NAIROBI, 20 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Nicolas Cage met with Somalia prisoners in order to learn about their circumstances and meet with UN councils.

Nicolas Cage traveled to Kenya to meet with the imprisoned Somali pirates, reported E! Online.

The U.N. Ambassador on Drugs and Crime, Cage, paid a visit to the Somali prisoners to find out why the attacks have been increasing recently. Cage said he walked away with more understanding of their dilemma from the prison.

After the meeting at the Shimo-la-Tewa prison facility, Cage felt he could now discuss the matter with different U.N. councils.

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Recently, Cage had been the center of much media criticism after telling reporters Australian doctors prescribe cocaine for sinuses, which is what a doctor gave him while he was preparing for his role in the upcoming movie, “Bad Lieutenant.”

Cage has also been dealing with money issues, and recently went through foreclosure for one of his houses. The actor admitted on television he was suffering money problems, which the media blame on his excessive spending and purchasing.

Source: The Celebrity Cafe


  1. While I not encourage any crimes or violence, I believe these Somalia Pirates have some kind of legitimacy doing what they are doing. Other countries are illegitimalately fishing in Somalia's sea territory and looting its resources. Other are making Somalia a dumping ground for nuclear weapon waste. So, how is that fair?