The Minister of Agriculture Development of Somaliland, Hon. Abdiqadir Iman Warsame, has called on the farmers to take advantage of the rainwater.

Hon. Abdiqadir who was speaking to the National Media on Sunday, indicated that the rain and weather forecasts are being monitored in 62 places in the country, and he added that in the last three months, the rains have fallen mainly in the Western Regions.

Speaking about the rains in the country, he said, “Good rains have fallen in the country, and the drought has ceded. The Ministry of Agriculture has 62 rain forecasting stations, and they are located in the regions of the country. They are being monitored.”

He acknowledged that the patterns of the rains have really changed and that it has been raining in the last three months from July, August and September and mostly in the western regions of the country.

“The weather has changed a lot. The time it rains has changed. It will fall later or earlier than expected. There has been confusion among the farmers and we want them to follow the weather forecasts closely.”

The minister also pointed out that the autumn rains have started in the eastern regions of the country. He said, “The autumn rains have started for us in the eastern regions where there was drought, and it has cooled and the rain water should be collected and used to irrigate the farmlands.”

He added that the fields should be planted and the rain forecast should be monitored at least once a week to take advantage of the