SHEIKH, (Somalilandpress) — The son of Kuwait’s Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah has arrived in Somaliland on Sunday on behalf of his father to conduct and oversee a number of projects.

His arrival follows after the Kuwaiti emir has built a modern luxury
villa worth more than $3 million dollars in the town of Sheikh, in Sahil region, as a family vacation home. In a move to familiarize himself with the town and locals, the prince, Ahmad Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, toured the main hospital in the town and a number of historical sites before visiting his private villa. While on tour, the prince was accompanied by the provincial governor of Sahil and some of the local residents.
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While talking to locals, the prince asked, if they needed any thing from the Kuwaiti royal family, on which the locals told the prince that the region desperately needed a university, so that graduates from Sheikh’s famous boarding school could receive their complete higher education in the region. The Prince promised he would convey the message to his father.

Abandoned: The Sheikh hospital

Somalilandpress has also learned that the hospital of the town will be upgraded and renovated in the next six months by the Kuwaiti royal family at a cost of about $1.5 million USD. The hospital will come directly under the Red Crescent of Kuwait and will be renamed after the Emir’s own wife.

The hospital was constructed by the Soviet Union in the 70s and was one of the leading hospital in what was then the Somali Republic. The hospital was slowly abandoned during the civil war, no one has since offered to renovate nor provide the funds. It seems now, the day of destiny has finally arrived from Emir of Kuwait.

Emir's palace under construction - (Gargare/7th January 2009)

SomalilandPress, 5 April 2010


  1. Lander,
    You better behave and watch what you say about Somalis especially when talking about prostitution.

    And don't tell me that Somalis in Somaliland have somehow different culture than the ones in the south.

  2. Good for Sheikh, it's a very much needed investment, and it's more than that, it's a huge advertisement for somaliland tourism as a whole. Sheikh is building a reputation for itself to become somaliland's #1 Tourist Attraction. By the way, the Kuwaitis are known for their generous contributions and investments in the world.

    • I welcome any good news but we need to help the shiekh with real suggestion of where the money should go to. Imagin if the Sheikh was able to put together and agricultural investment company that provides loans to small farmers in all of Somaliland all he would need is 1-3million to start such a trust. We people of Somaliland must have projects ready for these people when they come so they don't spend money with out going to where it needs first.

  3. I don't know what business those Sheiks are doing in the our country, but I grew suspecious about their presence in the country. While I was on a trip to Burao from Hargaisa, I saw an enormous peice of land that has been fenced with long walls and within was an enormous house, my father then informed me that it belonged to a prince from Kuwait, but no one knows what goes on there. The land is between Burao and Sheik and it is part of the region where many believe sources natural resources such as oils. Could this mean that those so called Sheiks noticed something important about that spot and want to claim it as their own later on since they have purchased the land?
    Well, this is my own conspiracy, but lets those know the whole truth enlighten us.

    • I think this will be nice place to hunt from. The arabs love birds and Somaliland got 500 unique species they can catch and take home. Big reason to be suspecious. But we dont care about those damn birds, and everybody will laugh at you if talking about protecting them. So at least let us catch them self and make profit.

      • Everything in the country; small or big, matter. I wouldn't let these long-dressed witches catch anything for free and without permission. After all, you cannot pick a twig for free in their countries, so why ours?

        Plus, if you really care about your country and people, you shouldn't sound so lied back and go "don't care", because that is the reason why we are refugees, asylum seekers, homeless and stateless in the world.

  4. You guys are haters and permissmistic people.

    The Emir of Kuwait is well respected man and sheikh and May Allah have mercy on him.

    He has right to have estate in Somaliland and many Somalilanders live in Kuwait and have good quality of life and we been going there since the time Kuwait was just a desert with huts and old tents.

    Other Somali refugees arrived recently and all the Arabs continue to deport them as they brought robbery, thief, prostitution and other things.

    The Arabs understand the difference between Somalis of Somaliland and other Somalis and so far we do not get mass deported like the ones from Mogadishu.

    Our people continue to contribute to the growth of the Gulf and having this links is very important because we have many intellecuals in Arabia.

    Welcome home Mr Sabah.

  5. It might be nothing more than the Sheikhs only want to quiet a place to escape the scorching summer of Kuwait. What kind of project they want to build is not clear. So, don't rush to judgement just yet.

  6. You would be suspicious if they did not build anything in your country anyway. This is the way Somalis are built, If you start collecting their trash, they will be suspicious and ask you to stop it.

    Rich people rule the world, that is the name of the game so get over it, If you are hungry and burn the few trees that you have to earn a living and put food on the table, you are not being taken advantage of, people have to survive.

    I bet some of you who commented above live in western countries and have no worries about your basic needs but a lot of somalis in Somalia and somaliland are leaving way way below poverty line and if pimping themselves to rich Arabs is their only way of survival then so be it.

  7. Hey those Wanlaweyns, stop talking about Somaliland and how they deal with thier Arab brothers. This is rediculours, all Wanlaweyns are commenting of something that does not belong to them. Those Sheikhs are our brothers and they are helping our people. Sister who requested enlightment above, I tell you sister that a house built in Sheikh will not take your country. Do you know these Sheikhs have dig the water that Sheikh residence are drinking? Do you know that they are helping to rebuild the ex Soviet Hospital abundaned by our government? Our country needs investment regardless who comes first. Moreover, Kuwaiti brothers always help Somaliland. If you count how many projects they have undertaken you will realize that they are not for land grabbing. Omer Hussein Dualeh

    • I know these tiny winy stuff that I see insignificant. I also know that those so called Sheiks are the only ones who are blocking Somaliland's recognition. So, why don't everyone here stop sucking up to those selfish men in dressess who expelled and still do expell our people back to the country, even though they are aware of the situations in both Somaliland and Somalia.
      We do stand with Arabs when against non Arabs, and particulalrly the Westerners, but when it is a business between us, there should be more consideration and careful dealings. Somalis say "Xisaabi xil ma leh hadaan la xumeeyn" aka Somaliland is only for Somalilanders and thus we should not throw away our valuables to those who don't care much about us.

  8. Who invited these walaweyn into Somaliland's affairs? They cant even manage their own affairs, Kenya and Ethiopia are dividing their lands between them and they here talking about Somaliland and Arabs.

    Kuwait is brotherly country of Somaliland and has always welcomed Somalilanders to its soil, to work with dignity and live with fairness and equality. My own uncle is software engineer in Kuwait and lives the good life.

    Many Somaliland intellectuals live in Kuwait and its good to bridge the gap and develop ties to encourage movement and cooperation between the two states.

    May Allah protect Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, his family, kuwait and the Ummah.

    Kuwait and Qatar are two countries with large Somaliland population and they honor them.

  9. it is interesting to see a growing relationship between somaliland and kuweit,, today the world is getting global and more united than ever,,, it will be a wise move if arabs understand investing on somaliland's agriculture and fishinging sectors,,,

  10. Sheikh Sabah has always known his love for Somalia and the Somali people, he has always been the sole supporter of Somali people, A good man indeed.. I wish him and his family all the best.. and keep the good work.. he is indeed humanitarian …

  11. Firstly, the name of the game is strategic alliances. It always has been and always will. By warming up to the Somaliland administration, the Kuwaitis are in fact establishing a long-term relationship. It's very simple if you think about. They help Somaliland during its early years of development and presto. Somaliland becomes its best friend in an area that is 1)abundant with resources and 2) strategically important for security purposes (Israel).

    As for those who are making ridiculous comments such as "they will make a land grab or they will steal Somalia's resources' you need to stop scaremongering. Purchasing land means just that! The purchaser will acquire rights to the assets ABOVE GROUND. For example, building permit, use of natural water supply within limits, plants for grazing livestock etc

    Furthermore, if these claims were true then many individuals would have made such claims as well especially Somaliland citizens. One person would build near an area known for its minerals and say " Warya ana iskali" 🙂

    In summary, foreign investment is like a double edged sword. If the administration on the receiving end is ignorant or just plain greedy the results could be disastrous. However, if managed well, FDI could be the key Somaliland's been looking for. The capital generated could be used to further develop the country's infrastructure, create jobs, and reinforce the military. In my opinion, once Somaliland takes its place amongst the developed nations of the world, the international community will have no choice but to give us the recognition we deserve.


  12. Kuwait means business and the Emir knows what he is doing. Kuwait also understands that those who bark 'greater Somalia' are hipocrites like Saddam Hussein and understands the way is not forced unity but rather good neighbourhood and co-existing and developing and supporting the private sector and enterprise.

    So for that reason the Emir cares little about those who cry Somali unity, he will support where there is peace and tranquility, law and respect.

    We understand what Kuwait went through when dictator Saddam invaded them and like them we do not want Mogadishu dictators and warlords.

    Ahlan w Sahlan Kuwait.

  13. What a disgrace! The whole of Somalia will soon become a playground for rich gulf Arabs!!

    Believe me dear readers, all of Somalia’s (including Somaliland) natural resources will soon be under the control of gulf Arab states. I also strongly believe that Somalis suffer from inferiority complex problem when dealing with the Arabs.

    Already Somalis from all parts of our nation chop and burn down our trees for charcoal export to….you guest it! gulf Arab states!!

    The same ones that capture our endangered and dwindling wildlife and sell them to wealthy and rich…your guest it! gulf Arab states!!

    It is time for Somalis to wake up and bring back our pride!!!

  14. i think any kind of investment should be welcomed. we should not be skeptical about arab investor's intentions, and for that matter any other investor's. guys, we need every penny we can get. nobody is taking over our natural resources.

  15. If it provides work for local people, i'm for it, but if it isn't otherwise, send him packing the desert crawling.

  16. Maybe the expression "THE SHEIKH VILLA IN SHEIKH" sounds good to the Sheikh.

    Anyway… Do you guys know what is 'LUXURY" to these Sheikhs? Just an example … When they want a Silver Rolls Royce, it does not mean a Silver Color Car – It means the Car body is actually made of pure silver.

    So, whatever they are building in Sheikh town is not LUXURY. Also I am sure he wont spend more than couple of days per year in that "luxury" villa.

    Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe LUXURY to him means: no traffic jams, organic food, clean air and real people as neighbours. If that is his taste, then he got luxury.

    Lastly, Unlike other Arabs, Kuwaitis have been generous to Somaliland, and Sheikh Sabah in particular is known to be bighearted. So we say: AHLAN WASAHLAN YA SHEIKH.

  17. Guys, cut it out and enjoy your subsidized lifestyle of refugee in a foreign land. People back home are in dire hope need of the smallest investment of help, and Kuwait is no.1. So guys stop belching hamburger oil on the hungry.

    Keep your wiped hanging non Western non Somaliland mentality, which whether here nor there.

  18. Walahi i have met many kuwaitis in London, and they are some of the best people i've met in my life.
    I was even surprisd at how much they like us.
    So yeah this is a very good step for Somaliland. By working with Kuwait we can inshahllah get our oil and gas drilled and inshallah become just as rich as them LO!

    Much love and respect to the Honourable pople of Kuwait.

  19. I am all for the Kuwaits coming to our country I don’t care if it’s for business or pleasure. Now the million dollar question is this if they came for business or to help us build our country who is going to work with these guys? we don’t have a government that is willing to build our country. I get so wild up over foreigners coming to our country with idea’s or investments and nothing is ever done. It’s been 20 years so far and we still don’t have a proper Airport, roads. We are so concerned with the latest telephones, internet lines, etc but what happen to the basic necessities?

    I am happy the Kuwaits are there but I am skeptical that whatever investment they come with the gov’t will pocket it and nothing will get done.

  20. “I was even surprisd at how much they like us.”

    Have you thought why they like you?. Or did you youself bother asking them why?. There is a reason why one would like or dislike, go and figure it out. Grow up and be smarter than that.

  21. Ha! An Arab the richest resident in Somaliland! That seems wrong…Somalilanders are treated like garbage everywhere in the Middle East (except Qatar) and here we are thinking "OMG! A slow-looking, fat Arab guy! We're going to be recognized!"

  22. In the past, Kuweit goverment supported the development of this land. they funded the entire projct of the roadbetween berbera and hargeysa.
    We should wellcome their contribution.

  23. what an amazing and great victory to somaliland.i hope this will be one step for somaliland to be recognized by the world.

  24. Somaliland will be owned by foreigners soon all because our people are too uneducated to do anything with the land themselves. Wake up! Why is no one else worried? They are looking for land to give to the Palestinians!

  25. Buiding a palace in Skeick should not be a big issue.But the most important is being freind with the sheicks is vital.They can invest in somaliland open vocationals schools and recruit our people in their country and eventually somaliland will a major man power supplier to Kuwait.
    Please don't jump into conculsion! This Sheicks are not monsters.From long experince, and being many years we are blessed that they choose our country.

  26. Anyone who views this other than a much needed investment is a hater who hates to see Somaliland prospor.

  27. money is not all but this famly have a big heart they helped our poeple when they were in need we welcome them to somaliland and allah bless them.

  28. Good News Indeed. As said before , Kuwait’s prince Sheikh Sabah is a well known prince for his contributions around the world especially for the needy countries. Let’s face it people, Somaliland is not a recognized state and such an investment will definitely play a big role when it comes to declaring Somaliland as a state. In addition, this investment will bring other investments from around the world once they see that this part of the region is a safe place to invest in. Our People disparately need the basic things in life , and building hospitals and universities are one of the top necessities. BTW, it’s not the first visit for Sheikh Sabah for Somaliland as he used to visit it before becoming the Amir of Kuwait way in the past and that is recorded on one of interviews with the Emir. I can tell that the a great future is ahead of Somaliland so may God bless Somaliland and its people. lastly, one important comment by Jimcaale that i highly agree with is ” FDI could be the key Somaliland’s been looking for. The capital generated could be used to further develop the country’s infrastructure, create jobs, and reinforce the military”.

  29. Just what we need. Rich Arabs driving around in luxury cars trying to pick up Somali girls. Think about what this entails…why does no one else care? There are SOMALILANDERS who have no land in their own freakin country and here we are giving our land away FOR FREE (the Kuwaitis pay for the buildings, but the land is FREE) are the same people who stand against our recognition owning huge areas of land! Walahi! If Somalilanders think this way, I swear, we will NEVER be recognized. Pimping Somaliland will get us nowhere fast. This is just like that article from a few months ago about the French wanting to invest in Berbera – they didn't do smack. When will we learn? Our people must build Somaliland, not outsiders! Watch! They will probably make the land a casino or something at the last minute and our country will be destroyed by corrupt foreigners bringing their dirty money to our starving people.
    Kuwait does have the power to recognize us, but they haven't for 19 years. They just want us to become their own sinful paradise getaway. They are equidistant from Hargeisa and Burco – God only knows what they are capable of.

    • great you have voiced your opinion… now how do we build our country? what will you do? I see your opposed to any kind of foreign investment. have you got $$$$$$$$$ that is needed to build the infrastructure?

      "are the same people who stand against our recognition owning huge areas of land" – NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS RECOGNISED SOMALILAND; so they all "stand against our recognition".

      i do agree with some of what you say – but we need dual investment from both Somalilanders (internal & diaspora) and foreigners (governments, business, NGO's).

      The land in question is unbelievably large (in the last Somalilandpress article it was ******24KM******squared. GIVING THIS AWAY FOR FREE IS CRAZY AND A GAMBLE (in hope of FDI)

  30. Come on Rabiiah, be brave. A building plot is far off from land grabbing. And where did you get the notion that there are landless Somalilanders? We are short of funds to develop the land not land itself.

    If you want to blame somebody regarding this, blame the Government for not encouraging enough Foreign Direct Investment and managing such investment properly.

    I support your comment that only Somalinders will building the country. However FDI is badly needed to develop our natural resources and other infrastructure.


  31. I am delighted that Shiekh Sabah and his family have chosen to make Somaliland their home (or may be one of their many homes). Having a royal family in Somaliland, will prove to the World that our security is second to non and that we are open for 'business or pleasure' as one of the above commentators said. May be the real aim of the Kuwaitis is buy farmlands in our country for their food security. I think we should give them the land as long as the food security of Somalilanders is protected. In others words we should have an agreement with them that they can develop as much land for farming as they wish, but that the produce should first be sold in Somaliland and then all the surplus exported to Kuwait and elsewhere. In this way, we will get to eat our own produce and at the same time export to Kuwait.

  32. All these people talking crap about Arabs and Kuwaitis are NOT Somalilanders, they are just somaliland haters, and hate to see us progress as Elmi said.

    Much love and respect to the Honourable people of kuwait.

  33. I heard the devil will give us recognization if we give him a piece of land too.

  34. Oh I see how this is a good investment, thousands of Somalis can work in his mansion as servants or better yet let's all become slaves that way we'll never have to worry about money! Somalis have always wanted to be Arab slaves and now it’s our chance let’s take it! Apartheid get ready for Somaliland…we’re poor, we’re black and we're ready!

  35. Kuwaitis are more liberal and open-minded than the rest of the Gulf Countries. And yes from time to time you consider the behaviour of some of them a snob and unacceptable, especially from the horror stories we hear and how they treat people who work for them.

    The old Kuwaitis who knew the people of being a human struggled a lot and suffered a lot had died. What we see today in the Gulf Arabs are the breed of the oil and the trappings of wealth who never had to work hard for anything or think outside the box. Everything is handed to them: if they want school is free up to higher education, if they want to get married it is free too and their housing is subsidized and so is getting into business which sometimes, makes you wonder, do these people ever use their mind for anything to make them think hard once in a while. Well, wealthy people normally look down at poor people and that is applicable to all cultures

  36. But Kuwaitis were good to Somalilanders working in their country though there were restrictions to let their families joining them which were they have to make certain amount of salary to make that happen. That had changed after the Iraq/Kuwait war because when all they other nationalities looted the country and raped women the Somaliland men helping the women and children left behind because the government was relocated to the other Gulf Countries.

    There was one particular Somalilander working as Airport Tower Controller, Mr. Abdulrahman-Nero (Alah ha u naxasiirtee) whom the Kuwaitis should never forget. Because he saved so many Kuwaiti owned commercial airplanes that would have otherwise been taken or destroyed by the Iraqi Army. He ordered them to remain in the countries they landed until further notice and they did. Thus, the Kuwaiti Government relaxed the restrictions against Somalilanders as a way of showing their gratitude for their noble deeds. Kuwaitis are our friends and we should welcome them with open arms.

    Those who are against this investment are using scare tatics because they Somaliland's progress and the world's eyes are focused on Somaliland lately.

  37. Alhumdollilah this is real good news for the people of Somaliland. This just shows how safe our country is, that even a member of a royal family is going to build a palace there.

    I lived in Kuwait for 3 years and i work as a network engineer, and the people were very friendly and i had no problems with them.
    They tend to like somalis and sudanese very much.

    It was a pleasure working in Kuwait and one day i will return there.

  38. This is 'The REAL Somalilander' and I say we welcome all foreign investment with open arms. Whether it be for business or pleasure, and I for one would be HAPPY to have foreign owners of our land.

    No one will buy up the entire country like the scaremongers are insinuating. It's a simple matter of us opening our doors to the economic world and us becoming equal partners in a global society.

        • Sick lost Faqasshfox's who u are, and what you represent are noting but animals.

          keep hating us motherf……rs

        • What a fool you are!!! The Ruski you are talking about is either yet another one of your useless screen names or a fellow hater from your hateland. The real Russians don't waste their time commenting on affairs that is not thier own.

      • Hey Mikhail, just because his IQ is under 70 doesn't mean he doesn't have the right to state an opinion, even if it is nonsensical. Poor boy, once his Arab masters come, he’ll never be allowed to state another opinion. From his picture I can tell this one is going on the fields, get ready to pick some cotton!

  39. This can be a very beneficial resident to Somaliland, becuase of his wealth, position and contacts.

    If, for example you look at President Kigale of Rwanda, he has mobilised all his contacts in Business (mostly CEO's & Chief execitives and some politicians in europe & U.S) to get as much FDI as possible. He has succeeded, Rwanda is developing at an impressive rate and he has shown, if managed well, that a country can benefits from its contacts and Foreign Direct Investment. It is creating Jobs, Knowledge, tax revenue (schools, hospitals, infrastructure) and the difference is visible. Now it won't happen to SOmaliland in the same way, at the same scale, within the same time scale – but if we can capture even 10% of that FDI; that a real improvement.

    SO… This can be a very beneficial resident to Somaliland, becuase of his wealth, position and contacts.

  40. Arabs were the people who won't regognise Somaliland (Saudi Arabia, Egypt). All Arabs wan't is to milk out all of Somalilands resources. So stop thinking that Arabs are our brothers. There not!. Were BLACK, AFRICANS!

  41. But if there intention is for good (like the proposed university in Shiekh) then thats ok.

  42. We may not have been recognized, but we are trying to recover from the destruction you, Walaweyn/Faqash caused and we are making a progress. And that is what is eating you up ayan and people like you. At least, we are at peace and not killings innocent day in and day out.

    And you know what? The world's attention is on Somaliland's peace, progress and strategic location.

  43. As a Somalilander I can say our society is Qabil-wrecked and our Qabil controls everything we do. Hiring employees, voting, marriage, who you're going to give a bargain to etc… Therefore, Somalis are constantly at war with one another, and it takes an Ethiopian to shoot a Somali for them to wake up and see who's the real enemy.
    Would Palestinians come and live next door to a Somali living with an inferiority complex problem when it comes to arabs.
    "Hey arab want me to cook your food?"
    "Hey arab wanna take my car?"
    "Hey arab want me to clean your toilet?"
    And they can't steal our oil, gas or coal because they would only get what's above ground, but the seeing the way Somalis act, they might just get literally handed control of our country by the government. On the other hand, Somaliland residents are heavily dependent on money given to them from the Somali Diaspora so the money should be helping the residents of Sheikh. But God Knows best.

  44. Good to see Kuwait investing in Somaliland. Of course people will be suspicious that’s comes naturally to us Somalis but rich people build houses and villas in other countries. Rich Arabs will bring employment to many Somalilanders instead of waiting for their relatives to send them money. Our Arab brothers have already invested in Somaliland now they have gone one step further and have come to live there. Pls NOTE Somalis should be the last people asking why foreigners have come to live in their land. As the English say “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

  45. I would like to commend our Kuwaiti brothers on all the assistance that they have provided to the people of Somaliland over the years.

    I must say that all you pessimists and conspiracy theorists out there need to stay off that caffeine, and accept the much needed help that is being provided to our country. We should stop being the ignorant and arrogant Somali’s of the past and look for a better future for our people our country our flag.

    If all of you Somali’s living in diaspora as citizens of foreign nations come back and help with the rebuilding of this once great country we won’t have to wait for hand outs from the richer countries worldwide.

    We were once a proud people, let’s bring that pride back into our lives.

  46. if sheikh is investing with good intension allah will reward him not the people. Allah says in Quran man is always unthankful even to Allah who provided him everything.

  47. We know Arabs are bad. But, let me say this:
    I am SSNM, which mean Southern Somali National Movement. which the sister organization SNM, the
    libarators of Somaliland.
    Somaliland Issaq people are our cousines but we are part of different country. We love Somaliland and
    wish and pray their reconition will come soon as sovereign state.
    Let us this to Somalilanders Isaaqs and Samaroons and Issas who are DIR cousines in North and
    their minority neighbors, Be tolorante the recognition will come one day because the Somaliland was
    sebrate colony from Somalia and you showed world that you deserve to be recognizes