ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) — The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Farole has recently held a meeting with Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister, Seyoum Mesfin in Addis Ababa.

The meeting which took place in Sheraton hotel, focused on number of issues including regional security as well as the Puntland cabinet ministers.

According to a sources close to Mr. Farole, the Ethiopian government disapproved Mr. Farole’s presidential decree, dated March 12th, ordering the dismissal of Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS) director, Mr. Osman Diana (see SOMALIA: Puntland President Dashes to Ethiopia For an Emergency Meeting). The PIS is said to receive at least 50 per cent of Puntland’s annual income as well as funds from Western and Ethiopian intelligence services.

While the two were discussing the issue, the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Mesfin, has expressed concern about a number ministers and provincial officials in the Puntland government accusing them of having ties with extremists in southern Somalia.

Mr. Mesfin, accused Puntland’s national planning minister, Mr. Daud Mohamed Omar and number of others including the governor of Bari region, Sheikh Abdihafid Ali Yusuf, the Mayor of Garowe (capital of Puntland), Mr. Abdiaziz Nur Elmi Koor, mayor of Bossaso town, Mr. Mohamud Farah Beldaje and the mayor of Galkayo, Mr Abdirahman Mohamud Haji Hassan of having ties with Somalia’s Islamists rebels fighting the TFG in southern Somalia.

Mr. Mesfin told the Puntlander leader that, Ethiopia has evidence that Puntland’s planning minister’s car was one of the vehicles used in the trio-suicide bombs that rocked Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, in October 2008. The bombs strucked the presidential palace, the Ethiopian Consulate and a United Nations compound, killing 21 people and wounded 26 people.
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Mr. Mesfin has also briefed the Puntland delegation that the newly appointed governor of Bari region, Sheikh Abdihafid Ali Yusuf, was exposed to Islamic radicalism while studying in Pakistan and that him and his friends have close ties with Al Qaeda. He added that most of his former friends were detained and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

He added that the mayor of Garowe, Mr. Abdiaziz Nur Elmi Koor, who was appointed by Farole in September 2009, has also ties with extremists elements in Somalia. Mr. Mesfin said that Mr. Abdiaziz was a former member of Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, an extremist group that established itself in the Somali Region of Ethiopia in 1994. By 2001, it elected the well known Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys as its leader under Executive Order No. 13224 in November of that year. The Ethiopian FM cited that Mr. Abdiaziz was injured in a battle that took place inside Puntland, when then, Puntland president, Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf waged war on the extremist group in early 2002.

Short time later, Al-Itihaad had dissolved as an organization but Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys went on to form Islamic Court Union, which by 2006 became a powerful group and seized control of Mogadishu and southern Somalia. By December 2006, Ethiopian forces invaded the country and the group was ousted from power, most of their leaders went on exile to Eritrea however those who stayed back formed a new group – Al Shabab, now the most feared group in the region.

The Ethiopian foreign minister also voiced concern about the Mayor of Galkayo, capital of Mudug region in central Somalia saying that the little known businessman, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamud Haji, who heads a 31-member District Council, has ties with terrorist groups and was accused of providing financial aid to Islamic Court Union fighters during the battles of Idile (located Bay region), in October 2006 against Ethiopian forces.

Also, the newly appointed transitional mayor of Bossaso town, Mr. Mohamud Farah Muhammad (Beeldaaje) was also accused having ties with terrorism. Mr. Mesfin told Farole that Mr. Mohamud was a close alley of Dahir Aweys and is a former member of Al-Itihaad.

The Ethiopians finally recommended to Mr. Farole to dismiss these men from his cabinet and provincial councils and to appoint new men while requesting that he reverses his decree and reinstates the former PIS leader.

It is not clear if Mr. Farole will follow up with the Ethiopian recommendations when he returns back home.

The Puntland delegation included the Interior minister, Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed.

Somalilandpress, 4 April 2010


  1. What a shame!
    And yet Faroole unashamedly continues to claim that he is the President of whatever when a foreign minister of another country dictates who can and can not hold an office. Call it a sign of times.
    Do the so called Puntlanders need any more prove that they are effectively part of Ethiopa and particularly the 7th Kilil. Join the club my very dear Landers.

  2. Who cares thats Puntland's affair and as far as I am concern Ethiopia should go one step further and request that the planning minister should be handed over to Somaliland to face justice if he was really behind the suicide bombs. Otherwise he should explain how his car ended up in Hargeisa in the hands of terrorists.

    Well done Mr Mesfin.

    • I am a from Hargeisa and i am ashamed for Somalis as a whole its them now and tomorrow its Somaliland … why do we let them divide us like this ?

      I think think Somaliland can do this on our own and we dont need an enemy to help us.

    • waaaw u say "well done" to those who divide somalis and cause conflict between them? do you bre so much of a gurdge that you would openly support the enimy of your people? today its yesterday it was somalia today its puntland and tommorow its undoutbaly somaliland, let there be no doubt about that, do you really think they love somaliland more than they love puntland? what a shame on somalilanders who claim that they have the best intrest of the somali people at heart.

  3. What?!
    How can Ethiopia tell Puntland what to do?
    I remember when Somali's stood proud with no oppressor, and we shall do again…

    This poor third world country is telling a once powerful Somalia which crushed Ethiopia before who should hold which office? Unbelievable…

    • I don't know what kind of Khat you are chewing but if you didn't get the news: Ethiopia has a 3000 year old history and the only country in Africa that was never colonized. So, stop pretending like you don't know whats up.

    • what u talkn about powerful somalia???? there is no somalia… ethiopia will kick ur a..s …….
      peace 😀

  4. Well written and well concocted information but question mark hangs on the source!! . sources close to Farole. but which source? A source known only by somalilandpress which is the mouthpiece of secessionists? .. The archetypical enemy of Puntland and Somalia at large to justify their ill-advised secessionist agenda.

  5. wallahi, It seems to me the this story is just creative writing or pure fiction to create discord between the people of the two countries

  6. Dan,
    * Since you are blinded by Ethiopian propaganda, it(Ethiopia) was indeed colonized by Italians and their emperor was a refugee in London, England and was brought back to his country only after the British evicted Italians. How else do you think the road linking Mogadishu to Addis Ababa came to existence and how the biggest market in Addis Ababa is called Mercato (Italian for market)and how do you explain other Italian cultural evidences you finds in Ethiopia (not Eritrea.)
    * Can tell us what is the use of the 3000 years(assuming it is true)of Ethiopian existence when it can’t feed its own people and millions of them people live on the generousity and hand outs of others?
    * can you explain why at any given time of the year millions are starving or will starve if the world wouldn’t bring in the live-saving grains?.
    * Would you to expain why Ethiopia is synonymous to hunger, beggery and indignity?
    * can you explain why Ethiopians are roaming like cockroaches all over the Somali cities and towns (a country without government for two decades) looking for better life in other words why Somalia is their Saudi Arabia or USA?
    * Can you also explain why, in spite of the vicious civil war and lack of government, Somalis still enjoy a higher standard of living than Ethiopians who have under belt a 3000 years of history.

    It is not that some of us are chewing a khat. It is that we are proud Somalis who will always continue to have unwavering dignity and pride in ourselves. When the going gets tough we don’t sell our dignity to others. We are Somalis through thin and thick.

    • You have a point there, I dont get if Ethiopia has government and is well developed as they like to think, why so many of their refugees are in 'lawless, government-less' Somali cities seeking better lives? How many live in Bosaso, how many live in Hargeisa, etc??

      The truth is even Somalia that has no government is doing better than Ethiopia in number of fields including telecommunication, internet, journalism, etc and even in food securities.

      Ethiopia continues to be fed by the West through Somali port of Berbera.

      I have nothing against Ethiopia but dont like people who think they above the reality on the ground.

      • sxib u urself are "above the reality on the ground"

        the reality being that although somaliland is secure in terms of stability its by no means the land flowing with milk and honey, its no supirior than somalia and puntland so ur supirior attitude is out of place.

  7. This is just another of frequent and peculiar meetings between Somali 'politicians' and the Ethiopian administartion. It just shows the depth of influence and extent of involvement of Ethiopia Inside Somalia & Somaliland.

    So my question is, and the discussion i want to open is:

    "How can Somalis escape this to empower themselves and increase their autonomy through development?"

    – for the moment forget the Somaliland independence issue.

  8. Don’t pretend that you are in the know while exposing your ignorance.

    The greatness of a country is not measured by how many thousands of years it existed but by the kind of leaders it had and policies formulated and implemented by them. Case in point is the United States of America which existed just over a couple of centuries and yet managed to lead the world and has remained the only superpower for the last two decades. Since its inception, it has been the beacon of hope and the darling of the world community.

    Likewise, greatness does not depend on whether or not a country was colonized. Great Britain was under Roman colony for 4 long centuries and yet rose from the ashes and went on to belong the most colonies of the world. Powerful countries like Russia, China, Japan, Germany, and many others were, sometime in their history, either colonized or humiliated but rose and managed to dominate or become the envy of others.

    Similarly, civil wars are not unique to a specifc country like Somalia. USA comes to mind where millions perished because of it.

    As for Ethiopia, the many years it existed really accounts for nothing much. In its history, it never managed to dignify its people and feed them. Even in African standards, Ethiopia has no a good record to brag about as most African countries don’t feed their people on international hand outs as Ethiopia does. Furthermore, all you have to do is to pay a visit to the communities south and around the Omo river and all the way to the southern Sudanese boder where inhabitants are literary NAKED in this day and age. Hardly a civilized nation or a country that measures up to its supposed long history.

  9. Amazing how you Somalis cry Somalinimo when your side is down. Ethiopia may be and enemy to Somalia but it certainly aint to Somaliland. In fact we Somalilanders owe Ethiopia a gratitude for sheltering our SNM and refugees when our Somali brothers where bombing innocent Somalilanders in Hargeisa and Burao. Puntland is a bad news all around and need to be dealt with, especially now that they ae linked to the bombing of Hargeisa 2008.

    • so they sheltered the SNM becouse they see you as a freind or they saw them as an opportunity to destroy somalia? by the way SNM stands for SOMALI NATIONALIST MOVEMENT(all somalis) the habasha supported all repels against eachother including somaliland and puntland, get your facts str8t fool the faqash army terrorised the southern population too, just look at mogadishu

  10. This news doesn't make any sense. If the story is true, why wait this long? If it is true the puntland minister they said his vehicle was used in terror attack, should not only be fired but should stand a trial for terror since many innocent people died in that attack. Otherwise, this is none starter news in my personal opinion.

  11. I am Somalilander true and true but the reality is that Ethiopia can never face 10 million Somalis alone despite been almost 100 million, thats 10 times more than the Somalis.

    It will always be rescued by the West and it's Christian friends in Moscow or else where, Ethiopia has never colonized Somalia but Somalis did colonize Ethiopia and brought Islam to the land through the Islamic Adal Kingdom led by Ahmed Gurey.

    Even your emperor's head was bought by American merchants as Somalis displayed him around.

    Somalis might be down not because of you but because of our selves but dont get too arrogant because we could unit as fast as we eliminate each others and send you back to the high mountains again.

    We are watching, for now I will remain in Somaliland but Somalis will always be Somali.

    • lander i would follow you to the beast of the belly my dear brother, long live somalia, djibouti and somaliland, death to the habasha

    • Lander as an Ethiopian and an East African I am always astounded by the fact that we are all – including me- pundits in history but always fail to change the state of affairs in our communities, villages, states, regions , countries or region. Maybe we can unite and work for progress rather than stoke the flames of hatred.

  12. I don't trust ethiopians because they are kuffars. But the reality is majertanes have much more hatred for us and that's a fact which no one can deny.
    So i would rather do business with ethiopians than puntlanders.
    They also were the ones that bombed Hargeisa with deep hatred in their hearts.
    And yet they've got the nerve to call us traitors.

    And isn't this puntlands problem? why the hell are somalilanders getting involved in this anyway, I don't care about puntlands affairs.

    And us Isaqs should also stop calling ourselves somalis, change our language and have nothing to with these self hating disgraceful people
    that hate eachother simply because "he is a different clan from me"

  13. Jamil, ur PLAIN ignorant, and you don't know what you're talking about, your the self-hating person that is running from Somalinimo and the only reason for that is cause of qabil, your no difference then those that you call ''self hating disgraceful people'', Isaaqs are Somalis, they will ALWAYS be somalis, you can't run from your roots, stop being ignorant and narrow minded, and smell the reality and see the bigger picture

  14. to Ahmed, well spoken and well said, many brothers wrote that which has been the missing link in our society for some time, and my smile appeared and got bigger upon reading each brothers comment, except few black sheeps, but then again every community has some of those like JAMIL and ELMI,

    ELMI and JAMIL walaal, I am majerteen, and trust me, there is not one single bone in our body that hates you as an isaaq man, we despise your agenda, somaliland is the leading and best breathing part of all somali lands today, I am not jelouse but happy, somaliland sets the standards we follow up, as for Ethiopia, you proudly state your gratitude for the arming and feeding of SNM by Ethiopia, therefore it cant be your enemy..ina adeer {would an Ethiopian ever say inadeer} I repeat, inadeer, it was the SSDF which was an MJ suit that got first armed and fed by the amxaar, SNM followed unfortunately it didn't stay with those two only, it armed every movement in somalia even those that held hostage Mogadishu for 20 years, plus the so called governments at the same time arming the opposition plus the opposition of the opposition,

    marka inadeer, you should not have any gratitudes for those waiting for when you are down so they can kick you, me and you are brothers our so called leaders are in headlocks, over sool sanaag and cayn, which are harti lands, therefore have the right to join puntland if they wish or rather be an own state again if thats there wish, unfortunately thats Ethiopia's wild card which is holding puntland and somaliland hostage for ethiopia, I am proud of Somaliland and its achievements and i am very glad to have such people amongst us claiming our brothers and sisters, few isaaq youngsters with a bubble head full of ignorance wont ever stop me from loving that which allah {swc} has blessed me with which are my northern cousins and southern cousins…equal love for all, …btw puntland and somaliland are both kilils of Ethiopia as for this article its fake…..asalamu calaykum waraxmatulaahi wabarakatu

  15. hassan adam and kayse are true somali man, men like that are few amongst the few good hearted men that are left of the once great somali race, your comments fill my heart with hope but also with sorrow, ….in my eyes you guys have no qabiil, and I hope you always write your true feelings and I hope sincerely that you always be the better men, for when you meet the black sheep speaking on behalf of me or any other tribe that…stay true, for we are brothers by blood and not only by colour religion or geography,

  16. Xaaji

    First of all you are NOT my Inaadeer so dont call me inaadeer. Secondly I'll pick any Ethiopian anyday over you because I know you more than you know youself. You wrap yourself in Somalinimo cloth when you need something or a position but if it doesnt serve your power hungry agenda your not Somali no more. Remember what your uncle Abdilahi Yusuf did to the poor people of Mogadiishoo and how you all cheered him on while the Ethiopians along with your militia SSDF killed unarmed civilians in Mogadiishoo. Yeah right my Ianaadeero who killed over 50,000 of my own people. 30 years of non development in Somaliland and corrupt leader after another. Claming my land in Sool and Sanaag and abusing our hospitality. And you cant articlulate why you are against Somaliland be honest and say you hate the majority tribe, Keep your inaadeernimo behind the Somali-Somaliland border or else we are going to teach you a lesson once and for all.

  17. Well said Elmi, i agree with you on everything except the ethiopian part.
    I don't like or trust habeshas, because they are known for kicking people when they are down and that's a fact!
    But i am aware of the fact that MJ's hate us more than those filthy kaffir habeshas.

  18. Yes it comes, All Somalis are suuffering with Amneisia, do you know when harar fell to minilik? do you know what Minilik did with the help of the west, hey let us not be naive, Said Barre, SNM, SSDF, USC were all driven by clanism and ignorance, go back to history. How can a clan be a nation?

  19. elmi, i sincerely dont give 2 hootus about your emotional feelings…there is nothing wrong with being mentally ill, a lot of people are mentally confused, …. about my Adeer cabdulahi yusuf, what makes you think the majority of us supported him??? listen kiddo what someone in a suit does, is not the responsibility of a whole tribe,

    your suits claim sool sanaag and cayn,and they would like to welcom israel to a somali land, if israel would do the honour…now that doesnt mean the isaaq people are in a land grabbing mood or want yahuuud in there lands….we the people cant be responsible for what certain self elected leaders do ………thank you harar, i absolutely agree with you, if some people only knew there history beyond colonial era, {wishful thinking}

  20. Wrong harar! While I agree that Siyad Barre, SSDF, USC were all driven by clanism, however, SNM was not. SNM was born out of injustice bourne by the Somaliland people from Afweyne and his evil forces. SSDF was a clan supported movement who wanted to rule Somalia, USC was a clan movement who wanted to overthrow Siyad Barre's government but SNM was different in the sense it wanted to free the people of Somaliland from the military junta who bombarded cities in Somaliland killing thousands of innocent civilians.


    Yes you did support Abdilahi Yusuf ans still support the pirate mafia of Faroole at the same time you continue to hate on Somaliland. We know your kind, your words mean nothing in my book.

  21. Elmi u are an overgrown baby-man,
    dont make yourself more foolish then you already did,
    i compare isaaq kids to black Americans, ….you isaaq diaspora kids want everyone to feel sorry for you and have this 'victimized' gloat over you, everybody has to listen your calacaal, {we are being hated oooh help us..aaah the darood are coming oooh there is a capital in south..oooooh uuuh puntlaand pirates heeeelp ..israeeel please recognize us} ….dude I dont feel sorry for you, as a matter fact no one really does…sad, but is the truth…what makes you honestly think isaaq, BERBERA HARGEYSA AND BURCO are equal to the rest of somali cities and lands……HERE IS THE DEAL, U STOP CLAIMING TO BE SOMALI AND YOU WILL GET A SHARE THATS EQUAL TO THAT OF THE SOMALIS IN THE HORN.. but aslong as you are 3 city triangle isaaq kids…i am afraid u stuck with us..

    • I really did touch a nerve, see how the "Somalinimo" "Inaadeer" "Brother" cloth came off and the emprorer is simply naked. See how your true hatefulness of everything Somalilander came to shadow your previous fake act of brotherly love. I know your fake people very well thats why I and many more Somalilanders refuse to share a country with munaafiqiin like you. We will get whats ours of not by negotiating by the barrel of the gun so if you manup and take your sorry excuse of halfmen to Sool and give us a fight maybe then I'll have some respect for you, until then in my book you are a paper tiger who dreams of stopping Somaliland. Don't tread on me or else I will burn the entire villages you call cities and reduce you to crying Somalinimo or Islaminimo whichever you prefer.

  22. As a Somalilander, I personally dont give a damn when it comes to the politics of Majeertenia, Pirateland, Puntland or whatever you want to call it. Its just a dustbowl and doesn't deserve any attention. But remember this: who gave hundreds of thousands of Somaliland refugees shelter when our own government was carpet bombing its own people between 1988 – 1990? Who was it that helped train and fund and support the liberators of Somaliland, the SNM since its inception in 1981? With which country does Somaliland have its strongest working relationship?Its Ethiopia. Some say Ethiopia has an ulterior motive, but I really dont think this is the case. I believe they want a partner they can have good relations with in one 'hell hole' of a region infected with mistrust, fueds and conflicts. I believe they view Puntland as a threat in terms of terrorism which explains the dictations they are giving the Puntland 'President' Farole.

  23. first of all puntland is a sincere treat to tigray state and its most definitely right…if it wasnt, I would be sincerely dissapointed, you got that right, just cuzz some men who simply hated somali people supported and funded SSDF does not mean I should be so grateful that I am willing to give him my wife and as a bonus my sisters,

    majeertenia,pirateland or puntland don't give two hootus of what a little uneducated balaqbalaq kid has to say about somali affairs in any event, atleast recognise that amxaaro hate your guts, but then again why?? isaaq never did anything against the amxaaro, it was adal sultanate {darod led force} darawish {a darod led force} and anything in between those and after those including ONLF …..amxaro are not scared of isaaq, laa, puntland is here to stay sxb…for all somalis from all somalis… right now we kind of down, but we will get up once more as somalis and again just like adal sultanate or the dervish, they will beg for interferences just the way they always did, and the way they still have to beg for handouts …. .

  24. first of all puntland is a sincere treat to tigray state and its allies, you got that right, just cuzz some men who simply hated somali people supported and funded SSDF does not mean I should be so grateful that I am willing to give him my wife and as a bonus my sisters,

    majeertenia,pirateland or puntland don't give two hootus of what a little uneducated balaqbalaq kid has to say about somali affairs in any event, atleast recognise that amxaaro hate your guts, but then again why?? isaaq never did anything against the amxaaro, it was adal sultanate {darod led force} darawish {a darod led force} and anything in between those and after those including ONLF ..amxaro are not scared of isaaq, laa, puntland is here to stay sxb…for all somalis from all somalis… right now we kind of down, but we will get up once more as somalis and again just like adal sultanate or the dervish, they will beg for interfernces just the way they always did, and the way they still have to beg for handouts …. .