HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland main opposition leader, Mr. Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo has arrived in Hargeisa’s Egal International airport on a private plane a moment ago to a warm reception.

Mr Silanyo who flew from the Ethiopian capital, after returning from the United States, was welcomed back to the country by the Vice-Chairman of Kulmiye Party, Mr. Musa Bihi Abdi and hundreds of thousands of his supporters who were waving Kulmiye Party flags, cheering and whistling as they greeted the leader.

This is the biggest turn out for any Somaliland leader since it restored it’s nationhood as a result most of the main roads in the capital are jammed as they rallied to welcome  Silanyo and his wife, Amina Waris.

Radio Hormuud (Somali language):


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Photos by Abdirasak Sh. Elmi & Muktar Irro/GNN-Hargeisa, courtesy of WaryaTV.

Somalilandpress, 31 January 2010


  1. This is what a Democracy is all about, freedom of expression without government interference. I hope those African Union leaders who are gathering today in Ethiopia can see these kinds of freedom and declare recognition for Somaliland State. My guess is they will not do for their own selfishness.

  2. This is a statesmanship welcome home for the Presidential hopeful Mujahid Ahmed Silaanyo in contrast to what Ku-Xigeenka Arrimaha Debedda said in his press release earlier which we Somalilanders thought was shocking, bizarre, and way out of line, especially from another Somalilander in a position of authority.

    As it should be, a person in a position of authority should always conduct his/her(self) ethically and professionally and to stay away from saying things that might back-fire on them. I think that the "Welcome Back Home" Silaanyo, says all and people of Somaliland are saying that nobody is more deserving to be a true patriotic than Mujihad Silaanyo.

    Welcome home, Chief, we are proud of you!

    • Mujahid Ahmed Silaanyo and his wife, Amina Weris, deserved the warm welcome back home. This was long over due! In fact, they were equally welcomed in the United States on their recent visit. Speaking on behalf of the Diaspora, it was refreshing to be in the presences of Mujahid Silaanyo and his wife. During his speech in Columbus, Ohio, he brought back faith to the Diaspora that when he becomes the president of Somaliland he will listen to the people of Somaliland, help the country develop to its potential, and stop corruption in government. This was a great affirmation and it gave us hope we have been longing for all these years. Somalilanders will be privileged to have a man of his caliber to be its next president, Inshallah.

      Amina Sirad