The first consignment of emergency assistance today reached the town of Milxo in Sanaag Region which was devastated by fire four days ago. The assistance in the form of emergency food, medicine, clothing, footwear, and toiletries, is meant to assist fire victims in their recovery.

The Mayor of Las Qoreey and Municipality officials who were the first to visit the area have provided various forms of assistance such as short-term housing options such as medicine for burns victims, clothing for 150 persons, and plastic sheets shelter 450 households out of the 1000 families left homeless by the devasting fire in Milxo.

Mr. Abdirahman Sudi, the Mayor, and Mr. Mohamed Salah Aden, the Deputy Mayor of las Qoreey delivering the assistance said that they had already contacted the Government of Somaliland, local and international NGOs to address the needs of those transitioning from homelessness, of families in need.

These families and individuals need the assistance of food, clothing, replacement furniture, and other basic living necessities.The victims are in urgent need of tents to shelter them from the rains.

The officials appealed for urgent emergency aid from international NGOs for financial assistance to help meet those needs.