Dahabshiil Company has been saddened by the fire blazes that have caused untold damage in the commercially vibrant frontier town of Tog-wajaale.

The Dahabshiil company said that the damage caused by the fire is affecting the lives of many families involved in the business at the market.

In a press release on Monday the company noted that:

“We are deeply saddened by the fire disaster at the commercial city of Tog-wajaale, where many entrepreneurs have lost their businesses that many workers and families depended on. As Dahabshiil Group we will …………………………..…..do and we can, if ALLAH wills.

“We congratulate the self-sacrificing forces of the fire brigade who fought to put out the fire, and the forces of their colleagues from the neighbouring Somali state of Ethiopia who supported in the efforts of extinguishing the blazes.

“We are calling on all Somaliland citizens to contribute greatly to the rescue of the Wajale. We must all work together to rebuild this crucial hub depended on by so many.” End.

Dahabshiil Company has always been at the forefront of helping the Somali community when disaster strikes.