The Late Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal“President Egal was one of the most lucid leaders of Africa and the horn, a man who left us with hope and inspiration”

In any nation, there are citizens who recall and appreciate the life day’s legacy of the people who contribute the good cause and make difference to the lives of others.  The people of Somaliland reacted with shock as the news of death was announced as 3 may, Friday afternoon in 2002. And this month is the month which will mark one of our saddest and hideous turning points in our lives.  Each of us will remember that moment; the bad news comes to where we were and what we were doing.

Mr. Egal was stalwart pillar in the existence of the Republic of Somaliland, and he always has a man who promotes peace and democracy where choes is the dominant factor. He was sociable person who injected new meanings and dignity in to the veins of Somalilanders. His veracity and deep commitment to principles in which he believed made him an exceptional figure in the political spectrum.  And if ever somebody was to be given the title of humanity and good nature, then he was the soul of it.

He showed by example what can be achieved through the hands of people. I can testify to his success, to his process of disarmament and reintegration. His government had taken on the task of collecting weapons from private hands and possessions. Heavy arms were surrendered to the government in 1994. Then, the clan militias and SNM fighters were recruited in the national army. Substantial numbers of militia were registered with the government and they took their role as military, police and custodian force in a bid to restore law and order and sustain peace.

In fact the disarmament and re-integration brought considerable progress in social transformation and as well as creating a better life for the people in Somaliland. This DDR process has initiated a more stable environment that passes the ex-combatants into a new life of making civilian. In the provision of Disarmament the government started for supporting war widows, physically and mentally disabled and handicapped persons to access social services. Somaliland’s Disarmament Demobilization and Re-integration became one of the best managed and effective DDR processes that were implemented in Africa.

President Egal has left us a proud legacy and has placed our country irrevocably on the road to progress. That was why Somaliland has accomplished a viable progress and phenomenal development in political, educational and democratization without substantial foreign aid and as well as set a true example for many societies and countries around the world which are internationally recognized and receives more extensive support to the world communities. He was one of the most lucid leaders of Africa and the horn, a man who left us with hope and inspiration.

Men like Egal are so rare, that when they leave the world, they leave behind a living legacy. When the history of this country is written for the future generations every young person will have to say we lost a kind, thoughtful and gentle father. And all the young, that grew for many years of his era would understand, he is not only a hero but a legend that bring unity among the Somaliland community.

At last, we have a great pain for the loss of our lucid leader. And the fact that he had passed away does not mean he departed from our lives. The passage of time has not healed our hearts and as life and memory last, we will remember you and you will remain deep in our living memories for the rest of our lives.  May his legacy remain as a guiding light to the brothers and sisters of beautiful Somaliland! May Allah rest his soul and give peace in Jannah.

Written By: FarhanAbdi Suleiman (Oday)
Phone: 252 – 2 -4401132


Farhan is a Social Worker and Youth activist in Hargeisa. He holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Hargeisa and also postgraduate Diploma in Peace building & Conflict Management at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) in University of Hargeisa.