Barclays bank plans to close about 100 UK accounts held by cash transfer businesses. These services have provided a vital lifeline for an estimated 42% of the Somali population that depend on remittances sent from families living abroad.

The funds sent to Somalia are used for food, education and medical expenses and one third of recipients said that without this support, they would not be able to afford basic food supplies.

On Wednesday 17th July, British MPs will campaign in Parliament for the UK Government to find a durable solution to the humanitarian crisis that will invariably follow the closure of transfer business accounts.

Please sign this petition in order to encourage the UK Government to solve Somalia’s financial crisis.




  1. Barclays Bank cheer go a head no u tern heathy decision to stop money transfering agencies .more then 300 transfering agency only in EU. THE DIRTY LOOPING MP FOR REOPENING THE TRANSFER FACILITY TO SOMALIA IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  2. Is this really a bad thing. I see amny Somalis do nothing but chew khat and wait for money from their relatives. The money transfer system has been abused and has become a form of continuos wefare payment. I remember when relatives from Somalia use to send money to Europe and America to their relatives.

    maybe its a blessing in disguise.

  3. Warya Kayse aka Hawdian aka Somali-Ethio which is another story WTF have you got against Haw!ye explain yourself before i say more.

    • Is he warya or Aga? Cagheer Mafia of ONLF/Kissmayo Absame Arzania Jubaland?