To: Somali Service, Africa Division, VOA, IBB and BBG top executives

Re: Resignation Letter

Date: Tuesday, January, 27, 2010

My name is Farhia M. Absie. I am a contractor for the Somali Service of Voice of America (VOA). I write this letter with heavy heart knowing that I have no choice but to officially give up on a job in which I love doing with all my heart. However, my boss, Mr. Abdirahman Yebarow Weheliye left me and other reporters before me no choice but to leave the Somali service of VOA. Not to do this at this time enables to diminish my credibility as Journalist and as a human being.

Mr. Weheliye’s Abusive Behavior

Mr. Weheliye is aggressive, and he continuously insults and demeans me as well as others at the service. He is unprofessional and the most incompetent boss I have ever worked for. He tries to make up for his short comings by putting others down. He is inferior to anyone who is not from his clan. This behavior has baffled me for the longest time knowing that he is responsible to lead a service that was supposed to be impartial to what’s happening in Somalia. A service that’s deeply needed by Somalis that hungry for fair and unbiased news and information. However, I just recently discovered the roots of his hostility towards me: I have made strong friendships with several of my coworkers (one was forced to resign few months ago) who Mr. Weheliye sees as enemy and people to be fought and resist against because of his clans political and historical grievances against them.
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This behavior made the news room an uncomfortable battle zone because of Mr. Weheliye’s constant harassment of others he did not like due to their tribal affiliations. Indirectly, he tried to turn me against some of these people at the service that belonged to other tribes. These staff members that he wanted me to turn against were from the same tribe as my mother, and when I rejected this to his face, he took it as I siding with them and against him.

I reminded him that this is the United States of America and the Somali Service doesn’t belong to any particular clan. I told him that this was a news organization, and the mission of the U.S for this Service was to help deliver accurate news on the plight of the Horn of Africa. I warned Mr. Weheliye privately many times to disengage from his clannish hostility towards me and others. I told him that I don’t like the clan system that continues to destroy Somalia to this day to become an issue in our workplace in the United States of America.

It was at this time that Mr. Weheliye saw me as an enemy to be rid off as he has done to others before. But I resisted, and some of the employees including me begun to complain about being signaled out because of our friendships or tribal affiliations. Some have now left VOA because of this targeting, but I have decided to fight against his behavior which fueled his actions towards me even further.

I however, stood up to him many times letting him know that no matter how much he tries to demean me or demote my duties by eliminating my air time, the Somali people are not blind, deaf and dump. They know who the most talented broadcasters at the service are. It’s not something he can cover up with the nurturing and promoting of those that he thinks are not threat to him. Those that he knows owe him because they were hired unfairly and unjustly from the beginning.

The most incapable and incompetent people at the service are those from his tribe. Most of them are uneducated and have no natural talent; they know that they would have never got any other job that’s not in a factory if it wasn’t VOA. That’s why they take his abused.

Mr. Abdirahman Yabarow Weheliye him self is a fraud in many ways and he knows it. The reason why he can’t tolerate and gets intimidated by others and anyone else who is not like him is because the only job he has ever held for more than few years was driving a Taxi in Washington DC. Somali people know who he is and the fact that his broadcasting record is completely fabricated.

I do not prescribe to the whole tribal thinking, I consider myself Somali and a citizen of the world—and I am deeply disturbed by the cruel mismanagement and clannish behavior of Mr. Abdirahman Yebarow Weheliye and some of his newly arrived clan members at the service.

The reasons mentioned above and many others mention bellows are the reasons why my integrity will not allow me to remind with this Service. Therefore, I am here by resigning from VOA.

I understand that those above Mr. Yebarow have chosen to turn a blind eye and to file behind him no mater what. However, I am hopeful that those of you at the top will have the integrity to open your eyes and seek out the truth of why he is having problems with everyone who is not from his clan, but not anyone from his clan. It’s the Somali way of life. When it comes to someone from your clan member against someone else, its common to always filed and stand shoulder to shoulder with your clan member, right or wrong.

The Somali service has no Somali intellectuals that listen to, it’s a joke. And the way it’s going now, it only contributes to the fire in Somalia. And will no way help the message that the U.S wants to send or share with the Horn. Most people have no respect for the service because they quickly realized how corrupt it is and the fact that it feeds to the same propaganda agenda that is responsible for the demise of the southern Somalia.

My future is too bright for this service. I have dreams that Mr. Weheliye and his small minded friends alike cannot even imagine. That’s why I am moving on. I list the following for future reference if anyone is ever interested. I’ll also attach an invoice that Mr. Weheliye asked me to do last year for someone who was not at the time a member of the Somali service. This information has been forwarded to the members of the media and the office of the Inspector General. This work was never done by this person who is a close relative of Mr. Weheliye. He decided that he wanted to reimburse her the money in which she bought her flight ticket to America.

1- Abuse of federal Contract

2- Unfair hiring practices

3- Discrimination on the basis of Clan and retaliation

4- Miss use of the VOA Somali Service to attain and to fulfill certain agenda which clearly undermines the U.S policy towards Somalia and the goals of the Somali Service.

5- Fraud.

It won’t be long before all the others or at least most others that don’t belong to his tribe follow me and those that left before me. I Have faith that justice will prevail and the U.S tax payers will not continue to fund the very same practices that keep on fueling the conflict in the Horn of Africa.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to serve my deeply wounded people and fellow Somalis.

Farhia M. Absie

DISCLAIMER: The letter does not express the views of the U.S. government-funded Voice of America.


  1. You can actually hire a lawyer, why do you have to resign, he should be fired! Hire a lawyer and remove him from the place because he does sound like an old fart with clan mentality whatever clan he is, I really don't wish to know and I dont listen to no VOA and I don't plan to.

    I know the US government pays a man as ignorant as this man to spread it's propaganda however it seems he is not doing any thing but harassing girls from different clans. That's embrassing and he should hide his head in the mud.

    VOA should be ashamed!

    You need to take legal action, you have strong case, you should have recorded them all. You can have all the guys that left and the ones still there as witnesses.

  2. Farhia, I salute you first and foremost for your courage. Secondly, you are not in Somalia. You are in the United States. You don't have to fear anything, just be honest and tell the truth.

    And as Kayse said, get a lawyer, expose his unlawful practices and sue this good for nothing fraudent SOB. You have already said what you thought of him. Good for you girl.

    Besides, write to all the major media outlet and to anybody and everybody who listens who wants to you about his fraudent, unprofessional practices and lack of education. Let the American taxpayer know how their money is being spent on people like Weheliye.

    You go girl and keep up the fighting spirit. We will how follow the situation closely.

  3. I agree with what the people above me said. This ma should be fired and in prison. I respect you for letting the world hear your story. It is sad that a news agency that many follow would do this. Fight for your rights!

  4. Farhia, please sister make me favor, this is America not Africa, believe me you have a very strong case, take this animal to the court. I want this guy will be fired and persecuted. I pray that he will be deported to Muuqdisho where Alshabaab (murderers) rules. GET UP , STAND UP, DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT. this your chance to sue VOA.

  5. Thank you Farhia for your decision to stop working under such animal boss, but as above people mentioned I advice you not to go easily, this is serious case you should go to the court and sue him.

    • Just translating what Abdi H. Abdi said or means "Farhiya is a lier, and also she is mother of tribalist, she talks under the cover"

    • Abdi H. Abdi, this is my advice, you need actually to go back to school to learn a basic English Grammar, or other wise use your broken Italian!!!!!!!

    • Farhiya is not liar… those jelous, unprofessional so-called reporter among Yaberow are BIG LIARS… Farhiya plz don't let this case stop there. All the VOA listeners know how people in VOA are recruited and will witness you. Yebor should be suied and fired

  6. Farhia you have strong case, regardless of their qabil even if they are from my isaac tribe ( I dont wish to know their qabil) take them to court because this is America not Africa, they should keep their tribes at home or in their dark hearts, ignorant old men.

    We Somalis regardless of clan hate men who abuse and harass women. What a sad pig he is.

  7. Abdi H.Abdi I would teach a basic English Grammar for free, come to Califonia. But I don't want hear from you any broken Italian!!!!!!

  8. Shaqo miyaa xoog lagu helaa . gabadhan contract baa ka dhacay haddii aan loo cusbooneeysiin waa ineey shaqo kale raadsataa idaacado waa badan yihin xataa televisions ayaa jira ,,laakin waa qalad qabyaaladdan ay uga sheekeyneeyso dad aanba soomaali aheyn ooy kuna dacwooneeyso waa qalad sida ay wax u qortay

    • You're defending the BBC or VOA what ever you worked for(i don't know which one it's) You guys are the causes of the chaos, and clan issue going on in somalia, I would suggest the US to watch out supporting you guys.

  9. Yousofo Garaad adiga ayaa bilaabay qabyaalada saxaafadda farhia been ma sheegayso kamanu dhicin contract ee wax jira ayeey sheegtay, adiga ayaa ugu horeeyay qof qabyaalad la galay qurbe.

  10. Response from the Voice of America
    A former Voice of America (VOA) contractor has made a number of allegations on several Somali Websites about the VOA Somali Service and its Chief, Abdirahman Yabarow. Those allegations are baseless. In a continuing effort to produce valuable, high quality broadcasts, VOA will occasionally make changes to achieve its goals and maintain its standards. All decisions are made to preserve the integrity of our programming, while respecting and honoring our contractual agreements. VOA does not comment on details about internal matters involving individual employees or contractors. Decisions about VOA's Somali Service are made to achieve the goal of broadcasting excellence. The VOA Somali service has a large listening audience in Somalia as a result of its reputation as a source for accurate, objective and comprehensive news and broadcast opportunity for the Somali people to express their many points of view. VOA takes pride in the service and the leadership of the service.

  11. Ass/c.

    Horta in qof la dulmoo, kuu doonoba ha noqdee, ma banaana. Haddiibase somaliyi meelna cadaalad ku weydey..malaa waxa u roon iyadoo dalkeeda aaminta.
    Intii carab yari canaanan lahaa
    ama cadaan baastari cadaabi lahaa
    ama cabdiyow yabaroow cadaadin lahaa
    riyaha ha ku celiso
    ciid iyo hawd!!

  12. Waa run in VOA ay dhagaystayaal badan ay aduunka dacaladeeda ay kala joogaan, waa run in VOA ay wararkii ugu danbeeyay ee dalkii hooyo ka dhaca ay markiiba dhagaystayaashooda soo gaarsiiyaan, sidoo kale waa run inay barnaamijyo badan oo xiiso leh soo daayaan. balse su'aasha isweydiinta mudani waxa weeye VOA Somali Service qaar kamida shaqaalahoodu waa kuwo aan haba yaraatee wax khibrad ah hore ugu haysan wariyonimada! ama se degree-toona.

  13. Qaarkeen waxaan la soconaa qaabkay ku yimaadeen ama lagu shaqaaleeyay shakhsiyaadkaasi.

    Horta waa ayaan darro in qabyaaladii ay soo dhaxgasho gudaha idaaacada.

    Ku: walaashay Farhia Absie

    afka ingiriisiga waxaa jirta weedh oranaysa sidan soo socota:

    "Your professionalism showed" ma garan karo macnaha afka soomaaliga ugu soo dhaw ee aan ku turjumaani karo, ha yeeshee waxaan kuu sheegayaa walaal oo aan kugula talin lahaa inaad iska samirtid oo aad Ilaahay dartiis iskaga cafisid.
    waan hubaa inaadan shaqo waayaynin. maxaa yeelay gabadh aqoon leh baad tahay, waxaa sidoo kale ugu maqaal ah inaad khibrad iyo degree-ba uhaysatid waxa afka qalaad lagu yiraahdo "Social Worker". taa laftigeeda shaqo ku waayi meysid.

    Imow gobolkayagan Minnesota annagaa shaqo kuu haynee!

    Idaacadi waxay ku dhisan tahay waxa weeye waa hogaankeeda, hadii hogaanka sare uu san toosnayn, khibradiisa saxaafadeed iyo tiisa waxbarasho ay liidato, fursada ay dhagaystayaal qadariya ama taageero buuxa siiya ku helaani waa ay yar tahay.

    Wixii roon Rabbaa og!

  14. farhiya waa gabar aad iyo aad u qalbi fiican ee waxaan qalbi fiican lahayn
    ku qabiilka iyo cadaalad la aanta la googa goobaha shaqadda.
    waxaan farhiya kula kulmay columbus ohio waxayna runtii ahayd gabar
    somalinimadeeda lagu faani karo.

  15. what destroyed somalia, is about to destroy both the BBC somali and VOA somali (Stupid tribalism). let educated indivudals take the lead and others be judged according to their credentials . Yusuf graad and Abdirahman Yabarow
    are realyy pushing the Somali Media back to talk and say nothing fruitful.

  16. Farhiya just waad katagtay VOA qalaas latalin kale uma baahnid waxaad tahy Qof Go’aan adag qaraarka aad qaadatayna waxa uu ahaa sida aan aaminsanahay midaad inbadan kabaaran degtay ugu dambeyn tiina waxaad qaadatay Go’aan ah inaad kacaro gadisatid VOA nasiib wacan ayaan kurajeynaa iyo Meel kawacan Washinton

  17. Yuusuf garaad iyo yabarowba waxa qumman inaad shaqaalihiina ad dhowrtaan__oo aad u hambalayeysaan marka ay wax fiican sameeyaan markastana aad garab u ahaataan.__midda kale wax sheegmadu iyo shaqa baridda aad shaqaalaha kula dhaqantaan waxay kor u qaadaysaa tayada shaqada iyo shaqaalaha, iskuna daya inaad sintaan shaqaalaha oo aad caddaalad u dhowaataan kolley qof bini aadam ahi caddaaaladda uu sameeyaa waa mid aan dhammaystrnayne.__Farxiya haddii aad shaqadii kolleyba aad ka tagtay af daboolan dahab, yabarowna ma qummanayn haddiiba uu arkay inay shaqadii farxiya ka tagtay inuu ka dabahadlaa ma qummanayn .

  18. I wanna say one thing after reading all above suggestions for Farhia case. Anyone of us is from one clan and clans form community and then nation, therefore, please stop a contagious tribalism disease which you applying every incident of Somali way life even overseas. Please let VOA Mgmt solve Farhia,s as any another Employee and if she not happy the outcome, Farhia can apeal and forwarded her case to the Labour office.

  19. walaaley aad ayaan uga xumahay. hadii aan arko yabarow dhurbaaxsho ayaan kala daali doonaa. isagoo camam guduudan shaqada ha soo galee, markaasna gabar yar oo cadaan ah ayaan inta lasoo heshiiyo baan set up kussuu binaa ha ka sheegato inuu faraxumeeyey.

    tuug walbaa hoguu galaa lagu daboolaa. haduu kaa tabar badiyona tactic cusub ayaa loo baaran dagaa.

  20. My heart goes for you Farhia. I am so sorry for you because you had to experience those actions in the US. But you are lucky you are not in Africa. Don't quit… Go and fight for your rights and show this ignorant how Somali women role. you will take his position, you deserve it and you will…
    make us proud and prove to the entire world that tribalism has no place between Somalis any more.

  21. Farxiyo waxay ka mid ahayd wariyayaasha VoA oo aan si weyn u taageero waana tebay maqnaanshaheeda. Waa war tebiso cabir fiican warka iyo barnaanijyada ku sheegto. Waxay si qurux badan xawaash iyo cusbo ugu dartaa barnaamij kasto oo ay sammeyso. Soomalida ma jeclo qofka aqoonta ka sokow haddana leh hibo inuu wax qiimo dheeri ah ku daro shaqada uu hayo. Tilmaamaha Farxiyo dadka leh oo faro ku tiris oo kuma badna mujtamaca Soomaalida waqtiyadan dambe kacay walow aan qiyaasi karo Farxiyo barnaamijyo ay hore uga sii deysay VoA Somali servie inay ka mid tahay jiilalkii Muqdisho waxbarashada hoose/sare ku soo qaaday maalmihii wacnaa. Farxiyo oo kale maangaabku ma jecelo laakinse ma celi karaan. Waa qorax soo baxaysa oo aan baabacaha loo dhigi karin.

  22. It is really shameful that MARYOOLEEY are always lamagoode. This is an issue that has nothing to do with clanism and Yabaroow has responsibility to lead one of the most difficult department of the VOA. If he is not a good director or call it Boss, how in the first place he got that position. It is true he drove Taxi in DC while he was student and after graduation, but tell me any Somali who did not do dirty jobs before they climbed the ladder, unless you were one of those kids living in the skyline area of Alexandria,VA.

    Farhiya, sorry I saw the report about your appraisal and your job performance was not at the required level, even though you studied journalish. Also, your behaviour was not persistent and particularly when it comes to team working. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will learn from your mistakes.

    Finally, whether Yabaroow or Garaad it is not their tribal affiliation that matters but the job they are doing with diverse groups of Somalis who want or advocate for different objectives than their boss.