Hargeisa, 22 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The government of Somaliland is committed and initiated national activities for the promotion and ensuring the rights of children, through the ministry of justice as the leading state agency for all child rights related issues.

The coordination and Monitoring of the children rights and child development responsive issues including the ratification and implementation of CRC in Somaliland will be the major part in the midst of the priority areas for its longer and short term strategies and action programs .

The ministry will work for the formulation of child specific development policies, guidelines, advocacy tools strategies and plans for implementation in district, regional and national levels, with its best expectation of , or with the help and assistance from the other government line ministries and related state agencies, district councils, regional authorities, Private Sector, NGOs, civil Society Groups, and other Development partners for the protection of our children against violations, abuses, negligence and other harmful traditional practices

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The Government of Somaliland is recognizing that children are vulnerable and require special protection, appropriate to the age, level of maturity and individual needs, thus, the ministry of justice have the responsibilities of over seeing to the general welfare and development of children and co-ordinate all essential services for children in the country,

So , have already started the process of ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Somaliland and established national task force of CRC, that will focus to the work by government and civil society organizations to enable progress for children in their survival, protection, participation and development.

With the view to promoting the rights of the children, the government of Somaliland is geared up and after the ratification of the CRC, the ministry will develop policies and programme backed by legislative frameworks that offer strategies for the protection, survival and development of our children

There are lot of Government line Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Non Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Religious Organizations and many others who are ready and willing to help to the child rights promotion and protection initiatives, so, the government of Somaliland with its strong believe of supporting the development of children on who the future of this nation depends. Thus will continue to work hard for the ratification of CRC and implementation of programs in collaboration with stakeholders, which directly address the children rights and their development


Somaliland Minister Of Justice