WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will on Thursday officially recognize the Somali government in Mogadishu, ending a hiatus of more than 20 years and opening the door to increased U.S. and international economic help for the violence-plagued African nation, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce the shift during a meeting with visiting Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, whose election last year marked the first vote of its kind since warlords toppled military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson told reporters.

“When the secretary meets with Hassan Sheikh tomorrow, she will exchange diplomatic notes with him and recognize the Somali government in Mogadishu for the first time in 20 years,” Carson told a news briefing.

The United States never formally severed diplomatic ties with Somalia, whose slide into anarchy was highlighted by the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” incident which saw militia fighters shoot down two U.S. military helicopters over Mogadishu.

In subsequent years, al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgents seized control of large areas in the south and central parts of the country before Ethiopian, Kenyan and African peacekeeping (AMISOM) troops began a long, U.S.-supported counter offensive aimed at restoring order.

The formation of the new government led by Mohamud is the culmination of a regionally brokered, U.N.-backed effort to end close to two decades of fighting that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Carson said the U.S. decision to formally recognize the new government underscored the progress toward political stability that Somalia has made over the past year, including “breaking the back” of the al Shabaab insurgency.

“We are a long way from where we were on Oct 3, 1993 when Black Hawk Down occurred in Mogadishu,” Carson said.

“Significant progress has been made in stabilizing the country, in helping to break up and defeat al Shabaab. Much more needs to be done, but we think enormous progress has been made and we have been at the very center of this in our support for AMISOM.”

Continued security concerns in Somalia were highlighted over the weekend when French commandos failed to win the release of a French agent held by militants since 2009 during a helicopter raid in southern Somalia.


Clinton does not intend to announce any specific new aid packages for Somalia, which already receives significant U.S. humanitarian assistance for drought, famine and refugee relief, one senior U.S. official said.

But formal U.S. recognition of the new government paves the way for new flows of assistance both from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other U.S. agencies as well as from international actors such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

“The fact that we recognize a government there will allow us to do things through USAID that we have not been able to do before. The fact that we recognize them as a legitimate government will allow the World Bank and the IMF to do things that they would not have been able to do before. This is major and it is significant,” the official said.

Mohamud and his team met with senior USAID officials as well as World Bank President Jim Yong Kim during their trip to Washington, U.S. officials said.

The senior U.S. official said the United States did not have any immediate plan to reopen an embassy in Mogadishu but indicated that this could also eventually follow Thursday’s announcement. U.S. policy on Somalia is currently handled by a special envoy based out of Nairobi.



  1. This is great news for Somalia and will mark the end of the so called dual-track, a chaotic policy which only fostered the sectarian politics that beset our nation.

  2. My sources never lie !! anyways with this good deserved news expect Somalia for the first time sins its collapse to be able to borrow money from the IMF and the World Bank

    No more being depended on "DONOR AID MONEY" only expect also for the Arms Embargo to be lifted.
    Soomaaliyeey toosoo Toosoo isku tiirsada ee Hadba kiina taagdaranee Taageera waligiinee http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_iYHUDnf44gw/TCa7VDkupnI

  3. Black hawk down oct 3 1993. Continued security concerns in Somalia over the weekend French
    Commandos and Alshabab. No immediate plans to reopen Embassy in Mogadiscio. Business
    as usual through Nairobi Kenya. What that means is that no change in the US policy as far as
    the security concerns are not fully reassuring clear peace from the on-going warfares.

    • @Mohamed Cheer

      We are serious this time about the safety of Mogadishu and else where in Somalia.You think Somaliland will be recognised as long as the South Somalia is in crises.i bet you have not seen the news about the progress in Somalia yet,especial the warm welcome Somali president receives from Obama and Clinton.

  4. 🙂 We shall see if what is said on Thursday or for that matter borrowing $1Billion under the banner of the Somalia-Federal-Republic will help you salvage you sinking ship!

    USA is fully aware so are the rest of the international community on the mechanics of Somali politics and the main cause of it's total failure.

    1. Hassan Mahamoud gained his title as president in the biggest corrupt SELECTION process where he bought 190votes out of a total of 271 to secure the top position in the Somali-Italia-Federation.
    2. Access to World bank and Loans for which the Somalia-federation will be held responsible is rather premature and fraudulent to say the least. Since the state apparatus is not in place to protect misappropriation of assets and since the judicial system is ineffective to deter losses it is premature and irresponsible to allow unrestricted access to world bank loans.
    3. The USA stance and future policy must be sensitive to the UK initiated 2-STATE dialogue process to resolve the 2-STATE solution to disentangle the affairs of the 2-STATES that had the Failed 1960union.
    4. USA is entitled to Recognize the Vila Moqadishu government as a government SELECTED by the Somalia-federation that represents Somalia-Italia territorial borders that were gained upon independence from the Italian colonizer on 01-Jul-1960. However unless USA wishes to totally sabotage current progress and ongoing effort they must understand this SELECTED government in no way form or shape has the legitimacy to represent the former Somali-Republic which was born out of the Union of 2-Somali states namely Somaliland-Republic and Somalia-federation.
    5. Somalia-Federation is welcome to borrow all the money it so wishes however it is not permitted o borrow money in the name of the Somali-Republic as this would be an act of international fraud simply because the Somali-Republic ceased to exist 18-May-1991 when Somali-Republic was dissolved into two sovereign-states Somaliland-Republic & Somalia-Federation. In addition the Somalia-federation is not permitted to borrow money so long as it lays claims to territory belonging to Somaliland-Republic with whole there was once a Union that concluded in 1991.
    6. The most responsible course of action is to support the IC funded 2-STATE dialogue to a fruitful conclusion that respects the 2-Sovereign states involved and assists them with Legal experts, economic experts and necessary mediation that is required to fairly distribute the Somali-republic assets between the two former Union-partners so as to yield a 2-state solution where there is mutual respect and lasting peace that bolsters longer term prosperity and progress towards the regional democratization process.

    Anything else will simply play into the hands of those who prefer sustain chaos and strife for the region.

    • Brother Buuxiye, you keep on bringing up the union that took place in 1960, that is history. It was union between Somali States not outsiders. We came together and said " Kaana siib kana Saar". It was time when we celebrated as united Somalis with one blue flag. so coming back to my point the union that took place in 1960 was not a forced one, but rather one country that kicked out foreign army and united as one people. The world understands history and will never recognize a part of a country to be another country. If all separatists are allowed to succeed then all of Africa will split into small mini States. President Mahamoud might have been elected by 190 individuals' but he has the support of the majority of the Somalis who are tired of every clan claiming to be the rightfull owners of this land and that land. Somali is rising and its coming strong like it or not.

      • Tnx Mohamed cheers

        Ahmed i am sure you are busy freeing Kilil from Ethiopia and NFD from Kenya?

        I am sure you are in a hurry to replace the Au occupation that is sleeping in your bedrooms in Somalia?

        You want us to share your occupation and modern slavery?
        Why not simply respect our choice to be the only free Somali-state left?

        No thank you 🙂 i prefer you die alone since you volunteered for everything that is happening to you from shabab, ethiopio, kenya to amisom.

        • @Buuxey….You said, ''Why not simply respect our choice to be the only free Somali-state left?''….If you want people to respect your choices then first accept the choices of Awdal and KHaatumo. You can't play the hypocrite card and expect to get away with it.

          • Truth1,
            Awdal and Khadumo are in Somaliland territories geographically as well politically. I don't think the USA or Canada in that matter would appreciate if you suggest divisions among their citizens by using the same logic that you've implied for Somaliland.. No country in the world is free from internal issues. Somaliland is no exception.

        • Again Your not concentrating well somaliland region it is not ONLY state in somalia free from foreign intervention militarly also Puntland is.

          Kilil and NFD is totaly different topic don't mix up things here. "respect our choice", what choice, to give you fake independent letter it will not work even if Hassan NGO try to do it The IC will REJECT.

          I think you should bring plan B project because plan A failed so badly.

    • Gedo..calling the prime minister ''khat addicted'' while he doesn't even chew, discredit your whole comment.

      • if you are closer to him than me then you and me are related kkkkkkkk
        anyway he was chewing khat during election campaign unless he stopped last 3 months.

  5. This is bad news for the few grievers holding hostage to parts of North Somalia. I hope they understand they have no argument neither case. The IC don't see Libyans nor Syrians calling for the break up of their countries because of Gaddafi or Al Assad.

    Siad Bare war was no different.

    This is horrible news for the isolators, more isolation for the tribal enclave.

    US rules the world and what they say is what goes; UK has no choice but to extend the same political status to Somalia.

    God bless the Somali Republic and down all tribal enclaves.

    They can hide behind tribal democracy and all that BS but no one cares, for the IC its about who can return them investment and its clear where the money lays in Somalia——-> the South.

    North is not important unless your into herding and qaat.

    • Well siad Kayse, you are true nationalist. These people need to understand that we Southerners do not hate them, we always sent fresh vegetables and fruits from the South. We also suffered the same fate when the former regime unleashed his army, so no excuses to blame the civil war and the former regime. The separatists have a hidden agenda, they want to bring back the colonial rule, they wanna take us back to the 1900. But the good news is that the true Northerners understood that sick agenda and it makes me happy to see Fosia's face next to the Somali elected prisedent. Fosia understood that Its the best interest of her people to join her brothers and raise the blue flag.

    • Isaac are babies, they can not man up and forget the past combine that with khat . Siyad barre killed hawiye, darood, isaac, rahanwein. he killed every clan. By using isaac logic every clan must secede? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  6. don't think it's such a good idea of granting Somalia to have access for unrestricted USAID, world bank and IMF. The USA government and the rest of the world should be aware of the fact, the only significant change in Somalia since the Black Hawk Down accident was that the Mogadishu warlords have had picked up a few more sophisticated techniques in order to survive, nothing else.
    Where is Dr. Peter Pham when I need him the most so he can introduce Mr. Mahamoud to Mrs. Clinton in the initial meeting? That'd be interesting..

    • i am sorry your time is up.

      the last nail in the coffin of dual policy. any money UK gives to silanyo and faroole must now go trough to Mogadishu.

      • Gedo,
        I don't think so, that's your sole assessment. dual policy in fact was came to light to reduce or minimize the flow of AID that's getting funneled to Somalia without restrictions. Somaliland government has insisted through the US to have a some sort transparency in place, then splitting
        in 3-ways was the best option so the books can be compared at the of the year.

        still, that did not work out, even though at least it was easy to identify how the money was spent.. >95% of the Somalia's share was traced straight in the pockets of the TFG top guys and the little left was given as a grant to closed relatives of theirs.. Since Puntland was not a target, I'm not certain how it's share was spent….it can be traced though as a need arises..

  7. this is very good news for mr ulusow. it is one of the greatest opportunities somalia got in the last 22 years everyone knows the whole world follows America like a headless chicken and dont be surprised if you see UK saying the same thing and the Arabs salivating and running after Somalia but will he grab this chance and put Somalia on the map again? i doubt. he is shown to be small minded man who rather occupy himself with charcoal in kismayo and tribal enmities that so long dragged Somalia to the ground rather than reconciliation and strong Somalia. he comes accross as very inexperienced and insecure man by his choice of Prime Minister. he ditched educated elites like samatar and farmajo to go for uneducated Khat addict SAACID SHIRDOON ( very close cousin of mine!!!) however my support for him to succeed is purely for the sake of my country and my ailing people scattered all over the world. potential loans from IMF should be invested in education,army, roads and renovation of Bosaso,kismayo,Berbera ports rather than lining his pockets ( thee likely outcome)

    • Keep taking your pathetic frustrated life for your doomed Jubbaland on here while Somalia moves on.

      • the name you chose convinced me the level of your thinking and comprehension of current affairs is very low. as expected from your name you totally missed my analysis and misunderstood my point. my analysis regarding mr ulusow is purely linking his projected character so far to the likely successes he will make given the oopurtunities that are presenting themselves right now. and here you are talking your obsession and jubbaland that even ulusow has given up on it.

        • For your information i'am not dyslexic!! i'm talking about how you're always degrading our President.

          Talking about Jubba you couldn't of been more further from the truth if you tried harder keep sticking your head in the sand like some ostrich http://bloggingblue.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/0… we all know that Mogadishu is running the show not refugee Madobe or his master IGAD

      • samale—

        SOMALI goverment in general was recognize the IC including U.S since the election four months ago on the bases of promoting decmocracy not interfering semi-autonomous states locall affairs. JUBBALAND will become autonomous state within somalia and no one can stop not Hassan NGO or his collaborators.

    • Honestly accusing Hassan Sheikh of buying votes just discredited your whole argument. And it shows that you are willing to even lie to make a point. May Allah help you my fellow Somali brother Buuxiye

      • KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,PuntlandGeezer. your right. but remember person your talking to does not have stable mind. we all know what this crazzy creature buxiy said, by mid january Puntland will be in trouble this shows how diluted this person is.

  8. No more failed state or stateless tag anymore somalia finally has a proper government. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is under no pressure to negotiate with those delusional Isaaq grievers lol.

    • Lool, Lets change it from Is@@q to separatisms guys. Is not fare to label the rest of pro union Is@@q's with these maniacs

      • most Isaaq are separatists
        Buuxiye 81p ·
        Mohammed cheers

        • waah waah all clans in somaliland are for separation so stop crying u big girl even ur harti folks have given u the middle finger lmao

      • @PuntLandGeezer

        Please don't say thinks like take the high road and do not not alienate pro-union Isaaqs.

        @Truth 1

        I agree we should.

        • That's why i've always used words like isolationist secessionist dreamers etc etc also i came to found out it actually hurts them more lol

          • pirate it is like Isse who wanna keep their tiny country Djibouti but lucky for them walanweyn and faqash seem do not care about it.

          • Certainly we can't accommodate people like Buuxiya and their silly ideas to dive Somalia. But to be honest Iqaaq people are nationalist, disregard way they talk-it is just on their lips.
            Take for instance ethiopia -Somali war in 1977, they never shot the Somalis in the back as many of us are aware. Isaaq people lost their assets and people in that war, their women used to bring food, clothes, blankets for wounded soldiers in Hargeisa. They took their roles in uniting Somalia.

  9. I wish this president all the best he has been open minded and not ha t e ful towards Somaliland like most of his predecessors! I know most wal a wa yne support Somaliland its only fo l ks in pa c u n t a landia that have issues. Good luck br other and president of Somalia we in Somaliland hope the s uf f ering there fin ally stops and our best wishes are with you.

  10. I'll be honest. Somaliland has existed longer then the US who are hating on somalis from as well as other around the world. They are Israel supports. Are you all stupid?

    • As a Somailander the Laas gaalel mountains shows our history above all. Why do you wish to go for those who want to dilute you and others around the world???? Now???

    • LOOOL, mate both the south and north were called Somaliland. The reason for that is they were one before the colonial times. If they were to different states before the colonial times then they would have never named both region Somaliland you idiot. The IC mentioned that numerous times and yet separatisms like you want to create this hoax fairytale. Only you (Is@@q) believe in that fairytale hoax you seem to feed the rest of the world with. No one ells in the North shares that mentality with you (Is@@q). Keep on crying you pathetic losers.

  11. "God save the innocent poor Villa Somalia ". America knows how to defeat the Villa, Alshabab and how to inherit natural resources for ever. . Hopless and helpless innocents..

  12. Lets just pose for a second and think of this. IC spends so much money on Somalia as Somalia cannot even pay for the saleries of its officials let alone provide some sort of service to its people. This situation is currently unsustainable for the IC as they have financial problems themselves. Also the Somalia government is just a signiture institution. It hadly has a control over its affairs, no matter how people dress it up. This is an IC project so by allowing Somalia to get access to loans, the IC hopes to shift the cost .

    Well, this has nothing to do with Somaliland.

  13. 3 daroods with 54 different names,i hope this website regulates the amount of names a person can use

  14. Wanlaweyns are still in denial, after twenty one years of tangible accomplishments across Somaliland territories, relaying on the brains of people to relieve poverty from their people and stabilize their economy, believes that the USA and the west with their money would force Somalilanders to join the Somali Abyss. Keep dreaming bro, we will never join your defunct state. NEVER AGAIN. We embraced multiparty system and embarked the idea of attracting foreign investments to develop our natural resources and will soon join the likes of Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

    • Fowzi, will see where you and the rest of separatists end up now that the IC started promoting the pro union Is@@qs. On top of that the know the other clans are not keen on secession. Which in the end makes you and the rest of the separatists minority. Muhahahahahhaha

  15. I think Somaliland has been getting weaker day after day since Silanyo came to power about two years ago:

    1… BERBERA is totally being run by one sub-clan (Isse Muse) and never obey what the president orders (refer Cement Factory case when the president issued orders for Dahabshiil Group but Isse Muse' malitia vetoed the presidential decree and tore up the letter signed by the president into small pieces.

    2.. Local Council elections were rigged and until now there are civil strife in parts of the country.


    These things and flying of some politicians to Mogadishu indicate that Somaliland project may be wrapped up soon.

    • Isaacland is falling apart now that USA has recognized Republic of Somalia for the second time. I urge the isaacs to re-embrace unity. We will never accept other thing except unity and security.
      My iisaac brethren, do not be first to stirr up flames of civilwar wallahi if you do only you will be the losers. Let us talk as grown up people, it is obvious that we cannot recognize a clan state oppressing other clans in waqooyi galbeed region.

  16. H A B R O land is falling apart now that USA has recognized Republic of Somalia for the second time. I urge the isaacs to re-embrace unity. We will never accept other thing except unity and security.
    My I D O O R brethren, do not be first to stirr up flames of civilwar wallahi if you do only you will be the losers. Let us talk as grown up people, it is obvious that we cannot recognize a clan state oppressing other clans in waqooyi galbeed region.

    • Somali-Republic does not exist and has not since 18-May-1991. For 22 years what have existed are two independent Unrecognized Governments:

      – Unrecognized Government of the Sovereign De-Jure State of Somaliland-Republic.
      – Unrecognized Government of the AU trusteeship De-facto Somalia-Federation.

      Any intelligent being is aware that since 18-May-1991 Somaliland-Republic's re-independence even if done Unilaterally set in place a process of dissolution of the 1960-Union. Thus there is no point attaching any arguments to the Former Union. What Hassan190 and Somalia-Italia-federation should be seeking is a REUNION.

      – 1960 Act of Union is based on the wishes of the Majority.
      – 1991 act of dissolution of Union was based on the wishes of the Majority.

      22-years of independent existence and considering Somaliland-Republic re-independence simply re secured it's original territorial integrity there is only ONE primary LEGAL argument and it is that of Full Recognition of Somaliland-republic's 18-May-1991 re-independence.

      There is no logical case nor legal case that can make the abandonment of 22-years of independence even though Unilateral a Pre-requisite of Re-negotiation of the failed 1960-Union. 22-years is a life sentence to be bound to the carcass of a failed Somalia-federation that alone should be acknowledged and commended and spearhead Full Recognition.

      Reunion can only be discussed with a follow up 2-STATE dialogue. It makes no logical sense to come forth 22-years after our re-independence and simply request a Reunion while you still lack your sovereignty and exist in a camouflaged AU trusteeship indefinitely.

  17. COMEAGAIN, U ARE L A I R. WE H A W I Y E, the rahanwein, the southern dir, the southern darood do not support H A B R O land, isaacland will not be recognized by any southern clan or waqooyi clan beside 40% of isaac. We will not break down our country for the wishes of 40% isaac.

  18. Ow you separatists, we will see where you and the rest of separatists end up now that the IC started promoting the pro union Is@@qs. On top of that they know the other clans in the North are not keen on secession. Which in the end makes you and the rest of the separatists minority. Muhahahahahhaha

  19. @Buuxiye,
    It seems you are kidding or you are a junior still in university because you are simply fabricating your own lies out of the blue denying the well recorded events of the Somali history. It is obvious that you believe there were TWO STATES before 1960 who joined together to make Somali Republic which is totally UNTRUE because British Somaliland was never recognized nor did they seek recognition nor go to the UN to register their nation. Instead they went to Mogadishu (and they were right) to seek union with their brethren in the South. And keep in mind it was only 4 days the interval b/w the two dates of independence during which the processes of the union were hastily prepared.

    Therefore, never say the words like 2 independent states, failed union, etc unless you are telling A WHITE LIE LIKE EDNA ADAN WHO, WHEN ASKED IF SOMALILAND AND SOMALIA PEOPLES SPEAK SAME LANGUAGE, HAD SAID ” NO, WE DO NOT SPEAK SAME LANGUAGE”. Another white lie is telling the International Community that 97 percent of Somaliland population had voted for secession which also untrue because it was Isaaqs only who voted at the time. Somaliland consists of 5 CLANS: ISAAQ, DHULBAHANTE, WARSANGELI, SAMAROON, AND CIISE.

    And note these flagrant lies are one of the main reasons Somaliland have not been recognized for long 22 years.


  20. @Buuxiye 82p

    choke on this Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met President Obama and secretary Clinton said American respect the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of the Republic Somalia


    The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) are done and dusted.

    • Hassan Boqol-iyo-sagaashan and the USA have been involved together since Black-Hawk down.

      Recognition of Somalia does not mean "Somali-Republic". Somalia = Somali-Italia.

      18-May-1991 Re-independence of Somaliland-Republic CANNOT and will never be challenge. UNION is a voluntery contract HASSAN will never set foot in my country in his life time.

      2-STATE dialogue continues HOWEVER Somalia-s Recognition is a step closer to Somaliland's recognition. 🙂

      If Somalia wishes to twist it's own recognition into the Recognition of Somali-Republic then they are deluded as always.

      Somaliland-republic's Re-independence cannot simply go away… See you in the Dialogue process.

      🙂 Enjoy Somalia's Re-independence

      Ask yourself Why does Somalia NEED Re-independence??? or RECOGNITION?

      Somali-Republic was RECOGNIZED 1960-2013.

      Somalia-federation is Recognized 2013.

      by proxy the Somali-Republic id dead and gone but you can twist and translate it into anything you like 🙂

      • I have watched and Listened to the speech:

        – No mention of Somali-Republic.
        – No mention of Somali-Union.
        – Recognizing Somalia = Somalia-Italia = Road-Map government.

        Somaliland-Republic was not part of the Road-Map Government nor the Road-Map constitution. There is a slow and gradual indoctrination of Somalia-Italia to accept a 2-STATE solution. What the USA Recognized is the Hassan's Road-map Government of somalia-italia-federation.

        This only harms the aspirations of:


        If it makes you sleep better to twist it into a perspective more pleasing to you and you fraudulent people go ahead.

        22-Years that we sought Recognition as Somaliland-Republic YOU people claimed sole ownership of the Somali-Republic which was a UNION of 2-STATES. You have gained Recognition under a government created by the Road-map = Somalia-Italia = Somalia-federation = Somalia.

        Who signed the Road-Map?

        – Sharif
        – Faroole
        – Abdi- wali
        – Caalim
        – ASWJ

        That is the be and all of it 🙂

        Everything else is mere delusions to sought your craving for lawlessness and fraud. REUNION can only come as a result of Majority consensus not fraud or force… Otherwise Taiwan would already be part of China 🙂

        Spin that cockroach

  21. Just to add that If the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) insists on their delusional white trash separation then the people of Somalia will respect their choices but only on a tribal basis, Isaaq clan can form their own mud village around Hargeisa, Burco iyo Berbera.

    I discussed this with me wife who happens to be Isaaq and I am Darood. I told her perfectly clear that I do not like The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) or Somaliland. I hate those who worship white trash colonial borders. I

  22. The separatists cant even sale their 11th century tribal agenda to Isaaq like myself, it is big disaster for them. All those meaningless elections for nothing, all those murders for nothing. The US only recognizes Mogadishu government and in to days globalized world tribal doctrines like Garadagland has no room. Where you going to cry next and who?

    Nothing is more special and ideal than Somali nationalism, remember I have tried both tribal isolation and Somaliweyn. I used to feel sorry for the grievers but they dont even deserve that.

  23. People better clean their ears and listen very carefully to the question being asked from 19:15 to Hillary Clinton and here answer at 22:00

    gone are the days where the West dealt with Somalia by regions be it Sland Putland Jubbaland Galmadug ect etc.

    الحمد لله This is truly a new era for Somalia because by Hillary clearly stating that they will from now on only deal with the central government of Somalia the spoilers have finally been kicked of the cliff.

    When i right stuff on here people always think i'm talking BS but time after time i have been proven to be right. Now i will tell you that expect the Arms embargo to lifted in few months time maybe even weeks الله أكبر

  24. We got the recognition of USA after 20 years. Wallaahi, it is a historic and hopeful day for us. I never had a happy day like this one to see my flag taken out of the dust and raised high on the sky.
    The world is watching us closely, so we must display our capacity and commitment to rebuild our country through strong partnership with friends like USA.
    Long live United State of America!!!
    Long Live the Republic of Somalia!!!

  25. Somali-Republic was recognized in 1960 – 2013 as a member of the UN.

    Re-Recognizing Somalia-Italia-Federation in 2013 is fine but please do not claim falsehood!

    Recognizing Somalia's Sovereignty = Unrecognizing Somali-Republic and 1960-Union.

    🙂 I happy for you people… Enjoy your new found Recognition.

    All that has happened is that As Far as Somalia-Italia territorial borders are concerned USA will only deal with Hassan190. What it means is

    Hassan speaks for :

    – Moqadishu
    – Puntland
    – Galmudug
    – Jubaland

    In essence the Somalia-Italia-Federation.

    🙂 So i am happy for you those who will be angry are the Pirates.

    The only thing we have ongoing is a 2-STATE dialogue process 🙂

    Somalia = Somalia-Italia 🙂

    • Mr Schizophrenic sufferer time to wake up and smell the coffee or even better start taking those Antipsychotic pills properly you delusional man

  26. A Hawiye President will always favor a two state solution (Somaliland & Somalia) no matter what but why? So they can dominate the minorty Daarood in the South & their Pirates.

  27. @Nuur caalow Nuur.

    NO two state solution whether the president is hawiye or Darood or digil mirifle. this is what happens when person live long time isolated cave becomes clueless. Darood are not minority as you wish, they were rulers for centuries and still do. Darood controls two large semi-autonomous states in somalia. 70% of NFD and Reserve area ethiopia Darood have the numbers.

    GET your figures right before comment…………………..

  28. Wether you cry, destroy your chairs or turn 360 degrees on America, Somaliland will not take orders from Somalia and the Ic will not deal with Somaliland as such. It's already done and dusted. Somaliland is saperate from Somalia because its people say it so. The world had no option but to accept that.

    Now that Somalia is recognised, the Somalia government is legally the ultimate authority there and rightly so, at least formally for the Americans.

  29. NUUR CALAA NUUR , Dont talk for us Hawiye . We will not support isaacland or Tarootland seeking secession. Somalia is ONE, get used to that. No more false fairytaleland.

  30. Kh@ldaans should and must not talk for us, hawiye. F@q@sh should and must talk for us.

    We are PRO-SOMALIA UNITY, we do not recognize isaacland, we do not recognize majeerteenland. Only One country, one ethnic group, one religion. No nonsense like fairytalelands.

    • Correction:

      Kh@ldaans should and must not talk for us, hawiye. F@q@sh should and must NOT talk for us.

      We are PRO-SOMALIA UNITY, we do not recognize isaacland, we do not recognize majeerteenland. Only One country, one ethnic group, one religion. No nonsense like fairytalelands.

  31. Correction:

    Kh@ldaans should and must not talk for us, hawiye. F@q@sh should and must NOT talk for us.

    We are PRO-SOMALIA UNITY, we do not recognize isaacland, we do not recognize majeerteenland. Only One country, one ethnic group, one religion. No nonsense like fairytalelands.

  32. Gabadha dumarka ah marka la furo ee sadex dalaaqood loo dhameeyo way iska samirtaa oo iska qanacdaa sharciguna u banay maayo inuu ninkale Guursado ilaa midkale soo guursado marka hore mooyee. Hadaba, tan Somaliya layidhaahdo ee aanu beri hore furnay maxaa nadaba dhigay ee ay naga rabtaa ee ay u samir laadahay? Somaliya waxay ka dhigan tahay Gabadh la furay oo masayrtay kadibna samri weyday inaal lilaahi waa innaa ilayhu raajicuun! Somaliland kuma rabto, waxba kaagama baahna, way ku furtay ee iska samir oo hadaad doonto Maraykanna guurso bal wax hakuu taree ileyn annaku kuma rabnee dibna kuu dumaali mayno xitaa hadii aad waalatid oo maryaha dhigatid!

    • Waxaad tahay Dameer wareersan, somaliya oo dhan uma dhigi kartid GOBOL ka mid ah somaliya. somaliland waa GOBOL ka tirsan somaliya waana GABAR YAR oo FOODLEY ah oo carootey. marka wala soo dhaween ninkey rabtana waa lagu dari.

  33. Folks there is no need to talk about British Somaliland. That entity was a true Somali entity that belonged to the four families that signed the treaty with British. today Landers are one angry mafia family that wants to hijack the rest and create a tribal kingdom but it ain't going to happen. You cannot have a government from Hargeisa in Las Anod, or dhahar son.

  34. Guys listen, there somali proverb say "you move the fence as per their order" oodi sida ay u kalasarayso yaa loo kala guraa. Now our politician succeeded to move one big fence among other, which is returning the dignity and sovereignty of Somali with next step being to continue solving internal problems through dialogue and peaceful means with the understanding that unity and the territorial integrity of Somalia is sacred and nonnegotiable. As we all know, Somali politician in all regions look matured to work together . The positiveness move by the United State reflect great collaboration among our politician behind the curtain, as no region objected so far.
    I don't think leadership in Somaliland will keep on jumping in that small circle and seek recognition which had never been materialized over the last twenty year, rather i hope they will bring their points to discussions. President Siiraanyo is a Somali elder, and nobody know the importance of Unity to the somali people better than him self as former cabinet member of Somalia, which was one the few mighty nation in Africa during his time.
    As a man from the North not isaaq infact I say again"Oodi sida ay u kala sarayso ayaa loo kala guraa" Yes, Somalia was and is the union between North and South but that could not go far as result of serious mistakes committed by the South-this is fact. To heal the wound, the politician in the north will table mountain of conditions so that the past mistake is not repeated, i hope the somali government will be listen and act upon our feeling. As Representative government , the people in the north will held their leaders accountable for not defending the rights.
    We urge them to press the South hard and return with acceptable result, but not separation.

    • No more BS somalinimo love. It is over…Somalilander want just to live as their brother somali from Djibouti. Free and happy far from walanweyn and faqash..kkk

      • Gosh, when will you get it in your head that this ''Somaliland'' is only in the minds of some separatists Is@@q's like you, while the rest (other clans and some Is@@q's) are against it. If it was the real will of the people then this whole argument would have never came. And pleas don't mention your pathetic fabricated referendum which was as corrupt if not more as the last so called election.

        • Truth1 you are working hard to establish Juba Land on land that does not belong to you by help of Kukuyus. Why you feel jealous on us to have our own in our own soil by ourselves????

      • These Zoomalis do not value themselves, not will they ever recognise the effort and blood it took to bring SL where it is today. For them, it was always "easy come easy go" cos SL was taken to Mogadisho by a person with personal interests only just as it happened to South Yemen 30 years later.

        And if they think they can act up again abusing the little vehicles AMISOM has in MOgadisho for an attack against SL, then they can forget about foreign support.

  35. Wow! What a debate. Folks nothing changes, Somaliland is Somaliland, and Somalia is Somalia. In his wonderful speech (as a Somali it was good to see a leader with such coherent and articulate argument), yet, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, he appreciates the reality on the ground (ie Somaliland is a soveriegn and independent state) and will work with everyone. So, don't expect the USA to force anyone against their wishes. It was a good day for Somalia, but nothing changes at all.

  36. Political theory as a member of Somalia-federation would like us to perceive the situation?


    Political reality as it is?

    The writer insults the intellect of the reader and practically delineates the margins of understanding in a anally retentive manner. This writer does not only place the reader's mind in the parameters of gold-fish tank he confines his audience in a putrefying thought that is beyond indignant.

    Without seeming excessive in reprimanding you for you futile attempt to disgust us with your rather dysfunctional textual diarrhea let me correct you and set you on a trajectory to REALITY!

    No Sir/Maddam there certainly are no compulsions in UNION.

    Definition of UNION : A state of harmony or agreement: "they live in perfect union".

    – Harmony?
    – Agreement?

    1960 Union brought neither a permanent agreement nor a lasting harmony for the populations of the two states that formulated a UNION to bring together 5-Regions. We are quick to leap frog the facts pay lip service to crucial events and outright deny causes while in the process promoting stagnant perspectives that merely coat the effects with endless layers of denial.

    If there is a genuine desire for a lasting solution one must address the reality on the ground as opposed to the fanatical fantasies of diaspora and foreigners who have no vested long term investment in achieving a permanent solution.

    I do not believe a SEMI-UNION is a neutral enough stance nor a compromise of the two positions taken by the two governments of the former partner states that formed the Somali-Republic.


    Stance on UNITY = Union of 5-Somali-regions i.e Djibouti, Somaliland, Kilil, NFD and Somalia.

    Stance on Independence = Recognition of Somaliland-Republic's 18-May-1991 withdrawal from the 1960Union of 5-Somali-regions.

    You see suddenly the writer's entire perspectives is shattered when the context of the subject is aligned with reality as opposed to this individual's fanatical fantasies??? The entire axis of negotiation thus shifts from his fantasies to an alter reality.


    In the real world he who wishes to promote the UNION as it was first formulated will have a greater obstacle for it is unlikely that Kilil and NFD will be independent any time soon nor will Djibouti join the UNION. Somaliland-Republic was interested in the UNION of 5-regions which is not possible.

    The consolation and NEXT best available option since the UNION of 5-regions has failed is EQUAL Sovereign neighborly Somali states of Djibouti, Somaliland and Somalia. Kilil and NFD population have already accepted their political realities and their rights would be best served if there are 3-peaceful Somali states who are able to apply diplomatic pressure to ensure they receive justice and equality within that political reality.

    What is then a position of Compromise between:

    TOTAL-UNITY of 5-Somali regions!


    TOTAL-INDEPENDENCE of 5-Somali regions!

    Well it is the Independence of 3/5 Somali regions = Djibouti, Somaliland & Somalia!

    It is beneficial to all Somali regions to have 3- Full sovereign Somali-States because it is the best starting point for the political benefit of all Somali people. There is a lot more to gain in this scenario then the status quo of past 22-years.

    It is fact Somaliland-Republic's Full independence will strengthen the political power of all Somali people in the Horn:-

    – Somaliland is a champion of peace and development
    – Somaliland is an investor in education
    – Somaliland is a promoter of regional stability
    – Somaliland is an asset to all Somali business community

    Rather then fearing Somaliland-Republic's full independence i believe FUTURE Relationship between Somali people will be reborn only from within Somaliland-Republic. 1960 UNION began in Somaliland-Republic and a FUTURE Union can only come with the full commitment of the Passionate people of Somaliland.

    The only Position of Compromise available to the Somali people of the Horn of Africa is FULL Recognition of Somaliland-Republic. The people of Somalia-Italia-federation must put aside their greed and respect our choice so we can all have HARMONY and AGREEMENT after all REAL Union is a Harmonious agreements!

    • Ali
      that's not the only thing, both British and USA asking him point-blank are you going honor the oil contracts that was sign by the previous regime and he's yes to them. so this thing has a lot to do with big oil'

      • I think Mr Ali his analysis comment is on the mark.

        Sahra, oil is always as they called < the black liquite devil > is important to any country. somalis are in no position to refuse afford whether re-signing old agreement or new one. the westren countries main priority is security in somlia and to get that they will make sure give assistance semi autonomous states in somalia, because in reality they could make somalia stable or break.

        No security, no oil.

  37. Somaliland coastline is far more important than that of the Indian Ocean and the west would have no choice but to agree whatever the people of Somaliland want. Its their land, its their choice so stop wasting your time.

  38. WHAT MUST BE MUST BE, anything that goes up must COME DOWN.
    let somalis be ONE as they were before ,waa far iyo faraatigeed, waxaan halkan hambalyo uga dirayaa halyeey soomaaliyeed oo LAYIDHAAH fowzia yusuf xaaji aadan IYADAA KEENTAY IN SOMALIA NOQOTO ALBAABKII SOMALILAND LAGA SOO AADI LAHAA, taasi sabateeda waxaa keentay walaasheey FOWZIA YUSUF XAAJI AADAN, mahad ilaaheey haka siiyo, weyna ka guuleeysatay siilaanyo iyo cabinetkiisa.