MOGADISHU, Somalia, January 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

Dahabshiil Group has donated $200,000 to help reconstruct the mental health unit of Forlanini Hospital, in Mogadishu.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, Dahabshiil Group will finance renovation works in the Mogadishu-based hospital, including provisions for an electric generator, water-reservoir tanks, an annex room for emergencies, two wards and administration and service blocks.

Dahabshiil CEO, Abdirashid Duale said: “We are delighted to make this donation to Forlanini Hospital. We’ve put together a facility that’s going to ensure patients are tended to in a spacious and conducive environment that will contribute to their treatment and well-being.

“The Hospital offers crucial services for its patients, so we are proud to make a contribution to help improve the delivery of its services.”

Forlanini Hospital, formerly known as the Laansareeti Hospital before the civil war, was historically a state-of-the-art facility and home to some of the country’s top medical professionals. As the country descended into war, the health sector and its infrastructure were completely destroyed. The mental health unit that once served patients from all regions of Somalia is currently an empty shell.

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it was difficult to get a clear picture of just how widespread mental health issues in Somalia were, describing data collection as “patchy”. The situation is worsened by the cultural belief that mental illness is caused by the ‘jinn’ and the ‘evil eye’, and is treated by traditional healers. People with mental health issues are often stigmatised, discriminated against and socially isolated. As such, Dahabshiil chose the Forlanini mental health clinic due to the important services it offers to mental health patients in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas.

Dr Yussuf Abdi Samow , Deputy Director of Forlanini Hospital, said:

“The newly completed wing of Foralanini Hospital will significantly improve the care and well-being of our patients. Dahabshiil’s contribution will hopefully serve as an example for businesses and the international community.”

Dahabshiil Group is renowned for committing millions of US dollars into its CSR programmes all over the world. The Group is proud to be one of the biggest investors from the private sector supporting hospitals and health centres in the Somali territories and beyond. Dahabshiil helps develop infrastructure while at the same time providing financial support, equipment and drugs. Health institutions that the Group has supported over the years include Las Anod Hospital, Bossasso Hospital, Hargeisa and Burao Hospitals and Mogadishu’s Kaysenay Hospital. All of these institutions are well known for their healthcare provisions.

Dahabshiil has been in business for over 40 years. Today, Dahabshiil is present in 150 countries and is the one of the largest private sector employer in the Horn of Africa. With offices in London and Dubai, Dahabshiil provides services to some of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organisations, including the United Nations, Oxfam, the Department for International Development, Development Alternative Inc. and Save the Children.


SOURCE Africa Business



  1. Dahabshiil Group is known for his well deserved donations for all goodwill purposes and this one is nothing exceptional.

  2. Cheap propaganda from Dhiigshiil…they know they can't survive relying on few habro and widows from Garadag so they are on one hand belowing up Mogadishu and on another trying to buy them with cheap offers like this one.

    Mogadishu residents and Somaliweyn for that matter know the true colors of Dhiigshiil and their little offers are better off in Garadag than begging us.

    Take it to where it is needed, the place that doesn't even have water and don't forget to take Ahmed Godane too.

    Somali government is rather to slow to allow this thugs to even operate on Somali soil. $200k is nothing when they pour in millions into their cousins Ahmed Godane and Afghani (Al Shabab).

    • Now days Dhiigshiil is financing "Africa Business" as its propaganda mouth piece after all the Somali media discovered the true Dhiigshiil, which is behind the killings of journalists, blackmail, fake lawsuits, threats….

      Let's see how long Africa Business can last with them.

      Garadag is the enemy of Somalia and their "donations" are not genuine donations, they just want attention.

      • 🙂
        Kayse aren't you Mr-Culusow that was taken to court by Dahabshiil layers?

        I see you are still bitter well for your information:

        Dahabshiil makes $millions every day from Somalia-federation and i am sure he owns all the prime properties and fertile lands in your country. 🙂 does that boil your insides knowing a company you hate owns most of your country???

        Please remain BITTER it kind of suites your complexion 🙂

    • Kayse bro I can see you are still very much alive and kicking around. mohahahahaha

      • hahahaha yeah I am still breathing man even though Dhiigshiil is trying to assisinate me but they forgot Australia is no place for terrorists like them.

  3. He doesn't spend that much or even close in Somaliland. The most I have seen him spend is 20,000 in 2012 and he is spending 10 times more in Xamar.

    • You are missing a point. This that you so downgrade – contributions to somaliland projects – is a sore point with Somalia citizens -and wrongly so. Dahabshiil helps in whatever, wherever it can – regardless of regions. Sorry!

  4. Dahabshiil company spends its money in Somaliland, Somalia and other countries it works in. And frankly speaking they are a private company and have the right to spend their money where they like. These people who waste their time talking about Dahabshiil as if it is a government are misguided. Just say good job for helping out a hospital in need.

  5. Like I said even if Somaliland fed the hungry in Somalia they still would nt smile. How can someone unite with people so full of ha te. That stuff is not healthy, its one thing to jo ke around on here but some of you make it a regular thing and makes some of us wonder about your mental stability.

  6. Well done! Dahabshiil does it again. No matter how the envious try, they can do nothing to derail Dahabshiil's lofty principles. People like nitwit Kayse should be talking about the thousands of others that offer not a dime to their brethren. Or is he in their pay?

  7. Now I got it, Keyse is really a rabies inflicted psychopath he needs to be locked up somewhere and the key thrown to the ocean. Good bye Olosow sh't!

    • LOL culusow must be an obese ugly dude rejected by a Somaliland woman!

      🙂 Sahra is a Somalilander i offer her to him.

  8. These kuffars consider the evil eye and the jinn a traditional belief and we don't want as muslims to follow such a path. We believe in all allah's creation, and that in includes jinn indeed. The what they called mental ilness caused by a jinn exist everywhere, but they don't understand what is the real cause because they don't know it. We know, because Mohammad PBOH has informed us about the evil eye, and jinn are clearly mentioned in quran.

  9. @wat the
    walaal please don't be ungrateful dahabshill did spent that much money on somaliland ask yourself how much did they spend on hargeysa university on camuud universtity on burco university on hargeysa stadium on burco airport and how maney masaagid did he build he doesn't spend that much on his togdheer regions but the man does help outside burco but the funny thing is i never see a rich person from muqdisho or hargeysa that is helping my burco

    • Sister, I am from Burco and I want him to spend more in the city. Who should build it before helping any other city. You see HW spending in Hargeisa and Gudobersi building Awdal which I don't mind. He should build his city first.

  10. This is just tragic this country oops I meat to say a delusional white trash village just keeps falling apart. It seems like ever Issaq dude wants to do a runner even the delivering milk guy who brings our five milk bottles in the morning has also disappeared.

    • Stop crying because issaqs are not feeding your starving women in garowe, after darood women are working as JAARYADO in hargaisa.

  11. From the next 12 hours, i want to hear 5 million thank you comments from mooryan and darood scum.

  12. Well done Dahabshiil! Helpong its people in any way it can is what good corporate citizen ought to do.

  13. Dahabshiil knows unlike its fanatic sides like Buuxiye and Co that after 20+ years of trying Sland chances of ever seceding is still 0 so is now trying its hardest to get back into the good books of Mogadishu.

    Well we tell them thank you very much but until you pass the ultimate test you'll forever be under the scrutiny of the Somali Union microscope

      • 🙂 pity the mother that carried a carcass for 9month hoping for a child…

        Somali union what is needed to achieve it?

        – 5-Independent Somali regions Djibouti, Somaliland, Kilil, NFD and Somalia.

        Kilil, NFD and Somalia are all under occupation!

        Djibouti has attempted to help the occupied 3-states.

        Somaliland is working to establish the 2nd independent state so as to increase the Somali influence. Real unionists if they had a brain would promote the equality of all 5-Somali states to have independence and sovereignty.

        Are you Anti-Unionist?

        • "pity the mother that carried a carcass for 9month hoping for a child…" has that even got an English meaning to it ? have you been bunking ESOL classes again sigh.

          Bro while your kind are trying to divide our people that speak the same language share the same culture and religion in this day and age our neighbors are sharing one country with 10's of different people that have different cultures religions and languages ?

          • Irir walanweyn ask that to somali Djibouti traitor that u welcome their soldier in ur ground,!shame on u.

          • Wallahi you people keep amazing me bro if you knew about the history of Djibouti you would of known that they were cheated out not once but twice from joining Somalia one was in 1958 which actually would of made them the first Somalis to have gained their freedom and then again in 1967.

            They also had a third referendum in 1977 now i don't know exactly what went wrong there but looking from a history prospective of how they were cheated twice suggest to me that in order to at least get rid of the French they maybe made a deal with the Afars to calm their fears of them joining Somalia by calling for an independence only and then maybe in the future have another but which by then then the Somali republic itself started to crumble with the first failed coup against Barre happening in 1978 and then afterwards guerrilla movements popping up starting with the SSDF in 1979 followed by the SNM in 1981 and then OG's splitting from SSDF in 1985 and forming SPM last but not least the USC in 1987.

            So this kind of rhetoric that the likes of you are jabbing about is nothing short from a slap in the face against great Djiboutian heroes like AUN Mahmoud Harbi and the majority pro Union Djibouti's that are still eagerly waiting patiently for Somalia to recover so that it can join am i right or wrong my Djiboutian brothers/sisters

  14. Kudos to Dahabshiil. Lest we forget the company also operates in Somalia and every corner of the globe. So, if it makes a donation to the sick in Mogadishu, it is a good thing. As for those who see a political angle to everything, were are Juba Express, Kaah, Amal, etc and their donations to the poor and devastated people of Somalia.

    And yes, Dahabshiil has invested heavily in Somaliland. With those short memories trawl throught the net for the past two decades and you will see for yourself, and no, I neither work, related to or being paid by Dahabshiil in order to tell the truth.