The Mining Department of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, while implementing the Annual Plan for the protection, evaluation, maintenance and follow-up of the projects of mining companies engaged in mining, has dispatched group of Geologists and Mining Engineers on a five-day working trip to the Briisle.Valley  and surrounding areas located in  Sayla disrict of ​​Salal Region.

The purpose of the working trip was: –

1. Ensuring that the harvesting of Sand soil and transportation activities are carried out in accordance with the law.
2. Ensuring health and environmental protection
3. Ensuring the job creation they have brought to the area
4. Ensuring payment of due taxes
5. Checking companies that do not have the legal rights mandated by the Mining laws, and
6. Raising public awareness of the natural hazards that can come from the valleys during the rainy season.

Finally, the development of mineral resources in a sustainable and socially responsible manner can improve the country’s economy in various aspects.