The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed opened a training session for 50 senior officials drawn from line CEOs, judges, deputy attorneys general, police department, legal fraternity and members of the tax adjudication committee of the Ministry of Finance.

He was flanked by the Attorney General Mr. Abdirahman Jama Hayaan and the Director General of the Ministry of Financial Development Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adin).

This training, which will last for a period of five days, is aimed at strengthening the implementation of financial regulations, and will be provided by experts with extensive knowledge of financial regulations and Islamic Sharia.

The participants are likewise expected to exchange information and knowledge as they are from different agencies of the state.

Initially the Director General of the Ministry of Financial Development, Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka) said that this training is part of the collaboration between government agencies as the nation is made up of a single unit that works together.

On the other hand, the Attorney General Abdirahman Jama Hayaan underlined that great progress has been made in tax cases, and he noted that in the past, many people did not understand the system of tax collection, which was the reason for cases against taxes to clog the courts.

The courts, however, have now been modernized and collaboratively blends with the tax adjudication committee of the Ministry of Finance where due complaints ought to be first directed hence streamline the sector.

On his part the CJ emphasized the importance of the training to the participants, and said that the Department of Justice used to work according to these rules, but now they will take advantage of the changes and additions made to the rules, and that β€œthey will go through the process in detail, and they will also exchange their experiences with experts and trainees”.

He noted that tax is central to the government and the running of business activities, and underlined the fact that the judiciary is the backbone of tax enforcement.

He pointed out the judiciary is in essence very diligent and firm as far as combating tax defaults are concerned.

He urged the participants to take advantage of the training and duly absorb the knowledge being imparted to them hence putting them in use as expected.