Borama, 13 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – We, the human being, belong the same species that must unite its perceptions and its ways of conduct. Acting on this point, the ultimate vision of all highly civilized and well established societies is to make different societies with different culture close together. Really, our different cultures are not predators to one another, but could be intimate friends that could accept and complement one another. This could happen only if highly developed countries cooperate with less developed countries. If this happened, human being could create a common ground which accommodates all societies on the globe. This common ground would converge the ever diverged values, norms, and the expectations of different communities in the world.

Yes, we can win the unification of entire globe by creating common culture and common understanding among them. The canal for this inspiring vision of global unity is through healthy intergovernmental and international nongovernmental organizations. Some people may wonder how this could happen. Beginning from our cave dweller ancestors to the modern communities, our loyalty towards social and political autonomy was continually changing. Prehistoric ancestors of human being had some kind of sociopolitical structures. Families in that era were believed to be either matriarchal or patriarchal. The ruling individuals who led those families were great grandparents who earned the loyalty of their kin through goodness or charismatic leadership. As the villagers multiply in number and had become small tribes, their loyalty turned from grandparents to sultans and tribe leaders. City states emerged and people turned their loyalty towards kings and queens. Then, people began to turn their political loyalty towards nation states and this is a current sociopolitical position of human being.

Contrary to that, still unachieved but wishful sociopolitical rank is to turn the loyalty of different nations with a different religions, cultures, and socioeconomic levels towards global government. To continue this developing chain of political and social oneness, modern communities established the United Nations. The United Nations, other intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations are delegated to rid off the remnants of prejudice, cynicism, and racism among different nations on the globe. Whether they are secular, Islamic, Christian, and Judaic, most of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations adhered to the general vision of their existence which mostly based on the creation of mutual acceptance among different people in the world and the confrontation of haunting tragedies including epidemics, droughts, social disorder, and injustice.

Not all intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations travel the right way there are many of them that travel a different path. World vision Somaliland is one of the cancerous nongovernmental organizations which implements many impotent projects in the country. This international nongovernmental organization is the most corruptive agency in the country. It is a secret deviant that has many malfunctions in its core areas. The way it implements its projects, the way it behaves its staffs, and the way it partakes a global cultural integrity are totally negative. Being member two temporary teams of workers headed by two foreign ladies was the gateway through which I entered an ocean of conspiracy. As workers, we were two departments. The nutrition department headed by sensitive and awkward lady named Mercy who was not pleasant her physical appearance.

And the commodity department headed by Kebah Jalleh a permissive women who has not the courage to direct her staff and virtually is commanded by Mercy. For the dishonest of Mercy and the permissiveness of Kebah, all the procedures which are lifeblood for the healthy distribution of food donated by WFP, UNICIEF, and USAID went into total chaos. Food stuff is not received by the targeting beneficiaries and those who are in need. The staff who adopted the deeply rooted corruption which is the dominant character of the organization began to cheat the food in the warehouses. They began to transport food from the final distribution points to the cereal markets of Hargeise and Borama. They excellently learned how to prepare a false beneficiary lists that can evade their corruption.

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An ill-fated theft mission that occurred two weeks before in Baki district is an illustrative example for the degree of conspiracy in the organization. The mayor of Baki district and his son in-law decided to transport food from the Baki MCH to Borama. The two men wanted to sell the food and to make money from it. While things were like that, some employees who were not negotiated by the two men noticed the case and started countermoves to get their share from the profit of the food. Because of their different greed a conflict occurred which later disclosed the theft. The case was reported to the acting police in the district. The police kept the food and two days later, two incompetent and under qualified assistants called Abdulnasir and Samsam visited the district. They heard the case and reported to Nairobi. The conflict that arose among the employees was the only factor that exposed the hidden cheating of food in the final distribution warehouses.

Another dreadful theft made by some employees occurred in a Baki district. Four months before, we went there in Baki to complete two screening days. When we finished the screening, we planed to come back. Suddenly, we felt that something is going to happen because a deceitful boy named Abdulkarim Hasan was having secret conversations with some of the boys. Abdurrahman Diriye and I investigated the case deeply. At the time we reached Old Baki, it came apparent for us that sixteen packs of Unimax and 20 packs of Sorghum were stolen by Abdulkarim Hasan. We also knew that he put the Unimax and Sorghum packs on a small pick up car. Abdurrahman Diriye and I began to discus the theft case with Abdulkarim. To prevent any disclosure of the case, Abdulkarim proposed that the packs could be shared by us. Abdurrahman Diriye who is honest and decisive boy insisted that the Unimax and Sorghum packs must be returned to the MCH store. Abdulkrim Hasan tried to persuade us the danger of returning packs to the store because it would prove the fallacy of their beneficiary list report. Although he cried painfully, we showed no compromise to him. Then he accepted to return backs to the store.

These are not the only theft cases but there many hidden and more series ones that made helpless beneficiaries starve. If the donors want to check whether their donations are received by the targeting beneficiaries or not, simply, they can use thumb prints on the beneficiary lists as identity cards that proves a healthy distribution of the food. Like abdulkarim Hasan, professional stealers use their own thumb prints or their coworkers thumb prints and likened it to thumb prints of beneficiaries.

On the other hand, a worrisome habit adopted by world vision Somaliland is that it uses its staff as robot machines. Although the organization has technical and financial capabilities to pay salaries of the employees early in every month, they pay it late. Kebah and Mercy who are the managing directors of the food distribution project never cared those employees who are in remote villages where there is an adverse scarcity of food and water. When employees find it hard to buy food and water, they dashed back to cities and this hampers the well being of food distribution.

Theft is not confined the lower staff of the organization but the theft in the upper staff of the organization is parent which breeds the deception of the lower staff. Without any regard to the stated right in the contract letter which reads “every employee in the food distribution project has perdium when he or she goes outreach activities” Kebah, Mercy, Aragsan, and Mohamed Omar kept the perdiums of their employees as their possession. Because they knew that their employees speak halt English and cannot defend their right.

Worse yet, the leaders of world vision Somaliland do not respect religious belief well. For instance, we know that Eid days are joyful and every Muslim want to face these days high spirit and positive moral. All intergovernmental and non governmental organizations pay Eid bonus to their employees. But world vision Somaliland pays Eid bonus after the Eid days passed. The speculated reason behind this delay is to make their Muslim workers desperate. The mind-set of world vision Somaliland towards people mirrors the general attitudes of highly developed countries and international donors.

In sum, if highly developed countries and international donors do not reconsider insolent actions and atrocities that world vision Somaliland inflicts to the people, they will bear the burden of hostility, cynicism, and hatred against them.

Farah Barkhad Nour
Borama, Somaliland
Tel: 4458723
E mail:

Source: Harowo

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  1. Thank you very much for you enlighting article. Not only world vision practice this habit of deception and theft in all its levels, but every intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations do the same scenario. They present and report wrongful data and information to their donors, and donors do not take any effective control and preventative measures. Do you know why? I can give you more answers to this question, but in short who cares someone responsible that steals, deceitful, dishonest and not loyal to his/her country and their most needy beneficiaries.

  2. In my point of view,The writter of this article is someone who was fired from the organization. He used to be one of the food distribution staff, so, why didn’t he discover this when he was in duty if he is telling the truth. World vision is highly respected organization in the world.

  3. A very biased opinion indeed. It's always distressing when someone can write a opinion like this and present it as factual. Even more distressing is that others will read this, taking what is written as some absolute truth, and think that WV is not worth donating to, therefore actually hurting the poor and needy worldwide via causing others not to donate to WV. World Vision simply is a incredible organization that helps so many people worldwide. It's operations depend on donors and the people they help depend on them massively.

  4. World Vision is a very highly respected Christian charitable organization. Perhaps the fact that it is a Christian organization does not sit well with the writer of this libelous article. Nevertheless, World Vision will ignore these insults and try to help people live healthier happier lives through their dedicated workers, volunteers and contributors.

  5. I dont have much respect for the so called World Vision – it lies to its mainly Western donors by continuesly bombarding them with multi-millionaire ads that show dying children which they know will cause great pain and disturb them and will eventually convince them to donate.

    But here is the news donors, that money never reaches those poor kids, this organisation uses it for whatever they want and the money you donate is used as mean of power against the very poor whom they said they were going to help.

    This is the reality of World Vision, please stop donating to this sick agency.

    World Vision should be kicked out off Somaliland. They will just create more problems.

  6. yes World Vision are in Somaliland only to convert people in to christainity go check their website they are Christain organization basic they are Christian Missionary………..This have to stop Somaliland government have to stop them before the people stop them

  7. World Vision are also handing out Bible in Somaliland to convert people which is against the law in Somaliland.Somaliland government have to do something about World Vision trying Convert poor people to christianity with money & food and all somaliland people have to keep eye on World Vision work in Somaliland and if they see them handing out bible call police on them.

  8. They are the worst of Christians, they are Christian fanatics and if you don't say "Jesus loves you" they offer no help, they often bribe little kids with money and food to convert and hand out bibles and not even authentic christian bibles but one they wrote themselves. We will get copies and hopefully posted in another article we will send to Somalilandpress.

    This so called World Vision are like the Talibans of Afghistan, they are terrorists and fanatic Christians.

    The Somaliland government is sleeping they too busy writing bad words about Silanyo and his camp while the fanatics corrupt our society and brain wash little kids (terrorism because its against their will).

    Rayale and his warlord cabinets need to wake up, if you going to expell anyone expell World Vision not InterPeace.

    Corrupted warlords with belly the size of mother Russia.

  9. Corruption down rooted some organization like world vision, let us wake up as Somalilanders and kick world vision out of Somaliland…. this is cancerious NGO

  10. Treating staff like dogs is the charesteristic of weak African managers… those ladies mentioned above should go back to their mind and change the wrongs they are doing. Other wise Somalilanders will not accept as they used to be “modern day slavery”. they are good at revenge

  11. Paying staff on time is the good of the organization. Paying Eid bonus late is a clear show of how ” ultra-hypocrite” world vision is. To the extent, Some off the staff of the so-called ” world vison” works the Slamic holly day like the Eids and ramaddan endings. Please, the so called World Vion respect our values, norms and beliefs as well as our human resource… otherwise you declared Somalilanders an “open war”

  12. Complaints from World Vision staff is common in the market…. you don’t pay your staff on time…like this months you paid them on 13th of the month… no valuable medical aloowances… perduims are given some while others just sign a blank paper with no money given to them….too much corruption in the office interms of money and recruitment…. SHAME ON U WV

  13. Asalaamu aleikum

    Farah, I am very surprised you would write an article like this. Also, the comments after show a great disrespect to people. I wonder how many of you actually live in Somaliland or are you living in the West?!? I live in Hargeisa and have spoken to many people who have been helped through the work of World Vision.

    As for the allegations… I don't know enough. But, of course there will be corruption or mistakes by any organisation. But, most of the things you mention as proof are the Somali staff, not the organisational heads.

    You should be very careful on publicising things online. Any normal person should not go round using words like "world vision are committing atrocities." That is just ridiculous and you should know that your words will stir up hatred amongst people who want an excuse to do something bad.

    Let's get down to sensible, logical, and thought-out arguments not dangerous ranting by someone who obviously has a grudge against an organisation.


    PS. SomalilandPress, you should be ashamed at publishing such a one-sided attack. What about journalistic integrity?

  14. It became clear that World vision’s mandate is just to feed the poor kenyans as they don;t accept any form of helping the vulnurable people in Somaliland. To my surprise they only emlploy somebody from kenya with no mentionable qualification. while ,local expertise are available. Somaliland government should monitor this “Kenyan agency” so as to restore world vision dignity among the communities. Wake up Somaliland

  15. saeed
    word vision is anti humanterian relief agent, its christian organisation whose its long term mission is to convert muslim child in to christ, with the help of food and nutrition programm .somali land land government should reform the excisting organisations.

  16. It is good to point out the corruption of this organization but if we put our house in order and root out corruption within Somaliland itself then we can easily tackle these foreign NGO because they can do corruption only with our help!
    thanks for your enlightenment brother farah barkhad.

  17. Why is World Vision (an open evangelical Christian organisation) the favoured WFP food distribution contractor in Somaliland – a largely Muslim country?

    WFP is an UN agency and should know better (WFP – surely you know?!!!) – Or is it that you support WV in its mission to help transform people spiritually?

    WV is an openly evangelical Christian organisation – i.e. it means they are out there to use their aid to subtly or through food aid bribes to convert people to their faith as people will not accept their doctrine through logic or reason. Given their target group, it means their choice method of evangelising is through bribing poor desperate people and children with food aid funded by UN.

    Shame on you WV – be honest and transparent and stop using food aid to desperately poor people to achieve your mission of 'transformational development'!

  18. I think its funny alot of you are on here defending world vision, how do you know that they are not corrupt? maybe this person who wrote the article is correct? you should not just say they are a great organization due to it being "christian". I have been to africa many times doing volunteer wokr and what i can say for world vision is that they start project put there name on it and dont FINISH. they are not there really with the people on the ground understanding the faces behind the poverty. look at how much money they get in and acutally put out to the "needy". I think you should ask alot of questions before you decide there a great organization . Its is easy sense you can sit behind your desk and donate money and "feel" like a good person but do yu really know were or how your money is helping?

  19. would you rather the people who donate just stop donating? Makes us feel like a good person? yes because we are trying to be good people. I don't give too feel good, I would buy myself a massage or a pedicure to feel good. I want to help people in need, who am I suppose to trust to give my donation to? Nobody?

  20. Just to donate to IslamicRelief organization or any other non-christian evangelizing group that don't ask you to consider ''faith for food''.

    Excellent article.

  21. Thanks for your enlightenment brother farah barkhad, As every person known Farah his one of the IWV employee that not work Appropriately during the program, so he was egotistical man and make lies for his Friends and tray to wash their dignity but the capacities of his friends for their effort to help vulnerable people not stop what he say until community success and stand their legs

  22. My dear Friend I say you PLZ feel confidence and success live, today I’m going to show you why and deliver and ton of free information on how to take charge of your life and get to the top…while feeling Egotistical, narcissistic, vain, you become not stronger and mature in main. So Mr. Farah don’t hesitate the dignity of your friends and Humanitarian Organization such IWV don’t write again Article lies like this.

  23. Farah. I think you have been fired, due to your unethical behavior. you should not blame the most reputable.
    organization in somaliland, everybody knows that. let me recommend you farah. the more you blame the less opportunity and good letter of recommendation you will have. if you going in such way no international organization will recruited you.

    we the Somaliland community . we thank world vision ongoing aid and sacrifice . God helps those who helps the poor communities.