HARGEISA, 14 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – I took the pen with my right hand holding on my dairy book, reading between the lines my eyes caught so many events that are really startling, inspirational and some how marvelous. From these stories we learned that all of us as people of Somaliland had moments of strength, difficulties and achievements.

A Congratulatory Note to Somalilandpress

I have followed your work for years and was thrilled to read about your recent victory. I am happy a website owned from my country won, I am happier that is was you (Somalilanpress). I must tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding success you have contributed to your country. Congratulation Mr: Editor and your Somalilandpress team for their tireless effort to lend their time and energy for the production of this fruitful website. Certainly your timely news, as well as posting comprehensible opinions has contributed to your being selected one of the ten most used websites in Africa. The real key was your skills as competitive people. Let’s hope this successful trend continues.

Social Memories:

As primary and secondary school access improves, demand for higher education will also increase. Currently university enrolment is getting higher year after year. Despite to these, the largest number of university students graduated all universities in Somaliland. An estimated 700 students were graduated in this year. By that time they have finished a four year period of pleasant studies and they were fully equipped to hunt their higher education or their careers in the labor market.

One of the most tangible challenges facing graduates in Somaliland is graduate unemployment. Young graduates of men and women are roaming the streets of Hargeisa with nothing to do, observing the country and waiting a chance of employment. A complex mix of factors contributes to Somaliland’s unemployment figures; it includes an increasing number of young graduates in the high schools and a university that adds to the pool of job seekers every year, worsening the situation. Slow growing economies are unable to generate enough job opportunities to absorb the young people qualifying from institutions of learning every year. It also includes the massive expansion in women’s participation in the labor market over the past year. Women are more likely to be in most of job vacancies which is limited men’s access to job opportunities. Unemployment rate higher among males than females.

In 2009, there were top issues on our media and that is the war between press and government. Somaliland now has 8 private newspapers, two independent private television stations and one radio stations, for one state local radio stations and one television station and more than 10 private websites. This rapid expansion has generated fear to the government which resulted that most media remains largely state controlled or owned.

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Back in time, at the start of 2009, four journalists were arrested by the government. Three of the journalists were released in 8 hours later while the other one was remained in prison. Ahmed Sale ban Dhuxul was caught by the police at the parliament compound while the house of elders had a session to extend the president’s term in office in the morning 28th March 2009. The detained reporter, Ahmed Saleban Dhuxul was an independent correspondent of Somaliland Space Channel (SLSC) and radio Horyaal. Mr. Dhuxul was denied access to enter the hall of the meeting while the other journalists were allowed to take part the assembly of the House of elders. He was released after government failed to confirm his guilty to the court.

On 29th July 2009, at 6:30pm Somaliland police closed down the Horn Cable TV office in Hargeisa. The police later on headed to the studio located east suburb of the city; how ever after a long tedious quarrel and brushes between the reporters and staffs at the studio, the police forcefully arrested the news head of HCTV, Mr. Mohamed Abdi (llig).

On 23th August, 2009 the regional court of Sahil region has sentenced the editor in chief of the Berberanews.com website three years in jail. Mohamed Saeed Abdilahi (xarrago), the editor in chief, and Yasiin Jama Ali , a reporter were accused for slandering the Sahil authorities including the Governor, the Mayor and the Port Manager. The reporters denies any wrong doing.Yasin Jama Ali who reports for both Bereberanews.com and Horyaal radio, has been barred from continuing to his journalism profession, and also the Bedernews.com website has been banned from working and reporting.

On 12th May, 2009 the governor of Sanag region Ali Abdi Hure has appealed to both the government of Somaliland and the international community to deliver an emergency food relief to the drought hit community in Sanag region. In a press conference held in Hargeisa. The head of the region told to the reporters that parts of Sanag region, especially Dararweyne district is not only affected by draught but diseases as well, the people are suffering flu and malaria, he said. The governor also added that Garadag and Eelafweyn the worst hit areas the fodder and water are in severe shortage. Mr. Ali has appealed to the society in Sanag region to come together and attend a congregational worship pleading Allah to send harmless downpours to them.

To Be Continued ……………………………………………

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)


Farhan Abdi Suleiman is a social worker, a graduate of the University of Hargeisa and youth activist. He is also a regular contributor to Somalilandpress. He can be reached at:
Tell: 252-2-4401132
Hargeisa, Somaliland


  1. All these so called journalists who have no qualifications to call themselves journalists should be taught a lesson. They think that journalism is the defamation of the government and those who cross the line with slander should be dealt with immediately.

  2. At least, they are trying to expose this corrupt and incompetent government who has no respect for the freedom of speech or the law of the Land.

    You guys, think that you are above the law, but you are not. We put in the positions you are abusing and we can drag you down sooner than later. Rest assure.

    Nothing much of your intimidation or the blowing of hot-air.

    • Gobaad and Elmi, this government has achieved so much for the people of Somaliland and that is a fact that no one can hide. No one can drag anyone out of power, this government came to power thru the ballot box and will go out only thru the ballot box.

      • You got that right, Mr. Guulwade. We will make sure that there is nobody is above the law.

        This government's mandate had expired long ago. Xafiiska waxay ku fadhiyaan islawyeni iyo indho adkaan!