MOGADISHU, 22 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The issue is not about writing the countless problems and crises the Transitional Government is facing in Somalia. Nor is it the responsibility of the International Community to solve them. It is for a competent and honest government to sort them out. For that reason, a society in tatters would need not the least competent but the most able government to rebuild its nation. Nevertheless, ruined Somalia does not have the gift of an effective government.

If you thought the infamous ‘memorandum of misunderstanding’ has gone away think again. Even though there has never been a sea-shelf conflict between Somalia and Kenya until now, the Kibaki Government of Kenya is pursuing the matter through the auspices of the UN. The worry is the bumbling Transitional Government itself and what could be on the application it had submitted to the UN. The biggest concern is, on its application, the TG may acknowledge the existence of a problem where there has never been one.

It would be to the advantage of the Kibaki government if the Transitional Government acknowledges the existence of a sea-shelf dispute between the two nations. This would give ammunition to our neighbour who would use it to call for mediation. This is obviously the tactic of the Kibaki Government.

Kenya has been after the sea-shelf issue since 2004 after it had helped the establishment of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) on its soil. However, the TFG leader Abdullahi Yusuf sensing foul did not encourage Kenya to pursue the matter further. It is lamentable if Kenya sensing the ineptitude of the Transitional Government is now pushing this issue through.

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Kenya is our neighbour and we seek harmonious relations with our neighbours. Since 1991, for many Somalis fleeing conflict, Kenya has been a first stop destination and a holding centre for our refugees. However, the Kibaki government in Kenya should not take advantage of the statelessness of Somalia and the ineptness of the Transitional Government.

Every functioning nation needs a competent government to run its affairs. A nation in ruins may need a government twice competent. Somalia’s countless problems and crises will not address by itself. They await effective and honest government. For instance, when such a competent and honest government takes office in Somalia it will not hide from its public funds it had received on their behalf from other nations. It will announce every time funds are donated to the Somali people. It would also publish where and how every cent was spent. This happens when there is a leadership which cares about its nation and its legacy.

To build a system which stands the test of time can only come from leading by example. Until such time when the wind of fortune changes for Somalia from successive transitional administrations which squander opportunities to the establishment of a responsible government, let us not expect other nations will come to the rescue of Somalia or inept Transitional Government would step up to the plate and do the task. The Somali people should look out for Somalia and engage in the affairs of the nation!

Written by:
Abdullahi Dool

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  1. You may enjoy a (long) page called "Somalia, Better off Stateless" by Peter T. Leeson, available on my website as "Stateless". I found it to be a very readable and well-documented article of Somalian affairs and progress since 1991.

    The transitional government based in Mogadishu is an embarrassment, having been put in place by the USA, UN and AU, without the consent of the people, and being used as a pseudo-legal recipient for money and weapons used to battle with "terrorists". It seems as if this world has no idea how to deal with a country without a government, and there are always some who cannot restraint themselves from intrusion.

    It seems that even without a customary government, the various clans bring some order to the area. It also seems that much of the violent events are triggered more against the intruders, is that at all correct?

  2. the hell with the kenyans and the ethiopians they will always have alliance agains the great people of Somal