By M.A. Egge

London- In a highlight football match in celebrating the 18th May Day in the UK, a Somaliland soccer team managed to rout a Sudanese one hence notching higher the hilarious mood of the day for the diaspora community in London.
The soccer match was part of the events to honour the Day that was organized by Somaliland representative office. The field was filled by enthusiastic crowds who cheered the teams on.
Somaliland team managed to beat the Sudanese three goals to on, making the celebrations even more thrilling. It was attended by government delegation, amongst others.
Ambassador Abdillahi called on the players of Somaliland communities to also show their skills and exert them.
All the officials who spoke at the venue praised the young people for their good sportsmanship.
“I would say that victory and defeat go hand in hand. The whole nation is very happy with the victory that coincided with the celebration of the occasion on 18 May”, said the rep.
The mood of the audience was quite uplifting since the fetes achieved in the commemorations of the 18th May Day that culminated in such soccer match was unprecedented.