A healthy person in office who is more concerned with serving the people than with getting re-elected could accomplish a great deal. however, is a man of heart, and rather than allowing himself to be controlled he sets about making necessary changes. We need sameone even takes responsibility for the power abuse, corruption, Sadly,we would never elect a man of such integrity – a straight forward,honest, caring, Our election process bad habit does not allow for this.

President Riyale does not take any move unless that to his own advantage, including removing and filling in public posts and offices; to keep his presidential office whatever the cost and no regard to integrity of his office. though these acts of selfishness are testing Somaliland public’s patience, yet it is still not too late to find a lasting solution to the problem. this paper suggests that president Riyale is longer Somaliland’s part of its solution but part of its problems.somaliland should now be given opportunity to face post Riyale challenges and opportunities because that is nothing more than what this nation deserves.

I respect the parlamant today for being courageous, interpreting the law; that is their responsibility. You cant have illiterates suddenly become learned people interpreting court orders, even if those orders are written in simple Somali. It would amount to misinterpretation by masquerading politicians purporting to be senior advocates when the competent person authorised by the constitution to preserve and ensure that the rule of law has given a ruling. When they (courts) make pronouncements, we have to obey.But you dont Mr.President, And because I exercised my right to make that clear, I became an enemy of someone seeking to drag me into what was not my own making.

But, one argument’s logic is inescapable. If the Constitution is inherently good, then bad government must be the result of bad politicians. Corrupt government must be the result of corrupt politicians. And wasteful government must be the result of wasteful politicians. Given this truth, does it not also follow that the remedy must begin with removing these politicians from office? Isn’t it illogical to assume that bad, corrupt, and wasteful politicians will correct their own behaviors? And if so, then is it not the duty and responsibility of the voters, like it or not, to remedy the situation by electing new politicians rather than keeping the incumbents responsible for the waste and corruption?

Reforming the internal workings of government is essential to cleaning up government and making it work for Somaliland future instead of against it. We must force reforms such as reducing the influence of huge sums of campaign dollars used as bribes, eliminating exclusionary rules that prevent amendments from being voted on by the Parlament, and end the Committee processes that have become the stalwart of one party extremist government.
we are heading for anarchy.

Any misadventure, any abuse of power, any denial of rights is an abuse of the constitution and when the constitution is not being respected, then you are looking for and promoting anarchy. You are setting a bad precedent which nobody can predict how it will end. Are we building a society that is for the people? Are we protecting the lives and property of our people? Are we promoting and protecting their liberties? Are we working for their happiness? In the drive towards nation-building and development, the people must come first. And if that is the case, then we must be orderly and have respect for the rule of law. We must obey court orders or challenge them if we are not happy. But when it gets to the crunch, we must abide by the ruling.

Revamping our election process would give people like middle-class an opportunity to run for office. We desperately need people whocare more for the common good than for their own popularity.

We need brilliant, creative, honest and caring people to lead our country, but this will never happen with our present goverment system.

Amiin D. Caynaanshe
Columbus, Oh/Usa