The Somali Parliament has rejected the country’s budget after a series of debates. The budget has already sparked intense debates among members of parliament and was postponed on several occasions.

Parliament speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari announced that seventy members of parliament voted against while 54 voted in favor of the new budget and 39 MPs abstained from the vote.

Lawmakers argue that the proposed budget, prepared by the ministry of finance and national planning and estimated to be slightly over US$100 million for 20-13, lacked proportionate distribution of expenditure.

The majority of the legislators demanded a salary increase for Somali government forces, who are engaged in fighting against Al-Shabaab fighters in south and central Somalia. They argued that the best way to guarantee the winning of the war against Al-Shabaab is to improve the livelihoods of the troops and their families.

Lawmakers also accused the finance ministry of allocating more funds to other ministries. The MP’s now demand that the country’s financial experts revise the draft budget before sending it to parliament within thirty days for approval.

Currently, the two largest government revenue sources are customs duties from the main Mogadishu port and the Aden Adde International Airport.

Lawmakers have also been calling on President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to fulfill his promises to improve the country’s security and economy.

The 275-seat body parliament was sworn into office on the 20th August outside the Mogadishu airport ending the country’s eight-year political transition and ushering in a new, stable administration for the first time four decades.

by Abdulaziz Billow

Press TV


  1. 275-Seats!

    – 70 Yes
    – 54 No
    – 39 clueless

    =163 – Members present where are the other 112-Members of this parliament?

    My god 112 missing members could mean the difference between "YES" or "NO".

    – Ahmed Ismail Samatar
    – Ali Khalid Galaydh
    – Sado Cali
    – Abdi Wali
    – all the Dirta-Waqooyi

    Where are they? are they simply there to collect the $3000/month pay cheque?

    🙂 Maybe we should all collect that money and steal from the starving children in Moqadishu???

    • These people you have mention they are the shameful and disgusting people from Somaliland and they like to sacrifice there people for their self-interest the blood suckers and they are Useless and meaningless people.

    • buxis.

      Your comment becoming more by the minute laughingstock. do your calculation, if 163 present out of 275 than other 112 not necessary need to be present because already MAJORITY are present understood mate……

      • Listen you dimwit this is the reality:

        – 70 Yes
        – 54 No

        The difference between the votes = 16 people.

        So an additional 16people can make the difference to accept a 2013 Government budget of $100Million "YES" or "NO"…

        If 16 people can reject that $100Million and instead change budget to $50Million for 2013 then 1.5Million IDPs in Moqadishu can have more projects to safe their lives instead of giving $millions to a government of Dayusbaros who all live outside the country!

        16 people can vote "YES" or "NO" and save 1.5Million Idps!

        • No No your not reading between the lines. 159 voted YES, 3 voted NO, 1 did not VOTE. so, the BILL pass. to fix mogadishu IDPs problem will take five to seven years. let's talk about Hargeisa council they don't even pay Garbage collectores.

          • Reading between the lines is subject for interpretation. Buuxiye has point and you don't..
            If you want talk about Hargeisa. Well, at least Hargeisa's residents are living in peace unlike the ones in Mogadishu, you can't put a price tag on peace..Hargeisa's waste management is an issue for now but it's not a major one..

            Everything in this world is run by priorities..As one reverses his/her priorities the sooner cascading adverse effects occur. If you don't agree with me, you may want Google the on chronological events in Somalia over the last 21 yrs.

  2. Maybe you have inside information ComeAgain
    but we the rest of Mankind never heard of that
    big MP’s Salary ! So why don’t you stop coming up with some new BS everyday !

  3. I agree with the lawmakers. We need to focus on security and rebuilding all the security forces. Secure nation means more fund and cash flow for everyone. Huge Diaspora return, investment, visitors, embassies reopening, more taxes, more businesses, more jobs, more happy citizens and overall healthy nation.

    I congratulate the Somali MPs and I hope the Somali people get behind them because security should be number one priority.

  4. Yep MP are right Just look at How the SNA used to love Farmaajo
    a Man that pay them Regularly every month !

  5. When will this parliament free Somalia from Amisom and other kenyan/Ethiopian military
    fighting inside the country? Somalia aint a free sovereignty country for as long as it remains
    under the yoke of foreign enemy powers.

  6. The estimated budget is slightly over $100 million for 2013.. Where is Kinsi-Sheegato (kayse)?
    Can you explain this, please?

    I thought Turkish government alone poured over $500 mil into Somalia last year, let alone the multiple donations it had received last year from Western Europe, USA, Canada and Arab oil cartels.. As I said before Somalia Is a worthless money pit place..

    • Its clear you don't know anything about economy. You can't even tell the difference between budget BILL and GDP. Somalia's GDP is $7 roughly by now and its government expenditure is $107 million for 2013. Mogadishu airport and port alone are producing this budget bill and soon when the government expands to the other areas and regions including Kismayo….it will reach close to its GDP.

      I can't teach you economy dude I have already taught you guys enough.

      • Somalia's GDP is roughly $ 7.. as you wrote, I rested my case Mr. economist. Please don't write back you have forgot a few zeros there in the front of the 7..if that is the case you must have untreated dyslexia.

      • kismayo addmin will keep 75% revenue it generates and give the rest 25% mogadishu, those days are over when one city use to collect all the revenue. ppl in jubbaland will never accept that. forget about delegaton from hassan NGO in reality ppl in kismayo are not interested.

  7. i can see the start of the ending of the new federal president…..federal what a joke.
    lets be frank hamara is doomed for ever.
    keyse keep on dreaming

  8. I wonder why Somali people are so dumb and evil. Wallahi some people here rather choose tribe than Allah swt`s Deen. I tell you who will be doomed forever, your black @ss if you don`t follow your Deen.

    `Abdullah Ibn `Amr reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: "The merciful are treated mercifully by the Merciful. Be merciful to those on earth so that Allah will be Merciful to you in the heavens." [Note: Reported by Al-Tabarani, Al-Muntaqa, No. 1322, and Al-Haisami. vol.8, p.78]

      • last time i checked every human being have a @ss thats what i mean by @ss. Call on of your female family a scumbag.

        • Somali Queen, i really appologise for calling you a scumbag and i really wish if you can forgive me sister.

      • Ilyas,
        What's wrong with you bro, Somaliaqueen is only talking slang while reminding us about Allah, what's wrong with that niggar 😉

        Thanks Somaliaqueen 🙂

        • Amal, there is nothing wrong with the slang words, accept they could be very wrong in the wrong context. Tell me, if you were a doctor in a hospital, does it sound right to tell your patients "show me your @ss"? Same thing, when talking about deen (hadiths and quraan), we need to choose the right words for that contexts. almighty allah and his messenger are proioritised over anyone on this earth. In every language, there are words that give similar meanings, but one categorised to be polite and the other one categorised to be rude;
          Hope you got the point

          • Yes Ilyas, I know what you mean and personally I don't like to use slang too except when I'm joking with someone but that's just how some people express themselves and it's also rude to just call your sister in Islam scumbag and names in order to correct her or advice her.

          • Typical Faqash abusing his own sister!

            Failes fool, from a failed family who are refugees from a failed foreign country.

            No wonder they need Amisom to help Father their next generation 🙂

  9. The whole concept that an AMISOM peace keeper can make $1,200 per month while Somali army cadres are not paid salaries for months is not only wrong but is also unacceptable. Also for a parliamentarian to earn $3,000 per month in a country where the children and women starve and the national army is neglected is beyond comprehension and betrayal.

    We need drastic action on the part of president Hassan Sheikh and Somali lawmakers to reverse this untenable situation. The international donors to Somalia must realize that Somali unity and stability can not be restored and sustained by funding foreign armies; it is about time they lifted the armies embargo against Somalia and fully equipped functioning defence forces.

    • @Allemagan

      The problems with you southerns is that you all ways expect others to providing with things you should be doing yourself. If you cannot see that no external entity can provide you with "Unity and Stability".

      Somaliland faces the same arms embargo, but you will never hear a Somaliland Soldier not getting is monthly salarly.

      If Somaliland has been doing this with there meager budget, why hasn't the south which has had billions of dollars over past 20years, not been able to achieve this?

      This is absolutely tragic.

    • Some of your question is valid but others not, somali parliamentarian gets $2,000 not $3,000 they don't even get every month. Hassan gurguurte he's also part of the problem or sleeping, to build broken society he should be tackling the root cause of this problem instead he is heading opposite direction.

      Every normal real somali person knows Somalia as a whole including self autonomous states are under trusteeship. the big question how somalia stand own feet? it's simple and square GOOD honest leadership, a leader who can reach all somalis not create more confrontation among the somalis sit with them discuss all issues.

      Lifting arm embargo at this stage in somalia is very very deadly, why? because first somalis have to come together sort out all obstacles. it's very possible to do that all it needs straight forward leadership.

    • I agree with you on this because this show there is no priority for this administration. If I was the president, I would not pay more than $1500 to this parliament who are mostly uneducated and give more money to the men and women who are putting their lives in the harms way to protect Somalia including these so called Parliamentarian FOOLS. Who dare can they ask for almost $3000 a month while the men and women fighting for this country don't even have the bandage to clean their wounds. Mr. President, with respect, please put your priorities in place unless and take care of our army otherwise you are telling us that it is a payback time and you are paying them back with the vote they gave you.

  10. My Allah give us his raxma. We somali ppl have been going through very difficult time and the sad thing is it looks like it will go on for many more yrs.

  11. horta is it just me or Jawari looks like Santa Claus? Odayal usually put Xine on their hair and beard right? lol I guess politicians are different.
    plus absolutely agree with the policymakers no more Dalxiis they've got a lot of other things to focus on…

  12. The Biggest Scams on Earth Work like this.

    A Somali politician gets in contact with a Turkish politician and they agree to work together to make some easy and quick money. Turkish politician will campaign in his country to convince his government to allocate an allowance of $500Million to Somalia.

    The Somali politician will assure the Turkish politician Somalia is a perfect place to allocate those funds as it is even easier to siphon the bulk of that money back out of the Failed state.

    Turkey commits to transfer the funds to Somalia's hands where a few are in charge of it's keep they in return transfer 50% of it to foreign accounts belonging to the the Turkish politician and the rest into their own accounts and the case is closed.

    The Turkish politician one of many of them share that $250million that they would otherwise never earn in their whole lives and the Turkish population and government are made to feel good that they donated funds to a Failed state and helped feed starving refugees.

    The Somali politicians split the remainder transfer it to foreign accounts and the Somali Idps are fed on Expired Grain provided by the World Food Program and everyone is happy… There will never be an inquiry, there will never be any form of prosecution or accountability and these men will return in future to contest for the highest office in Somalia so as to siphon more funds.

    Only question remaining is 🙂 Which country is NEXT???


    The founders of SNM never wanted a secession from the south. The evidences of that are first the name itself. If they wanted a secession, they would have chosen ''Somaliland National Movement'' instead ''Somali National Movement'' as their movement name. The SNM (Somali National Movement) and the USC (United Somali Congress) which Aidid was the chairman were two allied movements who had one agenda, which was fighting the injustice military regime. But ones the the military regime was defeated, self interest seeking separatism individuals high-jacked the SNM movement and changed it from fighting injustice to a separatism movement. Even the late Somalia Prime Minister Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal tried to steer the SNM back to its original path when he became the President of North-Somaliland region of Somalia. Even one of the SNM high-jackers (Abdirahman Awale) who became the leader of it to, quoted this about Egal: "when he says he is for independence, it is for local consumption only''. And it is for that reason only why the so called independence was supported by all the clans in the north. You can even found in youtube, videos were by original ''Is@@q'' SNM members (not the high-jackers) clearly stating that the north would not have or seek a secession from the south ever.

    To the young brainwashed ''Is@@q'' brothers and sister. Pleas do seek the truth. The many ''Is@@qs'' who died to keep the unity of Somalia are millions times more than those who who brainwashed you guy's with a separatism agenda.
    It's a shame what many men of SNM fought and died for are being flipped and changed by men who never shed blood, sweat or tears for the movement.

    • This article was about the failed state of Somalia and it's ParLourMent of which 112 will never sit in on the most important VOTE. The Vote to decide wether the Government allocates itself $100Million for it's own use…

      Stop Crying SNM and Somaliland when Moqadishu has 1.5Million IDPS who are staving to DEATH while Men and Women who live in the USA are getting paid $3000/Month to play the game of politics.

      Making false assumption about SNM and Somaliland will not save Somalia or it's starving refugees. Instead you should focus on educating your filthy politicians and perhaps yourself to forget about the STATE of Somaliland republic that has the MAJORITY opinion to Remain on a course for INDEPENDENCE and TOTAL political DISSOLUTION of the JUL1960 UNRATIFIED Union to form Somali-Republic.

      You people without consulting Somaliland MAJORITY have already formed a Somali-Federal-Republic and as a consequence the Somali-Republic is already a dead Entity. The proof that the Somali republic is DEAD and buried is in the fact that:

      – Somali-Republic has been replaced by Somalia-Italia's = Somali Federal Republic.
      – NEW constitution that does not represent the Somaliland Majority.
      – 2-STATE dialogue process.
      – NEW government does not give 50% political power to Somaliland.

      SNM-JADIID will be born soon and they will not stop at the borders between Somaliland and Somalia. There will be a NEW agenda of total collateral destruction of Somalia-Federal-Republic [SFD] with the colonial borders of Somalia-Italia.

      20,000 Ina Godanes with only a single objective to extinguish out of existence the Horn of Africa Rodents!