LAS ANOD, (Somalilandpress) — Mobile and internet communications remain suspended for the third day in the Somaliland town of Las Anod, after minister issued an emergency decree.

All mobile and internet service providers were suspended on Friday night on orders from Somaliland’s Postal and Communication minister, Mr. Ali Sandule. The minister insisted communication providers must register all clients with proper Identification card and physical address to help beef up security.

The reasons for suspending communication in the town, is connected to an ongoing security operation in the town, after a week in which over five people  including three police men were killed and wounded further eight including the governor of the region in a string of roadside bomb attacks.

According to local sources in the town, Somaliland security forces imposed a curfew on Friday from 8 pm to 6 am and raided a number of homes suspected of harboring perpetrators and bomb making materials.
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Mr. Sandule told reporters that a number of materials were seized including mobile phones and bomb making materials. He added that mobile phones take cruel role in the bombs against Somaliland interest by acting as ‘bomb triggers’, for these reason and on rectification orders, he said all communication were suspended.

At least 40 people are believed to have been detained in connection to the remote-bombings. Most of those arrested consist of immigrants from Somalia, who are said to be experts in bomb making materials and pro-Puntland elements, who want to stabilize the region.

Most people believe the attacks were carried out on orders from Tribal chiefs known as Isimo or Garaad hailing from the Sool region who see themselves as part of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland because of their tribal affiliation.

According to EJ Hogendoorn of International Crisis Group, the attacks appear to be have been carried out by Islamist elements in the Dhulbahante clan who have links with Al Qaeda’s Somalia wing – Al Shabab group.

Somaliland has enough forces to restore security to the town but it often keeps its military away from civilian area, there are no open gun fights, it’s often remote bombs and feels such requires intelligence gathering rather than a pre-emptive strike.

The town is bitterly divided along tribal kinship, pro-Islamists and Somaliland, and Somaliland is going to require a political solution rather than a force and so far has not used any force.

Sources in the town were also quoted saying: “an American and Ethiopian secret agents have arrived in Las Anod to assist the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigate the recent bombings. The American is believed to be bomb expert and will inspect materials obtained during the raids.”

The governor of Sool has sustained non-life threatening injuries and is currently in good spirit and recovering in the city of Burao.

Somaliland, which reinstated it’s statehood in 1991 after a never rectified union with the Somalia failed maintains some relative peace and the current unrest in the south is a great concern for Somaliland and neighbouring states, in particular Ethiopia.

Somalilandpress, 31 January 2010


  1. Tightening the grip on these terrorist is a good move by Somaliland security forces. The notion that America and Ethiopian expert are in las-anod, is nothing but cheap propoganda against Somaliland. There are no foreign expert in the city it;s all handle by Somalilander themselves.

  2. Why cut off communication because same people need it for emergency. It just doesn't make a sense and it is wrong move that even the sick and elders who need the service can no longer use it. Didn't they find other way to deal the problems other than cutting communication.

    • A lot of people are using mobile phones to detonate these remote bombs by dailing a phone placed inside the bomb, this is why they want to keep track of who is using what. Its good step and the process can be express for all those with ID's and proper address, etc.

  3. Can Somaliland ever exist without twinning itself with Ethiopia?.

    If it wants that world community takes it seriously in gaining the long sought after recognition, then Somalilanders should mature and understand that no recognition will ever come while they are in the incubating womb of Ethiopia.

    Furthermore, as long as you address other Somalis in your region as “foreign” immigrants your endeavour will probably be fruitless.

    Moreover, the Las Anod case is a critical test those in Hargheisa in terms of their political skill and maturity. Try to approach what is basically a political problem that needs a political solution as a criminal or policing issue and you are well into the slippery slope. Soon you won’t be different than the happenings in Mogadishu.

    Likewise, one should be clear that what you have in Las Anod is a major tribe bullying and acting like a state and trying to force the other tribe into submission. The empty words like Somaliland state and its security forces will soon be a nightmare and its limitations will be found.
    You will end up having tribes fighting one another and others watching and waiting for the spoils.

  4. Mr.Ali,
    It's people like you who want bad things to happen to Somaliland and it's people that make Somalilanders stonger and bring them more closer and stand together.
    Like it or not, Somaliland will be here today, tomorrow , and forever.
    Mind you, if you really cares for the people of Las -Anod, you should have advocated for them in terms of development and educations instead of planting bombs under the homes of innocent people.
    If you think you will remove Somaliland from Somaliland teritory by terror, you are day dreaming. Shame on you Mr. Ali, you have nothing to offer to people of las Anod except terror.

  5. Mr.H.M.Obsiye,

    You seem to have entirely misread my above posting. I’ll repeat my main point again.

    *I did not and never have advocated for terrorism. Not only in Somaliland but also anywhere else. Why?. Because it maims innocents

    With regards to Las Anod, I said it before and repeat it again, it is a political problem that needs a careful political solution. Therefore, don’t despatch police force or approach it as a criminal issue. Because whether we like it or not, these Garads have their constituents and they can stir things up. Tribalism is in the fabric of our society and as we all know Somalis place more loyalty in their tribespeople than the state.
    Locking up chieftains, therefore, is probably not the right way. By doing so you are in fact playing into their hands and falling into trap.
    In addition, by alienating the Dhulbahants you may be endangering the viabilty of the entirely Somaliland-ism. You would be pushing them not to go alone with the succession from Somalia which is politically the achille’s heel of Somaliland. In order to desert Somaliland, they can present the similar argument that Somaliland itself based on succeeding the rest of Somalia and hopefully you wouldn’t want to keep through brute force which of course wouldn’t work. A better and less costlier approach though discussion and airing their grievances.

    * As for the existence of Somaliland (your point not in my comment), it all boils down to the quality of the leadership and their political maturity and skill. Meaningless emotiontions and empty bravados though will not carry the day.
    However, some of us should not grant themselves more right than others and become defensive in everything about Somaliland. Anyone can forward ideas or criticism for example as to why the recognition has not been achieved for all these years. Certainly, it has been due to lack of peoples wanting or lack of trial or whatever?.

    • Mr. Ali,
      Your letters are carrying far apart different positions. The first letter carries the feeling of a militant backward tribesman and the second one shows the expressions of a maturely responsible gentleman with good common sense.

  6. Sorry, my last sentence should read as follows:

    Certainly, it has not been due to lack of people’s wanting or lack of trial or whatever.

  7. Ali we know your main concern isnt Somaliland's saftey or its relationship with neighboring Ethiopia, rather you hide behind this because you hate the evil IIdoor and want them all dead. Guess what the Iidoor are going nowhere and infact are getting greater in numbers and resources and will end up smoking you and your f.a.q.a.s.h ass for good

  8. This article is self-defeating pro-secessionist-centric perspective packaged as news. The people of Las-Anod and their chiefs have clearly rejected to be part of one-tribe secession movement from Somalia. For the beginners, NOT a single Garad (total 15 Tribal Chiefs), true representatives of Soul, Sanaag and Cayn regions of Somalia inhabitants, supports so called “Somaliland” entity. They are united in rejecting this misguided secession. Somalia is a tribal society and without harmony and peaceful co-existence among tribes, peace can never be achieved! There is no one tribe that can subjugate another tribe and that is what is manifesting in Las-Anod! The people of Las-Anod are asking their tribal neighbors up north to remove their militia from their territory and live in harmony as they have done in centuries.

    People of SSC regions don’t necessarily hate their northern neighbors; they just don’t want them occupying their territories and certainly don’t want to be part of secessionist. They are proud Somali Nationalists and always have been for Somali UNITY.

    • unity with whom may I ask puntland that refused to shoot one bullet for 'liberating' sool, It is will known that Somaliland is not a tribal entity because of the fact of the elected president not from the tribal majority clan, the fact that non-isaaq control 46% of the upper house .

      "Somaliland has enough forces to restore security to the town but it often keeps its military away from civilian area"
      did you read this section, if the Iidoors were intending to forcefully 'occupy' the region they would have forcefully pacify it.

      p.s.: I believe Sool should get a self determination referendum if they want to isolate themselves in their landlocked region then be it, Somaliland shouldn't waste its money and blood on it.

  9. These terrorist acts in LasAnod are smoke-screen for Las-Anod occupation. The city’s population has decline more than 60% since October 15th 2007—start of occupation and countless of Dulbahante civilians are dying in these despicable acts of terror. According to “Somaliland” opposition groups, including the main opposition group Kulmiye, say the regime of “Somaliland” is responsible of these terrorist attacks. The news that we are getting from Las-Anod is that the Isak tribal militias are terrorizing civilians in the city for the last several days –breaking and entering civilian properties, wholesale detentions of women and children, closing down businesses and hampering commerce.

  10. Elmi,

    As a Somalilander, I and others have all the right to express our opinions. Likewise, you and others who share your view can do so. It is a fundamental right we should all enjoy and you simply need to accept and live with it.

    Also please stop labelling me Somaliland hater because I don’t and it is not true. Simply put, you are not more or better Somalilander than me and many others. So don’t judge others when their views are different than yours and please don’t try to push your views down into others throats .

    Now, I happen not to appreciate a naive and irresponsible closer relationship with Ethiopia that is akin to surrender.

    Somalilanders did not shed their blood to separate from Somalia only to find themselves in the jaws of more vicious and alien country-Ethiopia.

    As for Las Anod, I am not hiding behind anyone or anywhere. I believe, and say it loud and clear, that I am simply against inviting Ethiopia or any other foreign country to a domestic issue which Somaliland can and should be able to solve on its own.

  11. Somalilanders, we are telling the world that we are democracy , then why any one who express his opinion be labelled as enemy of Somaliland. Forexample, Mr. Ali just tell us his personal opinion and we should be respecting his opinion. Instead of accusing him he is the enemey, why don't you put forward your own idea. One person is idea good or bad wouldn't destroyed a nation if people have self convident.

    Anyone can critized and point out if something wrong in Somaliland and it's leadership and that has nothing to do how someone like his country or dislike; it's simple an idea and how an individual see an issue. It is oky that people hold different opinion and work togather at the sam time. Yes, I personally agreed Mr. Ali that LasAnod's problems need to be solve politicly. Catching Garads and Suldans and puting them jails wouldn't work in the long term because these leaders are respected in their communities.

  12. The so-called myth of stability in Somaliland is exploding and facts are coming out in the open. The democratic claim is non-existant since there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, and the copy cat elections are delayed several times. There is no independent judiciary, no independent audit, and the security forces are brutal and repressive. If one opposes the policy of the state or the president, he/she finds herself in a prison. The entire economy is non existant and any income from the Berbera port goes to pockets of politicians who have their families in overseas countries. The youth of this Somali region is taking the risk of taking dangerous journeys to Europe in order to migrate and get a better life in overseas countries. The corruption is rampant. Certain communities in the East side of this Somali region are opposed to the secession idea. When you add all of that, it is obvious any genuine look at the Somaliland recognition issue is non starter.

  13. It is ironic how many Somalis in that region are not looking at how Ethiopia is using this region and already controlling certain state organs of Somaliland including police, military, and the intelligence agency. Many advocates for the ever elusive recognition are not aware that Ethiopia's ambitions towards the Seylac port and the request that was already made to the current sitting president Rayale regarding Ethiopia's claim of Seylac.

  14. The Dulbahante traditional chiefs Declaration
    Upon Somaliland's aggression and its militia occupation of Laascaanood, the administrative capital of Sool region of Somalia on October 15, 2007, a historic summit was convened in Boocame from November 15 – November 23 of 2007, by the traditional leaders of Dulbahante Clan of Darod clan in Somalia. As a result, the traditional chiefs have issued an official communiqué regarding this hostility that resulted many internal displacement and lost of lives.

  15. All 14 major traditional chiefs of the Dulbahante clan attended this summit. In addition to the traditional chiefs, there were many intellectuals, students and civic organizations from outside and inside of the country attending the summit. All chiefs unanimously signed declaration communiqué on November 22, 2007. The communiqué states that the Dulbahante clan is not part of (and was never part of) and does not recognize the administration that calls itself "Somaliland" and that there are no agreements between Dulbahante clan and "Somaliland", in the past or the present. The communiqué also calls for an immediate end of hostility, return of customary peaceful co-existences among clans and an unconditional removal of the Somaliland militia from their territory. Finally, chiefs declared that the Dulbahante clan stands for the Somali unity.

  16. In the anniversary of their historic summit in Boocame in November 2007, the Dulbahante Traditional Chiefs (SSC Traditional Leaders Council) have reiterated their previous declaration (above) that they are NOT part of the secessionists of "Somaliland". The council has sent their pronouncement to the European Union, United Nations Agencies and all NGOs that operate within Somalia. The council also notified the international groups that supposedly pending secessionist "election" are taking place under occupation and hence sham/non-binding.

    • I totaly agree with the peopln of ssc that they do not want to be part and parcel of a tribal enclave that masquaraes as a nation. Its an open fact that the so called somaliland is just a farce and a pipe line dream