A 3G network has been launched by Somalia’s leading telecommunication operator Hormuud Telecom to allow mobile and computer based users to enjoy the fast internet service.

At a press conference during the launch, Hormuud Telecom chairman Mr. Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf said the 3G network would play a pivotal role in the development of Somalia’s recovering economy. He said after overcoming many obstacles they were pleased to have succeeded with the company’s yet most ambitious project.

The official added that Hormuud Telecom was bridging the digital divide between Somalia and the world. He used higher education as an example saying that with the new technology it was now possible for local universities to connect with international institutions. He explained the services and features to media and attendees in Saturday’s launch in Mogadishu’s Shamo Hotel.

Mr. Yusuf reiterated that Hormuud Telecom Somalia remains as one of the leading innovative operator in the country, which already provides services such as E-Voucher, EVC, EVC Plus, GPRS and international roaming. Apart from this, the company offers landline and mobile banking system locally known as ZAAD Services.

Based in the capital Mogadishu, Hormuud Telecom is estimated to have $40 million working capital with over 600 shareholders and is the largest telecom operator in the country.



  1. Some separatists will not like this news because every positive news from the south means, no one will believe that they are "the only peaceful region" anymore and no backpackers to listen to their delusional minds.

    Hormuud, Telesom and Golis are all the same and are the company Dhiigshiil closed and robbed aka Al Barakat.

    Al Barakat owner, was a genius and smart business man and Dhiigshiil couldnt beat him so they conspired the terrorist charges but that is now on its own door steps. What goes around comes around.

    Unlike Dhiigshiil who rely on Garadag habar and few South Sudanese, Al Barakat tycoon was a smart man who still puts Somalis first regardless of clan and politics. For example in the north he gave them Telesom, in central Golis and Hormuud for the south. Majority shareholders of Telesom are northerners, Golis shareholders are mainly central and Hormuud is to give back to the south.

    While Dhiigshiil simply thinks people don't see their naked war against Somalis and hate for Somalia. Until now its not clear why Somali government lets them to operate in the south? It only shows the tolerance from the southern brothers. I know when they addressing southern users they simply refer to them as "reer hamarka xuun".

    Mohammed Sulaymon Barre was the mastermind that Dhiigshiil used to close down Al Barakat, which had no ties to no terrorism. God knows this and He will repay back Dhiigshiil its deeds. Don't be surprised if its closed and you loose your money.

    "Barre explained that the two hawalas were competitors, and that when al-Barakat was suspended, its former customers shifted their business to Dhiigshiil."

    Furthermore: 9/11 Commission cited 'No Direct Evidence That al-Barakaat Funded Terrorism' and that 'The FBI agent who led the second U.S. delegation said diligent investigation in the UAE revealed no “smoking gun” evidence— either testimonial or documentary — showing that al-Barakaat was funding AIAI or al-Qaeda." All fake propaganda generated in the Hawala offices of tribalist Dhiigshiil.

    On 17th Feb 2012, all of the al-Barakaat companies were finally removed entirely from the terror list and the case of al-Barakaat was closed as it was delisted by the UN Security Council al-Qaida Sanctions Committee. The delisting included al-Barakaat Group of Companies Owner and CEO Mr. Ahmednur Jim'ale along with all of the 17 listed entities associated with al-Barakaat Group of Companies including Barakaat Bank of Somalia, al-Barakaat Exchange and Barakaat Telecommunications Company

    I congratulate Hormuud and Jimaale, who is Duduble btw and many of my friends are indeed.

    • @ kayse

      I am pure mogdishu person, Hormuud is still under the watchful eye of IC for many reasons. one thing is for sure Hormuud will only have small % communication sector other semi-autonumous states accept Haw!ye control areas. so, don't sell hormuud to other somali community.

      • This is a Al-Qaida Company funded on the proceeds of the $dollars made from the deforestation of Kismanyo and the Jubba valley.

        It won't be long before it gets shut down!

  2. Who would believe Kayse the liar ..now he's saying that the US Govt of 9/11 were influenced by
    dahabshiil remittance tycoon business reputed company whose business is globalwide.
    Sahra mj tata and ayanle dhulos keep clapping for the bs of Kayse dissident looma ooyaan.

      • lool horta bro ma tahay ayanle dhulos-kii paltalka ku dhuusi jiray marku hawiye=ho magahayo?

        • paltalk it look like you've never work day in your life haa and what is it with this obsession you have men's behind farting thing come to think of I don't want to touch it goodness gracious this beyond weird!!!

          • @Mohammad Cheers
            What I said before was rude and disrespectful please discard it….!!!!!!!!!! This comment was below the belt. Accept My apology.

    • Who should we believe sheep like you who would do listen to anything. There is a term for people like that, they are called gullible or a man like Kayse who doesn't sugar coat the fact of reality. Kayse is a man who says what he believes and believes what he says without hesitation. Furthermore He analyzed the situation deeply and realized there really is no hope and after all that wasn't easy for him those are his people and this is where he comes from. Lets use common sense which side would be more believable. I would leave that you to ponder.

      Ciao 🙂

      • loool Ciao you have the styles of Yusuf aka Abraham…am I off track again and in for another
        big bang?

  3. Folks, What happened to the Djibouti-Somaliland Somcable affairs? What's the latest progress

  4. Cadnan, Tribalism is something that is not going anywhere in our history, but speculate the tribes of other readers on this side is rubbish. The reason why everone is skeptical of Hargeysa is of their so called state and policy on Ishaaq and Daarod…acording to them we are primitive compared to them. Mogadishu and Bossaso are just as beautiful and I am Darood. So in conclusion remember stop teasing Daarod and Ishaaq , just because they are working hard while the hawiye only have Hormuud and Lido beach.