The Diaspora Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland sends warmest congratulations to the Somaliland Diaspora Communities on their marvelous achievement in commemoration of 18 May 2023, the 32nd National Day Anniversary from the reassertion of Somaliland’s sovereignty 18 May 1991.

We are so grateful to our beloved citizens who have astonishingly celebrated their National Day and waved the tawheed flag in 65 capital and other major cities in nearly forty countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia in which nearly 100 events took place between May 12th and 22nd whilst there are still events scheduled up until May 26th in certain countries. We are deeply thankful and so appreciative to the dedicated citizens, the devoted youth, activists, organizers, committees, volunteers, associations, the diaspora-led organizations as well as the students’ associations in different countries who dutifully collectively worked on the remarkable celebrations of this momentous occasion.

According to the information and observations of the Diaspora Office, this year, the sense of patriotism, the diaspora cohesion, unity and the commitment they share, was higher feeling than ever before. Not only cultural or musical events held but also receptions, high-level conferences and demonstrations conducted especially in strategic top destinations, also entertainments for the children, more media exposure and other social events convened.

On the whole, marking the 32nd anniversary from Somaliland’s rebirth has been extensively observed abroad in the same Somalilanders honored 18 May this year. We relentlessly thank our citizens in the diaspora and regard them as our brand ambassadors promoting the national interests and advancing the cause of Somaliland. And we are as well profoundly indebted to our genuine friends who joined us for this anniversary

“Peace, Unity and Development”

The Diaspora Office, MoFAIC

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

May 23rd, 2023

MoFAIC Diaspora Office sends congratulations to SL Diaspora on the impressive worldwide celebrations of 18 May 2023