A high level Somaliland Delegation led by the minister of foreign affairs and international relations Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar has today met separately with the U.A.E minister of State for Foreign affairs Dr. Anwar Mohamed Gargash and Assistant Foreign *Minister* for Security and Military Affairs Faris Al-Mazroui.

The Somaliland delegation which consisted of three cabinet ministers namely Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar minister for foreign affairs, Hon Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan the minister of Presidency, Minister of Water, Energy and Water Hon Hussein Abdi Duale and the director general of Berbera port Eng. Ali Omar Mohamed (Ali Hor Hor) discussed ways to strengthen the existing cordial relations between the two countries.

The representatives of both countries discussed ways of strengthening of trade and military cooperation including the issue of expansion and upgrading of the facilities at the Berbera port by the Dubai Ports Authority a subsidiary of the Dubai world.

Somaliland Official assured their UAE counterparts that Somaliland is open for business and that any UAE national official who wants to invest in the country is welcomed to do so.

The UAE and Somaliland have developed close cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, the fight against piracy and regional affairs.



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  1. May Allah guide Somaliland-Republic to Full independence, Sustained peace and development.

    Caano Geel iyo Cafimaad for the people of Somaliland-Republic.

      • Hodan

        LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL they are wearing traditional arab clothing that has nothing to do with islam. Get education.

        • Kaboon, Hornid, Jaarso, Cabdiwali, ComeAgain and the like are Amhara who do frequently visit SomalilandPress for the sole purpose of widening the rift between Somali people. They are not Somali therefore do not address them as one of our own. Any Somali or a Muslim for that matter can not be confounded or confused by the traditional Arabian Gulf dress. If you push anyone of these Abyssinian savages to a corner, you will see them insult Islam and Muslims everywhere.

          Let us not engage them.

  2. What two countries? You know someone is stringing you on when they utter the name of a country that does not exist in reality and they say we are seeking recognition in the same breath. Are you a country or are you still seeking recognition? Which one is it? You can not have it both ways.

    Also, whenever you folks pay a visit to your relatives in UAE and talk to some Arab Sheikh about livestock trading business, youl come up with glowing titles such as his excellency, honourary and bilateral relations.; bilateral relations happen between two equeal entities.

    Can we come down to earth and for once and live in the real world instead writing fiction everyday?

    • There is a distinction between:

      Sovereignty & Recognition.

      Somaliland-Republic is Sovereign and that is undisputed by international community as it is happy to enter into binding contracts with the Government of Somaliland, We have a fixed population, Government exerts influence in Majority of our sovereign territory. There is no international dispute of Somaliland's historical sovereignty nor it's reclamation of it's territorial De-Jure Sovereignty.

      Recognition is a totally different ball game. Somaliland entered into a Union with another STATE in 1960 and since 1991 to 24-Aug-2012 the other state(Somalia-federation) has been a failed state with a transitional government. The government of Somalia-federation was neither responsible nor accountable to anyone. 2-United states share a "Recognition" under the banner of a unitary state since Somaliland-republic unilaterally dissolved the Union it was always inevitable to discuss the dissolution with their former partners. The reason being the 2-states shared wealth, properties, international dept, foreign properties, state assets suspended in foreign accounts, etc. There was simply nobody who was in a position for 22years of transition that could be reasoned with or for that matter no Government that could be taken to international courts. 24-Aug-2012 Finally transitioned ended and we were the architects that made it possible for the transition to end so as to maneuver you into a more favorable position… in addition we secured a pre-condition of a 2-state dialogue process which is non-negotiable.

      There was a time our Recognition would have ment we loose out a lot, the 22year delay means:

      – We get our share of the Union foreign held assets and properties along a 50/50 divide.
      – There is now a government that can borrow $Billions in aid t pay off the compensations owed to Somalilanders who lost their loved ones and properties at the hand of the Union-government.
      – The end of transition has created a greater opportunity for Somaliland-republic to launch a multi-phased dissolution package as compared to an empty recognition if it happened during the TFG era.

      🙂 Go ahead continue spew out vulgarity and inconsequential comments, Somaliland-Republic was leveled to the ground by air and ground bombardment by Government forces. 200-Mass graves with a minimum of 12 bodies each grave have already been uncovered the genocide of the government of Siyad barre is documented and anyone who wishes to claim to be the president of moqadishu must understand there are consequences and history that is to be resolved in the 2-state dialogue process.

      🙂 We want to make your government feel like Ali-Samatar.

    • I'm not sure whether you're being sarcastic or real, either way you sound a mediocre stand-up comedian.
      If you're confused as to why Somaliland is claiming a country status and in the same time asking for an international recognition,

      Well, before May 18, 1991, Somaliland was under the umbrella of Somalia, then the whole country had tumbled down to ground zero, now not only Somaliland is seeking a new status, Somalia is also actively campaigning for a new Somalia. The USA just has recognized Somalia as a government…

      We're awaiting when the USA invites Mr. Silanyo to Washington so he can put his power-point presentation on the screen as well.

    • One more thing, Allemagan, we're going to advice President Silanyo to have a clean shave before he arrives at Washington ..President Mohamoud looks like a homeless person with a suit and tie in the picture on the article pertains to Somalia..

  3. I seriously do not understand, and i am not joking about this, why does Somalia still wants us. We dont want to be part of their country yet they soooooooooooooo badly want us. It is for me really weird. If I were the president of Somaliland I would make sure that we get our recognition back. If they dont want to give us our recognition we really should get it with the hard way.

    • Well that's how the art of the game should work. If the transitional Federal caretaker Govt of HSM
      refuses to accept a 2way statehood solutions based on the dysfunction of the union of july 1 1960,
      "Somali Republic", under the international demarcation boundaries of the pre-union, then obviously
      the de jure Somaliland would be obliged to play hard ball like Djibouti.

      • Nobody cares what you do with your territory. But thinking that we will keep silent, and give you recognition and respect. While you try to walk off with a large chunk of land that does not belong to you is insane and unrealistic.So negotiate on genuine basis or stop talking nonsense and except there is recognition coming

        • Tell-me-what you want, tell me what you need that is a Bashment ridim from days long gone 🙂

          I personally want o become the Emir of Nugaal.

          Please address me as the "His Royal Emir Buuxiye"

          🙂 Let us start the negotiations

  4. Good news.Looking forward to further deeper contacts and bilateral trade relations on
    all fronts facilitating mutual benefits for both nations.

  5. One town in UAE (Dubai) held meaningless meeting no different to the many they conduct with Farole, Galmudug and Sahlu Sunna to discuss piracy, Somali issues, refugees and diraac trade as always.

    There is nothing new here and this "news" is nothing new at all, just google the website and you will see countless stories about these endless lies over the two decades.

    Nothing has changed. They said French firm was coming, where are they? They said Germans would building power stations, where are they? They said the Chinese will take over Berbera and install pipelines where are they?

    This is no different and tomorrow the separatists will ask the same question, where is DP?

    DP would rather invest in Kismayo or Mogadishu than an oven like Berbera that is maintained and only exclusive to one sub-clan.

    It's not even viable business when its next to Doraleh and Djibouti port…and Bosaaso….Las Qoreey…

  6. Buuxiye,

    One of the major stumbling blocks of reconstituting Somalia as a state is the existence of regional war-lords who declare clan enclaves as an independent states. Somaliland (sic.) is a perfect example of such anomaly as separation of northern Somalia is driven by some sectors of one clan.

    The British Protectorate of Somaliland was one of 24 territories that could not become viable countries. The British granted independence to Somaliland for the sole purpose that it will reunite with Italian Somaliland. Can we realistically expect for the triangle between Burao, Hargeisa and Berbera to become a viable country. Even if that little triangle was allowed to secede no one doubts that it will not survive without massive foreign aid and a constant handouts from the international community.

    No region has the right to unilaterally declare independence from an official union without going through the legal channels. Somaliland can not hold fair and free municipal elections. How can we believe or trust that it conductd a region-wide referendum without cooking the books. It is wrong for those who want to divide Somalia into enclaves along tribal ines to force their choice on those who do not want to be part of their misguided project.

    • Cont ….

      Also you claim that some cities in northern Somalia were bombed and some people were massacred and rightly so. But the burning question is who was responsible for those atrocities that you listed here. You cannot hold everyone from southern Somalia responsible for the actions of one mad dictator as you cannot blame all Syrians for the actions of Bashar Al-Asad today.

      We are all from one area of Somaliland or the land of the Somalis. Whether that happens to be in the south or north of Somalia does not matter. The fact that certain white men colonized one region or another of our country is irrelevant. At the end of the day, while the whole world is still stealing our fish our children go hungry and we are here we are squabbling like naked savages.

      Unity is strength. Separatism and division weakens our society. Let us all move forward and live in the present as one people.

      • Your weak appeal for unity is too little too late..Somaliland has been functioning effectively over 21 yrs.
        We have unwavering unity in Somaliland and that should be enough for us…If you chose to bury head in the sand like an ostrich, so be it..

    • Allemagan aka Kayse bro changing names and colors won't save your dark sickness and hatred for
      Somaliland and what it stands for. Keep moaning bcos there's nothing else you could harm
      this great nation and Country.

    • Buuxiye,

      You know that there is no two countries and Somali people is one community. You can entertain yourself about your imaginary 2-state solution which only exists in your mind. Cutting and pasting of the same few lines ad nauseum will not create a situation that does not have any bearing on reality but if that may help you sleep better in the night, so be it

      Saying that I will give you a plus on this one comment because it is the first time you talked about possible reconciliation of Somali people. Normally you heap insults on your fellow Somali brothern and sisters as you defend the Kikuyo and Abyssinians who do frequently visit this forum only for the sole purpose of keeping Somalia weak and divided.

  7. Good news

    UAE is the epicenter of business trought asia , africa and the middleast.
    The former president of BP Mr Tony (biggest oil company ) remenber the oil split in Louisiana offshore is also the close friends with UK prime minister and lord allen .
    Mr tony was in Dubai this week with somaliland Minister of Water, Energy and Water Hon Hussein Abdi Duale .

    The relations between Somaliland and UAE based on cooperation , military , fight to extremisms is welcome.

    Already Britain and US are working the states solutions.

    • Are you emarti no you are a somal citizen with no citizenship in a arab country. Why do you hate the western world they give out citizenships then these animals.

  8. Since when does wearing a man dress make you a mu s lim? So a c h r i st i a n bishop who also wears a man dress is mu s lim now? Really? In that case maybe 50 year old men should be m ar ry ing 9 year old's cause you know thats Is l a m i c too!

    • @comeAgain
      it's okay for you, for 90 years old christian tourist to sleep around with your 9 years old black short sister.which of the two appeals to you.my guess is the 90 years old tourist,my choice is 50 years old muslim marrying my 9 years old sister.which is cool now.good for nothing creature

  9. Sorry what did you say because i didnt understand your point. I mean seriously you are joking right? Do we Somalilanders want to take garowe or bossaso. Somaliland had and have a territory before we joined Somalia (Italian collognized Somaliland). We dont want your land and you must stop wanting our land. If you want our land than we definitely want also land from Somalia. We can play that little game too. Negotiations of what exactly? Talk about peace and understanding but don’t talk about land because that will never happen or it will happen and will get also land from Somali. Talk about when and not about the recognition or we will get out recognition one way or the other. And i really have a great Idea that the Americans want like it. But that will come if brotherhood and love that we have for all the Somalis that we wanted to join (it was our idea by the way after we got betrayed). Believe me if Somalia now divorce Somalilanf withiut problems gues which country will fight to protect and be on the side of Somalia everytime. Us Somalilanders. Why after all thatyou did to us, because you are Muslim too. And we share allot of history, not always good but we are still connected. And we are neighbours so we need to help eachother. But if we dont get our recognition from you guys (soon we will know because you guys have finally getting your act together with the new president) we make sure that we do after this talk. I will make sure.

    But let first give our officials a chance to ‘talk’.

    • Oeps mistakes in there I see, sorry about my English. It is my fourth language :S , But you get the picture, we want peacefull resolution or else face the outcome of your choices.

  10. Somalilanders and South Somalians pls come to sense and stop bugging the world. Respect the rights of your people and start working hard for a free democratic republics based on justice and equality with out foreigning interventions.
    Like peaceful brothers : Somaliland Republic and Federal Somalia. Other wise…………………..

  11. Amazing how Zoomalian have only learnt how to repaet European racially motivated discriminatory and insane logic to deny the rights of SL people. If they were developed beyond the the Mugga or the Boowe era, it would have made sense. However, they don't do justice to stupidity with their insane hatred. It is as though they have learnt nothing, but bad manners during their times in Europe and America.

    Zoomalia problems were due to a lack of development at social and economic level and nothing to do with abuse of military Aid since the majority of them could not eve use the weapons in a professional manner. That is why they had to hire white Zimbabwean to do the killings of civilians much more efficiently when they could not do it themselves.

    So for a Zoomali, everything he/she touches just fails. Everything he/she says just stinks.

    If such ppl can't even get the respect of other Somalis who understand their Boowe and Mugga languages, imagine what is in store for them regarding those they continue to run to for Aid and recognition.

  12. They there to get new diraac for Hirsi Gaab's marwoo and they trying to lie to us as if we dont have relatives in Dubai who know the truth including those receiving them. See as an Isaaq, I have insight information anaaga isku camiirna and it reaches us but we entertain reer Hamar with lies just to see their reactions. We build our own Burj Khalifa with lies thats why we are disaster after 20 years of lies, khat, Siad Bare scare tactics and grieving.

    This photos are to divert attention from the reality; from Zeila, Ahemed Dagah, Borama, Sool, Sanaag…the hawala tribal enclave needs every lie to keep the few remaining die hard tribalest loyal and jumping in limbo.

  13. These are there culture clothing and there some uncle toms who are defending arabs in this website yes that's hodon and ayanle.