HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland’s deputy national planning minister, Mr. Ahmed Hashi Abdi told local media in a press conference on Saturday that his administration might revoke the registration of 20 relief organisations in the country after failing to hand in their annual report and financial statement to the government.

Mr. Hashi said under Somaliland law, all NGOs and aid agencies operating in the country are required to hand in their annual financial statement and comply with the Ministry of Planning every financial year.

He added that they issued a notice to more than 60 local and international NGOs operating in the country to hand in their statements of 2009. He said however, twenty of them have not so far responded to their request and might revoke their permits and suspend them from operation unless they hand in by 17th of April 2010.

The twenty agencies in question are; Africa 70, African Educational Trust, Association Of European Parliamentarians For Africa (AWEPA), British Broadcast Corporation [BBC], Education Development Centre (EDC), Comitato Collaborazione Medica (CCM), International Republican Institute (IRI), King’s THET Somaliland Partnership, Islamic Dawah Organisation (IDO), Manhal Foundation, Munasamet Al-dawa Al Islamia (DAWA), Muslim Aid (MA), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Oxfam Novib, Oxfam GB, Save The Children [SC], Sos Kinderdorf International (SOS Children’s Villages), Transcultural Psychological Organization (TPO), World Vision (WV), and International Aid Service (IAS).
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Under a new law, Somaliland requires every NGO and international development institutions in the country to hand in their statement and annual report for review from the government including tracking of down of funds that often aid agencies claim to have delivered. Often aid agencies either misuse funds or misdirect them and even though Somaliland still remains corrupted, its way of making sure that NGOs are accountable and complying with government’s development programs.

No one knows exactly how many people will be effected if the government suspends the twenty relief organisations.

There is no statement from any of the aid agencies.

Photo: a local NGO, Alliance for Rural Development (ARD) visits one of the local farms (ardsom.org)

Somalilandpress, 4 April 2010


IF YOU ARE IN SOMALILAND, WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, DO YOU FEEL NGOs IN THE COUNTRY DO THEIR JOB? We would like to hear from you, please tell us your experience.


  1. I personally think too many NGOs, 60 for a small country is way too much we should have no more than half of that. I wonder why so many NGO exist yet most people dont even have proper meals.

    We should suspend them all indefinite and keep only few including International Republican Institute (we need democracy), King’s THET Somaliland Partnership (these guys were very excited to help Somaliland and I thought they were new), SOS Children’s Villages (Sheikh boarding school continues to produce fruits for us), all the Muslim ones.

    Suspend World Vision, Norwigian Refugee Council they are nothing but cover up for the Church, we dont want bibles, we are happy laid back Muslim nation. I am afraid these groups will create radicalism and religion wars. NO THANK YOU.

    • Oh sure, the "Christian" NGOs will cause radicalization, but the Muslim ones wont? Are we, as a country, immune to the spread of extremist Islam? I think not.

      How about getting rid of ALL religion based NGOs and accepting only secular institutions.

      • Yes we have to be aware of certain Islamic relief agencies specially those funded by the Saudis however by hosting Christian agencies this gives extremists power and voice to radicalize our citizens by creating fear.

        So I suggest we should not give them reasons to create instability in the country and we should ban all Christian based aid agencies.

        They are more extreme than Al Qaeda I have seen them at work in Iraq and other places. We also know what they did in Haiti.

        So Somaliland should not host them and we should also monitor Islamic ones as well.

        We do not need any radicals and World Vision is extremists.

      • Excuse me ''Amused''? Well your amusing yourself.

        The Christian NGOs care ONLY to spread their christianity and exchange the bible with a bowl of rice.They do this to starving peopel in Africa. They dont care about the people they just want to convert them.

        We are a Muslim nation, and frankly dont mind having Muslim NGOs who mostly give what the people ask for: aid,mosques,education etc. what they want…nobody wants a christian NGO because of they are untrustworthy.

  2. I was watching the news the other day, and the report was about Haiti and how the people of that country are suffering. The Aljazeera correspondent showed the other side of the coin and filmied the UN personnel,s camp and how they live. You cannot imagine what I saw there! These people [the UN Staff] are living a self made paradise about few kilometeres away of the Haitian people. Two different world, but they were exposed and everything they [UN] have in that camp was shown in that report. Imbarassing to say the least. This is what NGOs do in the third world, and we have to check them.

    • Maybe because they are there for show 🙂


      Italy, United States, Russia, United Kingdom etc. all are much interested in our unguarded country and she is simply sitting there being spied on by the NGO's who simply are their as informers for their respective masters/friends.

      Check their websites they are very clear that work is too hard in somali areas and this allows them to do no or minimal work and remain on the ground…

  3. This is all just part of the dependency culture is which Africa has been enveloped. We should stop expecting foreigners to solve our problems, build our country and improve the welbeing of our people – It is not up to them and it is not their responsibilty.
    Some of these organisation could (for all we know) be front's for things far more sinister. Therefore the government is correct in its response as these NGO's need to be properly regulated and monitered.
    Nevertheless, they do have a role to play in the development of Somaliland

  4. We do not need those NGOs, lets struggle and drag one another we will make it through, all we need is each others.

    Please expell them all one by one they all useless and its whats holding Africa back.

    Tomorrow they will issue a statement in the following content: "We express with great dismay and disbelief with the expulsion of our organisation because millions of vunelrable needy people will suffer without us", they dont really use 'us' but rather 'services'. We know their lies and language.

    Get da f out off here!!

  5. I am a bit shocked to hear so many negative comments ( especially the more paranoid ones). In most cases, these agency's are setup to help people. They are funded by people abroad who are genuinely concerned, and it is not their fault that their NGO are highjacked by greedy and selfish people.

    However, I am surprised and pleased by Somaliland's mandate to follow up on the finances of these groups and their annual reports. An ineffective NGO simply has no place in a developing nation and is only taking the same of a group which can do the job appropriately.

  6. NGOs are often the tools used by the Western elites to promote democracy and in some places and cases Westernisation. They often tie their aid with rule change or buearocratic reformation, which they claim would help the integration of the wider community and thus include the less prevelidged groups, such as women and young people, participate in decision-making processes and extra.
    However, they often deliver less support but more distruption. They raise the hopes of people and in some cases instigate a sort of revolution that often fails horribley. Many atrocities that are happening in Africa, for example, can be linked to these so called NGOs. When the USA and its allies invaded Iraq, Powel praised the NGOs for making their mission possible. The NGOs protested against his comment, but truth can never be told about the action of these NGOs. I believe most are dubious and deserved to be kicked out and banned.

  7. Excellent action by our government this time. I am really pleased that the NGOs are brought to book. This should be the way Somaliland works. Its time the government regulated the economy, society, and itself as well. Corruption should be uprooted.

  8. We Somalilanders can do better without the handouts from foreign entities who have their own agenda. Only if we Somalilanders ban the evil khat, work together, have our piorities straight we can rise through our own labor, own sweet and tears, own natural resorces. I would love to know what the BBC NGO does except to poision the minds of Somalilanders with their hidden agenda of Somaliweyn. I'll go as far as advocate for banning the BBC until the reminants of Italian-Somalis are removed from that honorable service which was started to be the voice of the people of British-Somaliland and was the sister of Radio Hargeisa.

  9. These International NGOs should come clean on how they spend the financial assistant they receive from the world communities in the name of helping the needy people of Somaliland. If they don't, then Somaliland government has a right to remove them from Somaliland soil.

  10. i am glad to hear that somaliland government is doing performance check and sending home for those under-perform.

  11. Yes Mr Zakariye the voice of Somalilanders on this subject is clear, we stand with the Minister and the government and we will also request they ban certain aid agencies they hardly do any good deeds but create more harm.

    Often NGO's are weapon of choice for West ideas and ideologies that have sinister agenda. We all know NGOs are used as spies in foreign countries, to deliver funds to rebels and oppositions. Its a tool for foreigners. Often it profits the donor than the recipient.

    NGOs have to understand that the Somaliland Diaspora is also monitoring their performance and if compared (NGOs vs Diaspora), NGOs are like a drop in the ocean, they properly contribute no more than $10million per year in Somaliland if not less while the Somaliland Diaspora injects more than $400-million.
    And we stand firm with the government in this process.

  12. INGOs & UNs bothe are just here to help our underscore group, let not just say they do nothing, yes they do imagine all those working with them, the much they earn they help their families and also extended families too, so do not say nothing is done by them, yes I agree and saying that half of the money is spend by them in fancy houses, furniture, traveling go and back for their leave and R&Rs, the international staff benefits only is one third of the budget allocated to the country, but lets wait and get recognition, is when they will be flashed back, so let not hurry.

    Thanks to our Minister, please also insist for them to bring the whole budget even before they cut half at Nairobi.

  13. somaliland has no undp unseco unicef but the riyale adminisration has co ordianate the natural resource of the country he lost money recognation every month he went vocation and he hold the somaliland nation that his rearching recognation its quit cleat somaliland has estability to confirm the peace and 200 NGO in hargisa they are name they to day were we got project minister of national planing is pronon he have duty to say the un organization that is your aim in somaliland

  14. NGOs & the United Nation both are just here to help our underscore group, let not just say they do nothing, yes they do imagine all those working with them, the much they earn they help their families and also extended families too, so do not say nothing is done by them, yes I agree and saying that half of the money is spend by them in fancy houses, furniture, traveling go and back for their leave and R&Rs, the international staff benefits only is one third of the budget allocated to the country, but lets wait and get recognition, is when they will be flashed back, so let not hurry.

  15. What really count are the people, not the NGO's. You are complaining about "Christian" organisations. I do recognise and regret that "Christians" have done so many harm to other countries and people. At the same time, you as a muslim in Somaliland should just look at Somalia. Who is distroing the country?
    Please diffirentiate the NGO's, not all are selfish and greety….
    God bless you all! Writing from Canada

  16. Paul while I agree that not all christians are bloodsucking NGO workers and Somalia's problems are soley of the Somalis making, yet their seems to be an issue with the way some NGOs operate namely in Somaliland. For instance the UNDP and many other so called humanatarian agencies continue to pour money into failed Somalia totally ignoring Somaliland, the peaceful country next door where they can set up shop and help those who help themselves.

  17. This is mad, bad and criminally insane. It is the kind of action that does immeasurable damage to the image of Somaliland and without a doubt hampers the support we need from the international community.

    Why is it any of the govt's business to `monitor' `output' from charities that fill the vacuum the govt couldnt? Charities are responsible to their donors and their management committtees not some government minister with too much time on his hands. Do you think they hand in a log of their activities to their own home country governments? NO they dont. Unless they want money from them. These charities rushed to help our people because we cant help ourselves. And instead of gratitude and support they get harassment, threats and expulsions from `Ministers' who have nothing else to minister or manage.

    Make no mistake this kind of action delays any hopes of respect or recognition for Somaliland by years.

  18. It seems many commenting here are jaded aid workers or am I wrong?

    Whilst it is true diaspora sends $400 million+ – how much of this is shared with poor people and communities who have no relatives in the diaspora?

    By and large NGOs work for and with the most impoverished communities – far from sight of city English speaking elites with access to internet. Yes, all you see are the shiny 4X4 etc and the colonial lifestyles enjoyed in the capital.. however the 20% of the money that actually gets through (after deducting for expat salaries and R&R and security etc) to helping people helps tens of thousands of the most vulnerable people in your country.

    If these NGOs between them help just a 100 people per year – you should be thankful to them because they have done it because no one else has. Not you, not your government.

    When you and your government are able to help your fellow country men and women to escape extreme poverty – by all means kick all INGOs/UN agencies out. When did you last do something to sustainably alleviate the suffering/poverty of someone in your country who is not your direct relative?

    Let the government also start showing how it is spending all the money that it receives… what it fears, I expect is that INGOs will start asking them this and wants to find means to get tough on them and keep them tame.

    Yes indeed INGOs need to be accountable to the people and government of the countries in which they work. Having people like you asking them questions is healthy – but please mind how you do it.

    However you are right about World Vision and the like aside (i.e. those that prey on the poor and vulnerable to promote their trinitarian beliefs – yes you do do it WV! and not very subtly either.) However there are others who employ largely local staff with very few expats and with only humanitarian agenda – they could do with not being brushed with the same tar.

    Finally, there was a time in Islamic history when people could not find anyone to give their zakat to. Whilst that period was fleeting short – wouldn't it be great if a Muslim country like Somaliland could apply its Islamic teachings and heritage to propels its people to achieve the likes of the past and eliminate the injustices, corruption and suffering of its poorest peoples?

  19. i"ll Agree wit dawaco this is gonna be one insane move incase the govermnet go's ahead with this yes ther are many corrupt N.G.O's but this is just not the time to start all this ..i personaly thought our political leaders understood's politics more then I did but this is a setback to wat i thought about them. and @ the U.K NGO person i got some words for you "ahlul baith" that means the best of the best we somalilander are still the best of the Muslim Ummah and honestly speaking we really dont need your help God's help is all we ask for … it was Allah That got you N.G.O's down to Somaliland Not Us and u"ll leave that place wen he tell's you too….
    Viva somaliland ..i hope that somaliland ministers understands that the world's is a game and at times we have to play by the Kafir's Rule's