will look like this but I am not sure if it is true, because our current government promised many times to do like this. but later on become camel melked with sand. Congratulation Warancade.

  9. Go somaliland Go

    Congratulations Minister WaranAde,,, All the nation and upcoming Generations will mention your success,,, keep moving ,,,, keep moving

  10. Allhamdulilah Somaliland politicians made the right choice in this case.
    Forget about the Westers, we need to work more with the Asians if we want to succeed. China is the Ultimate country which we have to collaborate with

  11. I hope they get into more contaracts with the Chinese to build more roards like the one connecting Burao and Eirigavo, Ooodweyne and Hargeysa, fix the roads between Berbera and Togwajaale. Nice equipment we need it badly

  12. Infrastructure = Development, finally they are getting it together in sync with the rest of Somalilander aspiration. We are proud of you ministers for doing your duties. This is drop in bucket, nonetheless, this is great step in the right direction. Just remember this is temporary solution….bringing in firms to build you stuff is not the way forward, doing it yourself by acquiring the skills is. Improve the education system and attract the best minds from the diaspora and work together to improve the nation.

    Good job and well done.

  13. This is the only Minister doing his job the rest are either chewing khat and reading this post or fighting over the $1 the British Embassy in Ethiopia donated. Shame on them!

    If you do your job like Warran Adde Somaliland people would appreciate you.

    Somaliland needs ties with Asian countries like China and the Chinese are well aware of the fact that a Taiwanese team has arrived in Somaliland last year and if the Chinese want more friends in Africa, they need to engage with nations like Somaliland.

  14. First of all i'd like to say bravo to those who've made this possible. Somaliland should definately work more with developing nations such as China and India who can also prove great markets for our goods (if we ever get round to producing them). Another of the many steps in the right direction.

    From the chinese well get business but not recognition. But that'll do for now. I reckon that to som extent being unrecognised has helped somaliland to develop its internal structures both governmental and economical. We should seize this oppertunity to support our home grown business to create employment and development.

    The diaspora needs to invest in their country!!!

  15. Hayaan in london, waxaan jeclaan lahaa inay in ay adkeeyaan balan qaadkooda Illaahayana waa la qabanayaa waxayna ila tahay Somaliland hadda waa gaadhay guul wax ku ool ah. Insha Allaah waxaan Illaahay ka rajaynayaa in ay wax kasta oo ka horynaadaba ay xaliyaan.(Aamiin).

  16. Honestly its good that the airport is being upgraded, I know both the developmental and symbolic nature of such an upgrade. However, I only wish that the millions spent on the construction stayed in Somaliland. That is, I wish the job was contracted by Somaliland busniess, therefore creating even more jobs, keeping capital in the country that the business would re-invest in. That would be a better model for developement, than giving the money to a foreign company. That is the same thing that African countries did in their developmental stages in the 70's and 80's, which only led to capital leaving the country. This has led to in the past and will happen to Somaliland, which is that there is development of the local construction industry, there is less money to tax for the government and reinvest.

    I hope they don't repeat this ridiculous again. For those of you who are quick to say that we don't have a company capable of upgrading the airport, there are other alternatives. Which would include perhaps hiring the chinese company to just oversee it, helping local construction companies acquire equipment by subsidizing their cost. That would be a viable solution to this in my opinion, if there was no company in somaliland willing to upgrade the airport, I'm sure there are some who would (builder of the ambassador hotel comes to mind).

  17. Fix: the last sentence of the first paragraph should be:

    This has led to in the past and will happen to Somaliland, which is that there is lack of development of the local industries (in this case the construction industry), this also decreases the amount of income in the country that the government would tax.

  18. Thas a good but a productive step towards building Somaliland infrastracture, One of doing that is the Airport Upgrade for not only Visitors but also Tourist Polarization, we have in the home many International Agencies like UNDP,UNCHR,UNICEF, UNDP-Smack, WFP, we also have some NGOs who operate in different tasks like Halo Trust,ADRA etc. what we need to improve are the roads and the Airport which can reflect Somaliland Stability and Viable governerment… I really congratulate Mr. Warran Adde on that achievement.

  19. This is absolutely beautiful news to hear now young men like can star investing in the country.

  20. Layla
    this is great news and i hope it will happen. but building Airport is not only our priorty as nation. we have so many social welfare issues in our country and we should not forgotten our health care and social care who are both in the bottom and we should put more into this. however, i am happy for us and at least we are trying our best.

  21. The airport upgrading it's really step forward that our Somaliland Gaverment did and still i hope they are doing well progress to wards our goals.
    I do always congratulate what ever steps forward our somaliland gaverment does,
    I would like to Thank for allah and then the gaverment of somaliland and ofcourse Mr. Warran Adde's achievement.

  22. The minister is only doing his job. I wish others were doing their jobs too. We need a leader who who does his/her job and expects the same from all the ministers and public servants.

  23. Excuse me it was the previous adminstration Riyaale who was supposed to build Hargeisa airport, over 6 years ago back in 2004. So what happen they chewed the money too lol. We need the intelligen service and other member of the puplic too monitor all spending and funding for somaliland gets to the starving and homes less people and they should be a basic welfare benifit food system so no one desvers to be hungary, and to over see if the government are doing the jobs like the avaition minister well done you should be reward by Somaliland.

  24. cant stop crying this seems like a new begining 4 somaliland hopefully were gonna become independant and recognized and 1 day all those haters will still be in war and they will get so jealous

  25. the government of Somaliland need to build nice airport have
    1.beautiful building and hotel to relaxes and good communication with people or Somaliland student that coming his country and people who comet to help Somaliland programs
    2.full security to know people who arrived and people now come Somaliland and checked how many time he leave or come to Hargeisa an were reside in Hargeisa
    3.airport need of his student university to jobbed the airport like (ITC,business,……….)

  26. As a hargeysaawi im so delighted to see the Egal airport improvement.But it worries me when I hear an engineer or engineers leading the design of such a structure. The same goes when i see a generic design copied from some magazine as the proposed design. I hope im wrong and there are an architect or architects involved on the design phase of the project. Please post the site plan and a floor plan so that professional can commit before the start of the construction. Please remember its cheaper to correct design or construction mistake while on paper compared while in construction.

    Hope for all the best.
    Mohamud A. Elmi-architect

  27. from waxaan aad ugu farseney airportka hr dhismihiisa cusub waxaanse war werka qabaa
    dadka waddenka u dhashey oo aan ahey muwaadin sax ah oo qabiil iyo tuugnimo u dheertey
    lisiniyo farsamo xumo qaad cunis kaliya yaqaan, dawo maloo hili karraa waxaad eegtaa suuqa hargeysa
    xashiishka waddo xumo, dhirtii weycuneen cinna cama haddasho dhirtaa lagu noolyey aadmigu

  28. this is very exciting news to hear from our politicians and if i am not wrong it is one of the first and best developments dat our government preparing to have.
    thanks to our government for its endless effort to make our nation mile ahead.

  29. The above image for the Hargeisa Airport was the previous design that Mr. Warancade assigned to built, but unfortunately the previous government that was lead Riyale was failed the presidentail election which held in 2010, when the current kulmiye administration took the power, the minister of civil aviation mis-used the allocated fund for the airport for personal interest, at present time the HGA AIRPORT yet has been undercontruction and it has new image which is bad looker then the above appeared image for the HGA AIPPORT.

    i am so sorry, because every one we elected was lie to us, they are corrupters to the public money, there is no justice and there is no free judiciary, there is no free auditors, whole the country are thieves who are agreed to corrupts the public money any time and any where.

    By: Dhabkahadal

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