Journalist Abdallah Maydaneh Okieh, Voice of Djibouti, arrested by the police yesterday 1 May 2014 to 8 hours before the Labour Exchange of the capital, while preparing to cover the celebration of the International Day Djibouti work, has been held incommunicado since then. Neither his family nor his other relatives do not know where he is detained. It is thus deprived of food and water and has no access to his lawyer or doctor. His life is in great danger. Hence our warning towards all organizations for the defense of press freedom and human rights for his release. He should be released immediately and unconditionally since it is completely innocent.

We recall that the journalist Abdallah Maydaneh Okieh was distinguished by Reporters Without Borders as one of the 100 heroes of the information. A follow very closely.


USN \ LVD Alert: Workers arbitrarily detained Nagad in hunger strike


The fifty workers brutally arrested yesterday by the police while they were preparing to peacefully celebrate the International Labour Day before the Djibouti Labour Exchange located in downtown of the capital, only women, 34 in number , were released yesterday evening. Men, at least fifteen according to our information, remain in detention. Ten of them languish in administrative detention center Nagad managed by the police. These include Kadar Abdi Ibrahim, a university professor, legitimate member and leading member USN USN, Farah Ofleh, teacher and part USN, Abdi Doubad Darar, unemployed and activist USN Yacin Moussa Ahmed says Garaudy, unemployed and under USN Idriss Barreh Abdillahi, unemployed and USN activist Mohamed Farah Boo said Sahal, student and youth activist USN. These prisoners began a hunger strike to protest against the arbitrary arrest and the hardness of their conditions of detention. The case of Ahmed Moussa said Yacin Garaudy, asthmatic, and Farah Ofleh, is worrying.

The lives of these prisoners Nagad is in danger. We urgently appeal to organizations defending human rights for their immediate and unconditional release. A follow very closely.