The government of the semi auotomunuos region of Puntland has today in a press release announced the indefinite suspension of the local government elections which were due to begin today the 15/7/2013.


The suspension of the local government elections came after President Abdurrahman Mohamed Faroole and his party (Horseed) had consultation on the current security situation of the country which is thought to be at risk of being hijacked by groups who have links with terrorists.


Reports indicated that electioneering equipment have been set ablaze in most parts of regions of Puntland opposed to the rule of President Abdurrahman Mohamed Faroole rejected the electoral process.


The press statement stated that the electoral process was that groups linked to terrorist groups were instigating unrest in the region; these after protests were held in most town calling for the ouster of President Faroole government.



  1. But he's not a president tho… Hassan sheikh Mohamoud is the president of Somalia and Silaanyo is the president of somaliland, how can you be the president of a state?? Here in the U.S , call that governor. Lol

    • Because PL will one day break away from hell hole Zoomalia and its capital of Ugandishu.

      • If Puntland wants to be part of Federal Republic of Somalia, then it has to change the title of its ruler to Governor since one country can not have more than one President, even though Puntland has been trying so hard to measure itself with Somaliland.

        • @Ku-rujiye Kama-kace,

          I would prefer PL to breakaway from the rest of Somalia. Because it will take south Somalia decades to become peaceful, stable, and with a proper government that controls its own police and military force. So in order for PL to progress further then it must breakaway from Somalia or we'll be stuck with them forever and share with them their miseries. And no offence to you isaaqs but i believe PL can easily get recognition should PL declare independence. For one the Hawiye would welcome our decision because they see us as a threat to their hegemony. I know i do not speak for all of my people but i think this is the best option for Majerteen. We should have our own country so that we can be separate from the daily carnage and chaos of Ugandishu.

      • Ismail,

        If thats the case then why are you "puntlanders" against somalilands independence??

        • I actually don't mind SL independence, I just wish my people would wake up and say goodbye to Ugandishu and its problems.

    • American boy ,

      You sound like very deluted clueless Creature. here is the fact.

      – Dr Faroole he is the president of PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA, he represent more then 2.8 million resident in Puntland. Puntland State was responsible creation of Somali Governement sit in Villa moryan.

      – To honest Hassan Culusow he is not the president of Federal republic of Somalia because his orders can not even reach beyond Villa Moryan gates let alone whole of Somalia. since he came to office everyone is piling up weapons. so, this person he is history.

      – Siilanyo he is not representing all northerners so in his case he is tribal chief not a regional president.

  2. Faroole made a decision for the safety of his people and if that means no elections in 2013 then that is the price of peace and security.

    Those who burnt the election ballot papers although appearing staged are responsible for the delays of the elections and as a consequence if the the people do not want multi party system then so be it.

    It will take at least until July-2014 for a Puntland voter registration to be completed if the EU and UN are willing supply the funds. Even though a full population count may proof counter productive for puntland's aspiration of getting 50% of muuqdishu's Aid funds if it is revealed that puntland has 1/8 the population of Muuqdishu.

    • Puntland are on the right track genuine democracy does not come cheap. Puntland will have multi party system sooner or later.

      Already EU and UN decided to sponsor next multi party election. if Puntland population is 1/8 how come Puntland live 2.7 million, do your math.

  3. President Farole of Puntland was given a numerous warnings by prominent figures not to hold elections at this time, apparently he gave them deaf ears and now that's the consequences.

  4. Faroole the finger man, I am not worried about puntaland those mofos would eat their own children for a dollar.

    • @NLander,

      Who's eating who?

      Isn't the Monster eating Somalia Today led by (Godane) your own kin?
      And didn't he send assassins to take out his our fellow clansman terrorist ( Al Afghani) ?
      Keep making ridiculous comments because i enjoy rebutting them.

  5. The real reason Faroole is cancelling the election is because the galourious SL Army chased their stupid ballot boxes out of SL territory. Puntland fools are under the impression they have claim to SL territory so holding local government election will result in the reality that they have no power to challenge SL.

    • Even Somaliland region election is not genuine always stealing ballot boxes like last time disputed election.

      President Faroole cancelled election because Puntland election should clean not same as Somaliland region.