MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Jubbaland Diaspora Association urges the international community for now to facilitate more political dialogue among different Somali groups rather than to lift the arms embargo, which will be a recipe for disaster in Somalia currently.

The country is reeling with terrorism, piracy and human rights violation across the board, further more; the Somali national army is not unified and thus reflects as it is now clan composition given the reconciliation process in limbo.

The Jubbaland Diaspora Association appeals to the international community and US government to be careful not to ignite another deadly civil war in Somalia by arming a faction under the auspices of Federal government which is still in process. This will only put life back again into terrorist groups, and warlords now on the run and yet still active and deadly in Somalia.

Somalia is still in divisive political deadlock and current government is yet to take steps of reconciliation to narrow the gap in accordance of the federal constitution unanimously adopted by the parliament.

SOURCE The Jubbaland Diaspora Association



  1. I wonder who the hell is Jubbaland Diaspora Association? I guess they are few Khat chewing welfare collecting individuals, Somalia needs the weapons to defend its borders and people. The weapons are needed to defeat the terrorists. SNA or Somali National Army had every clan amongst it during the former government so we are not gonna worry about clans now. We wanna rebuild our country and bring back peace. Jubbaland, Puntland, Hiirranland, Somaliland, All these are irrelevant.

    • Ahmed bro Somaliland is a different ball game. All the others are the same Somalia.
      Man get your maths righted!

    • Ahmed with many names.

      JUBBALAND DIASPORE ASSOCITAION is the Organisation that represent the majority people in jubbaland. need to understand that if not you will SOOOOOOOOON. They don't need moryan+ crazzy folks with diluted life's.

  2. Why not use Somali Diaspora Association as a group? Your name suggests your divisiveness and sectarian tendency of obfuscating the issue. Your fear of a strong Moqadhishu-run government is unwarranted and uncalled for. The more I go to Somali sites and read articles pertaining to the region, the more I realize that Jubbaland and Puntland people are for Somalinimo so long as their guy is running the show. Well, those days are long gone, buried 6ft under with MSB.

    Is this group inclusive of all the people that live in the Jubba region? If so, stop subjugating the Wagosha people, and rest of the Dir clans in the region. Do they realize that these Dir people have cousins in the north who are much stronger and bigger than any two-bit Jubba chieftan and his militia?

    • Jubbaland is 99% darood (Ogaden, Marhen and Majerteen) Wagosha are jareer folks from southern african. Arabs traders brought them as slaves they can't owned darood lands. most of them have voluntarily left back to their origin country Mozambique but some hardcores stayed behind for land grab they will be sorted out through forced evicted. Jareer are related to abgaal so they should live with them in mogadishu, lower shabelle or middle shabelle. PS stop your fabricating stories about Dir living jubbaland.

      • PG(PIS) bro looks lyk you have got it all screwed up? under which international laws
        Jubbaland is 99% OG,MR,MJ? Wagosha(Jareer) are Somalia and form ally with DIR Somaliweyn.
        Abgaal(Hawiye) are DIR DNA/Ally just lyk Isaaq. How many times I have to repeat that Somaliweyn are the two mainstream camps===Dir & Darod. That's how policies and politics of all 5 star Somalians
        been working all along in good faiths vs bad faiths.

        • @Mohamed cheers——Look whos talking? before you meddle in the affairs of jubbaland's minority shouldn't you be more concerned of gabooye? who are being tortured and abuse by the large Isaaq clans. In jubbaland the daroods respect the minority like timbal and boon but the somali Bantus are aliens, non somalis aka bantus they have a country to go to. And again there are no Dir or Hawiya found in jubbaland but there some rahanweym sub clan they live in upper Gedo in El wak along with the marhans.

  3. The Title is enough,,no lifting arms embargo for Somalia still in deep war zone crisis.

  4. The arms embargo will be lifted soon or later while the few habro separatists still hold on to the rusted ak47s they looted from the Somali government in 1990s. This time they will be hit with even heavier and more modern weapons…unless their voluntarily decide to walk back to Ethiopia and Tigray region where the Habashi Jelo (HJ) is originally from.

    Those who try to help them will also be held accountable.

    Make no mistake, Somalia will have access to modern hardware whether from NATO (thanks to Turkey) or the United States (already training SNA).

    You can cry about the embargo for now and beg its not lifted because you know Harta-Sheikh refugee camp v 2.0.

    • Your SNA are skilled in so far as raping your population. Soon you will realize that the same men who were beheading people in shabab are the majority within your SNA.

      Instead of lifting the arms ban why not:

      – Collect your 500thousand citizens from Darbi Yemen?
      – Collect all your 600thousand citizens from Dadaab Kenya?
      – Collect your 180thousand citizens from Dollo Ado Ethiopia?
      – Collect your 90thousand citizens from Dooxa Hargeisa?

      More weapons will only be used inside Moqadishu, i promise you not a single bullet will be used on anyone else. Beside arms embargo lifting will only benefit your Amisom Occupiers.

    • Bro you are talking absolute nonsense and childish. Somalia has passed the era of dictatorship and tirrany.
      We are currently in a divided country, the danger doesnt come from the state or seperated entities, but from the different clan millitias that still have a big influence in somali sociaty.
      Number one priority is to get real leadership and unify the national army and policeforce. Next to that we need real dialoge between the different entities and other stakeholders such as (aswj,sland, pland and maybe shabaab)
      We need to talk on national level, and not only rely on foreign elements.

      • Guled

        – Under Amisom you are New age Slaves!
        – If Amisom leave you will instantly implode.

        Pity your optimism!

      • I agree Somalia-federation is stupid and was failed for 22years for a good reason.

        Just because IC insists the end of the transition does not mean it will go from :::

        Failed-status —- To Super power-status


  5. @Jabuutawu.

    In your french camp mentality showes that one GROUP can create it's own association others should not. well, Jubbaland Diaspore Association is no different other somali Association exist. they represent majority inhabitant in jubbaland and no one can stop that. Wagosha,dir they are member of jubbaland community but they represent LESS than 7% population in jubbaland, they are not threat to anyone in Jubbaland.

    Reality is Mogadishu have no business those semi-autonomous states in somalia accept Good gesture, no one fear mogadishu moryan because today somalis know their territories will defend tooth and nail with no hesitation what so ever.

    You need to do research before commenting,OFCOURSE folks in Puntland and Jubbaland always stand somali unity it shows their CV. they are responsible creating current hassan NGO goverment and the future goverment in somalia, because they LAID THE FOUNDATION since Puntland help all the meeting. this is testimony whether they lead or not always ready unity of somalia, BUT in no WAY they will accept any MORYAN or french boot camp misleading policy towards somalis semi-autonomous states, they will be defeaded in the battlefield and world political erina that is for sure. folks in these two states live three different countries somalia,ethiopia,kenya, they are six million strong. i don't think moryan+some nottherns including french boot camp want mess around these folks. if conflict start it will become one of the longest civil war in africa.

    Let's rewind the tape little bit back, what Djibouti boot camp DONE for somalia in general since all somalis resque them from the Horror of french boot camp???????? statistics shows they done nothing ACCEPT taking sides, more than thirteen meeting help there The result was ZERO,NADA,ZIL.

  6. Somali arm embargo will remain for many reasons let's be frank here this is the list and WHY.

    . Somalis are not united

    . Current addmin in mogadishu not creating good atmosphere among the somalis, who want to arm one clan.

    . Somalis are tribal society, arming them we know what happen the last twenty years not good outcome

    . Still somalis in general have not learn their lessons, who wants to arm unstable people.

    . If arm embargo lifted the civil war can Ignite at any moment.

    . There is no one SNA, they all base on tribal line including s/alnd region and Puntland.

    This is the truth. it's unfortunate somalis sovereignty violated every time, but six figure question is, will arm embargo lift help or do more damage since now somali community tension is high? the answer is obvious

  7. Arms embargo was already lifted from our side. Come and visit Puntland Defence Forces, you’ll be surprise the media don’t show you. They armed to the tooth with the latest weaponry e.g fighter jets, night vision goggles, Tanks, latest Marine ships from EU and the United States intended to defeat piracy and extremism. We are stronger the TFG,S/land and Djabuuti combined, they musn’t interfere Jubbaland Government, or otherwise!!!!

    • Punt_king….What year do you still live in bro? There is no TFG any more. It's the Federal Republic of Somalia. An soon that army in Puntland region of Somalia and Somaliland region of Somalia will be all one army, as the the federal agreement shows. Honestly your comments are childish. The days of qabiils are over you idiot. Shush your mouth if you have nothing good to say.

    • Punt_king bro if true that's too bad and pretty scary for all specially Mogadiscio.
      Then your chief Faroole shouldn't worry uuuh! lol.

  8. The Somali government is trying to use its deplomtaic status to push these things through but lets face it. IC which is effectively interested countries will arm whoever they see it fit regardless as long as it serves their core interest which is eradication of piracy, extremism and in the proccess creating a peaceful region. West's interest is different from the niebhours as their interest is not solely restricted to piracy and extremism but have their own worries about the long term sattlement. Puntland was armed mainly because of piracy and Al -Shabaab to some extent.

    A simply solution to all these problems is to speed up the Somaliland recognition. The south will be forced to sort out their problems emidiately. This is the only way that can put an end to all these rangling within Somalia and it is the only way to ensure peace among all the peoples who live in the Horn. Every Somali knows that but their religious geeljiranimo is getting the best out of them.

  9. Somaliland has all along been riding the disorders and lawlessness of the South to propel their fruitless pursuit of independence and autonomy, which will as well vindicate the use and employment of brutal means like those despicable guys whom are lead by one of your own. Somalia is back and Somaliland is part of Somalia, it is Somali land. The over 20 years of false impression and fantasy is indeed coming to an end for the Northerners, you better swallow your humbles pies and integrate into the newly elected government or else you will be left out for the dogs.

    • What dogs?

      – Could you Faqash do any worse then you did between 1884-1988?
      – Indicate what army will fight for your Ideology without raping your instead?
      – Do you have the military weapons the Siyad had in the 80ies when you massacred 60,000 Somalilanders?

      Dude May Allah reward you and your country with what ever you hold in your heart fro Somaliland-Republic.


      • So I and the south massacred 60.000? For your information, there were Is@@qs who took part of that massacre because the army was one idiot.

          • Kaboon…Bro, honestly don't be like buuxiye. I know you are deep down better than him. Don't judge a tribe by what few did. Beside less be honest, there were Is@@q that took part of the massacres. The army was one bro at that time.

  10. I don't understand this typical DAROOD (qudhun) and mooryan mentality. There are millions of MOORYAN and QUDHUN starving to death and all they talk about is getting the latest weapons and competing with issaq. May Allah guide these inbred scum

    • Kaboon…looool, mate honestly no one is competing with you. What is there to compete? You are desert land, and for twenty years you could not even build Hargeysa into a city, instead of the village it looks like. muhahahahahahahahhahaha, we are laughing at you.

      • Truth1

        Hargaisa is 500 years ahead of that small village you claim is a city. Even xamar looks better then garowe which has seen no fighting. LOOOL i pity darood fools, issaqs and mooryan have left you in dust. There is even no competition.

        keep going on hawiye and issaq website while the rest build their homes

  11. Somali National Armed (SNA) must be restored and armed to the teeth. Only a Somali Government with strong military muscle can bring the squabble of the naked savages to an abrupt end; every warlord declares an independence and claims to be a head of a fictional country while others want to bring the piracy of the high seas ashore.

    Let us empower the Somali people to reclaim their dignity and nationhood.

    • SNA aka faqash army Will only try to destroy peaceful Somaliland but again Will fail ..quickly this time!

      • The neighbouring countries of Somalia will never allow a strong Somali army to be reinstated which could endanger their territorial integrities and stabilities, otherwise, people like Allemagan will find another opportunity to launch an all out war in East Africa as his Siad Barre did in 1977, so Somalia be allowed only to establish a moderate security forces. Also it is the duty of the IC to keep Somalia on watch at all times, as that place became a breeding ground for warlords, dictators, fanatics, terrorists, kidnappers, human trafficking, pirates etc etc.

        • @ john kwanka.

          We knoe your secessionist habashi idor don't hate behind computer screen and use john kwanka name.

        • @John Kwanka

          You want a peaceful East-Africa right ? well that day will only come when the 5 pointed star of the Somali flag is completed until then we shall not rest i promise you that.

          PS there will be a time when your slave master is no longer there to protect you remember this hadn't it been for them stopping us you Bantu Kenyans would of been inside Tanzania or maybe even further.

          • Kawanka,

            we could make same argument that Kenya should be disarmed because it presents grave danger for the stability of the horn incase the Kikuyo do not win coming elections. And by the way, those arms should inculde the MACHETTES and butcher knives as many africans tend to use those otherwise harmless tools as lethal weapons.

            Think about it my friend.

          • Kenyans are partying with the Marehaan and Ogadeen girls in Kismanyo and you are talking about harming Kikuyu shit for brains. Kenya has controlled your government since Abdullahi Yusuf and it is the only reason Faroole, Caalim, Gaas, Farmaarjo, Sharif, Sakin and even Hassan190 all go to do the Cimra in Nairobi with Imaam Kibiki RIGHT?

            Your people haven washed their own anus since 1991 without Bantu holding your hand.

          • Buuxiye,

            I don't know how old you are but I don't think you know how to choose your words. Language is vehicle of communication and exchange of ideas and only fools use it as an abusive tool. It seems that you are not capable of writing one complete sentence without talking about body parts and fufus (sic.).That is very sad Buuxiye.

            I said before and I will repea itt one more time that you don't have the character of Somalilander. Only a man who grew up in Kambo Amxaaro who was brought up by Italian nuns will use vocabulary such as "Af biicho" and anus in a public forum.You will not impress anyone with that colour language.

            Let me tell you Buuxiye, you are assuming anyone who defends Somali unity or is pro-Somalia is from southern Somalia. I am more Somalilander than you will ever be Buuxiye. One of the leaders of the 7 parties that ran for the recent municipal elections is my brother yet I refused to even campaign for him. I simply refuse to accept the division of my country and my people along tribal lines.

            Curb your enthusiasm Buuxiye and choose your language appropriately because a man is only worth his word.

          • Allemagan always so pitiful ur comment . Dont claim ur are from Somaliland and go spend ur time in ur Zoomalia. No more BS somalinimo love, it is over..Viva Djibouti, Somaliland and Zoomalia state and 2 regions occupied by bantu and habashi.

          • Allemagan/kayse.

            Hold on your horses mate, you yourself insulting (kaabo Amxaaro suburb in mogadishu), they are more civilize well behave folks live in Kambo Amxaaro than compine all of Hargeisa full of garbage city. did you know Kambo Amxaaro produce international well known athletic such as Abdi Kuus best defender soccer player in east africa 1980-1986, Jeylaani voted best goal keeper in africa 1981-1985, Ali jaango best three point shooter basketball player in africa voted 1979-1986. all these lads were born and raise Kambo Amxaaro.

            Well, buxiye the guy has twisted mind probably escape mental institution.

          • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Ali tuni, right on the money. these folks don't know these athletic, most of were NOMAD those days.kkkkkkkkkkk, thanks for remind us good old days.

          • Ali tuni

            You got me there mate. I am sorry that I inadvertently insulted the good people of Kaambo Amxaard by equating them with someone like Buuuxiye or by implying that they behave certain peculiar way. I know that is not true of our folks in Kaambo Amxaaro. I also apologize to any Italian nuns who may be offended by my insensitive comment. I take it back.

  12. Too those anti Somali Somalis that use clan as a sheet cover your days are numbered the Arms Embargo will be lifted so keep taking your frustration on sites like this

    • 🙂 Well in 1991 you inherited the STATE weapons and see what you achieved with that amount of weapons without discipline?

      You may have less weapons now how ever your people in Moqadishu Idp camps will only sell the weapons to Shabab and considering that a large proportion of your people flib-flob between government and shabab any weapons given to you people will one day be used to destroy Kenya and Ethiopia.

      What guarantees can your neighboring countries have that your ill-disciplined rapist officers will not sell the weapons to Terrorist groups?

      • These non stop developing stories for the last few months has got to you i can feel it mohahahaha keep repeating the same things till you find yourself as the weird lonely boy in the corner

        • I am not the one that has a President that can't go to the toilet without a Bantu holding his Cawra!

          Muahahaha 🙂 I am not the one raping or molesting all your children. The future generation of your failed state will all have deep mental problems.

          Go debate about that instead of personal attacks… 🙂 biach nigger.

  13. Kawanka,

    we could make same argument that Kenya should be disarmed because it presents grave danger for the stability of the horn incase the Kikuyo do not win coming elections. And by the way, those arms should inculde the MACHETTES and butcher knives as many africans tend to use those otherwise harmless tools as lethal weapons.

    Think about it my friend.

  14. The fact that the US government now recognizes the Somali government as legit means it will pave the way for more aid, funds, resources and the lifting of the arms embargo because new US iniatitives will include military aid.

    This of course scares the left overs from Siad Bare's war and by that I am talking to the Gambela widows and their sons.

    Make no mistake all odds are always against you because you chose to cry after few Habashi and ex-British meat buyer. Your the untouchables of Somali society, no wonder you want to runaway and cry in your self-imagined nation.

    SNA is coming under the son of Garhajis man aka Kayse mohahahahaha, separatists have no place to flee not even Djibouti which closed its border.

  15. After twenty something years we are still talking about the same issues. The arm embargo will not be lifted anytime soon because there is no need for more weapons in Somalia now. We need more food, shelter, books, pens and other useful things to help the ailing Somali population. For those of us how live overseas please stop taking Somalia back to dark ages.