ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) –The foreign minister of Somaliland has met with various leaders and ambassadors from Ethiopia, France, Yemen and United Kingdom while in the Ethiopian capital on his way back from Washington this week.

The foreign minister, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Duale has met with the Ethiopian president, Mr. Girma Woldegiorgis on Wednesday in the presidential palace to discuss relationship and security between the two states.

President Girma said the two countries should work together to strengthen the existing relations and to combat terrorism in the region.

The two also discussed the coming up elections in Somaliland and the Foreign minister told Mr. Girma that Somaliland was doing every thing right to hold a successful election.
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Mr. Duale later visited the Ethiopian Federal Police Academy where 40 Somaliland police officers are currently receiving training from 11 British officers. Mr. Duale was accompanied by the British ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Norman Ling, British Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. John Marshall and second Secretary at the British Embassy, Mr. Matt Woods as well as Somaliland’s Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Ayanle Salad Deria. The British government finances the Somaliland police force including this training through a ‘support and capacity-building’ policy.

Eleven of the officers are expected to graduate from the institution in the coming days after 3 years of hard-training. These officers are have been specially trained to provide security to leaders including ministers and members of parliament. Mr. Duale thanked the British government and it’s embassy  for their support.

It is not clear if Somaliland will form new paramilitary unit to provide security to the president and his staff at the State House but the new officers are part of the government’s policy to boost security in the country.

Ethiopia also trains Somaliland military officers and commandos and the trainings usually last for three years.

The foreign minister has also met with ambassadors from France and Yemen, Amb. Jean Christophe and Amb. Dirhen A. Noman respectively.

Mr. Duale and Amb. Christophe discussed strengthening ties between Somaliland and France in the fields of security and development. The French ambassador on his side said he promised to encourage French investors to explore Somaliland.

On the Yemeni side, Mr Duale said Yemen has trade and cultural links with Somaliland for centuries and that Somaliland was ready to formalize ties and broaden cooperation with the Arab republic. This comes days after Yemen opened a trading office in Somaliland.

Photo: Mr. Duale at the French Embassy in Addis Ababa with Ambassador Jean Christophe .

Somalilandpress, 4 April 2010


  1. Ah! Where is my comment??
    Earlier I wrote saying this article trys to creat rift between the good people of Somali and Ethiopia. Where is it??

  2. Guys, do you perhaps sit and ask yourselves what on earth does the minster of foreign affirs in Somaliland has achieved since he was elected in 2005, the answer revolves around NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL!, he goes out drinks beer in a 5 star hotel and brings back lies.

  3. Waste of human resources. Our soldiers deserve darajo, however I fail to see that happening with happles Riyaale in office.

  4. Mr. fff,

    The minister was not elected he was appointed by the president and approved by Somaliland parliament.

    Though I was not happy how he was appointed, however he has done a lot for Somaliland and please, know that Somaliland today is a defacto state that the world communities know it exist, and these are all because of his hard work and recognition is not that far.
    Isha- Allah.